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22 Mar 2019

Mouse Magic HD (Apple TV)

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Mouse Magic HD is a High Definition Video Podcast that brings Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL into your home.

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    Update Dec 10, 2009

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  • Posted on 10 Dec 2009

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    Episode 64 - Train from Rafiki's Planet Watch

    This week's episode is a follow up to the last episode. Last episode we took a train to Rafiki's Planet watch and now we talk the train back from Rafiki's Planet Watch.

  • Posted on 09 Oct 2009

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    Episode 63 - Train to Rafiki's Planet Watch

    This week we travel on the train out to Rafiki's Planet Watch. It is a great way to sit down and relax from the hectic work of park touring. It is also a great way to see "behind the scenes" at where the animals are housed and taken care of.

  • Posted on 25 Sep 2009

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    Episode 62 - Horse Drawn Trolley Mishap

    This week we show you what happens when there is a slight "mishap" aboard the horse-drawn trolley at the Magic Kingdom. It seems one of the Magic Kingdom Main Street residence was dragging their toy dogs alongside the trolley when it was caught under the wheel of the trolley. The Dapper Dans as well as CM Justin were there to make sure everything was alright.

  • Posted on 11 Sep 2009

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    Episode 61 - Double-Decker Omnibus

    This week we take a ride on the double-decker omnibus at the Magic Kingdom. Sure it is quicker to walk down Main Street and head towards Space Mountain (when it is open) however if you don't care about getting in the most rides and attractions and just want to experience the park as a whole then I highly recommend the transportation that goes up and down Main Street.

  • Posted on 05 Sep 2009


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