Hardball with Chris MatthewsAuthor: Chris Matthews, MSNBC
16 Aug 2018

Hardball with Chris Matthews

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Join Chris Matthews each weeknight for a spirited hour of political analysis and debate with prominent politicians, newsmakers, and cultural icons. Matthews asks his guests the tough questions, and never backs down, in a relentless pursuit of the truth.

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    Giuliani: We’ll unload on Mueller ‘like a ton of bricks’

    As Giuliani told Bloomberg News on Robert Mueller’s investigation, "If he doesn't get it done in the next two or three weeks we will just unload on him like a ton of bricks."

  • Posted on 16 Aug 2018

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    Matthews: Trump hit a new low with ‘dog’ comment

    President Trump escalated his clash with Omarosa calling her a "dog." Chris calls this a new low for the office. 

  • Posted on 15 Aug 2018


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