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11 Dec 2018

MusicalTalk - The UK's Independent Musical Theatre Podcast

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We are a weekly podcast devoted to bringing you news, views, reviews, interviews and much more content devoted to musical theatre and film. We discuss composers, writers, actors, theatres and shows and encourage listeners to join in. Visit our site at

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    0595: Tales and Tails

    The lovely David Herzog leads you a conversational journey through this summer's  Edinburgh Festival Fringe in a series of chats, interviews and songs as he meets the people who worked on Bark! the Musical and Chwedl, Fairytales from Wales.  And there's a most unusual conversation with a goat in a (probably) unique podcasting first!

  • Posted on 04 Dec 2018

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    0594: The Voice Behind the Stars

    Thos sits down with the incredibly talented Eliza Jackson to discuss her one woman show, The Voice Behind the Stars, about the life and career of the amazing Marni Nixon. In this fascinating discussion, Thos gets to marvel at the idea of speaking to the voice behind The Voice Behind the Stars - and we hear a
    short archive extract from Marni herself!

  • Posted on 27 Nov 2018

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    0593: Edinburgh Fringe Rundown

    Missing this year's EdinburghFestival Fringe?  Of course you are, even if you didn't get a chance to visit!  But worry not, for Thos and Mike recorded a wide ranging conversation about just a handful of the shows they saw and loved at the
    Fringe this year.  Hear all about the magnificent Thor and Loki, Three
    Cheers for Maisy, A Gallant Life, Liz and the MusicalTalk Pick of the Fringe
    2018, the House of Edgar. Add a few clowns, a few songs and discussions on
    the use of bad taste and what makes a family show and you've got a bumper
    episode to enjoy!

  • Posted on 20 Nov 2018

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    0592: But Was It A Lovely War?

    As the centenary of the Armistice is marked, Thos looks back at Oh What A Lovely War, the best-known First World War musical that didn’t come out of the war! Take a trip into the MusicalTalk archive as Thos dusts down previous excerpts of conversations, reviews and interviews about this amazing show that showed that musical theatre could change public perceptions.

  • Posted on 13 Nov 2018

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    0591: The Home Fires Keep Burning

    With the centenary of the end of the First World War looming, Thos sits down with Professor Michael Williams of the University of Southampton to revisit Ivor Novello's evergreen anthem, Keep the Home Fires Burning; they discuss the song’s immediate and enduring appeal, and look at how it was marketed in America in 1917 when the USA joined the war. So turn the dark clouds inside out as the song comes home to its rightful place in the heart of the commemorations of the centenary of the Armistice.  

  • Posted on 06 Nov 2018


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