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22 Sep 2018

NFPA Journal Podcast

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Every second Tuesday of the month Jesse Roman, staff writer for NFPA Journal, and other experts will dive deep into the latest trends and issue in fire, electrical and life safety.

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    The Airbnb Challenge

    As Airbnb and other short-term rental services expand to include a range of property types, regulatory challenges create uncertainty over the level of safety those spaces should provide.


  • Posted on 23 Jul 2018

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    Fire chiefs talk Hurricanes Harvey and Irma

    First Harvey. Then Irma. Then Maria. After three hurricanes pummeled the United States coast from late August through September, NFPA Journal's November/December issue includes interviews with several people who came face to face with all three storms. In this episode of the NFPA Journal Podcast, two of those people—Chief Samuel Peña of the Houston Fire Department and Chief David Downey of Miami-Dade Fire Rescue—share what changes they hope to bring to their departments moving forward.

  • Posted on 09 Nov 2017

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    Responding to Active Shooter Incidents - NFPA 3000

    Against a backdrop of active shooter events from coast to coast, NFPA began crafting its new standard on response and preparedness to active shooter and/or hostile events, NFPA 3000, in June. In this episode of the NFPA Journal Podcast, staff writer Angelo Verzoni talks with NFPA 3000 technical committee members about the need for the standard and what they hope to bring to the table in developing it.

  • Posted on 01 Aug 2017

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    Combating Firefighter Cancer in Boston

    Jesse Roman sits down with Boston's Fire Commissioner Joseph Finn to discuss how Boston became a leader in the effort to combat firefighter cancer.  

  • Posted on 05 Jul 2017

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    Riding the Tailboards - An NFPA 1500 oral history

    It might seem strange today, but firefighters dying from falling off fire trucks used to be a problem— from 1977 to 1987, an average of nearly four firefighters died each year from falling off of trucks. Today, the problem is virtually unheard of thanks in large part to the 1987 adoption of NFPA 1500, the first fire service occupational safety standard. In this episode of NFPA Journal Podcast, host Jesse Roman talks to fire service veterans who used to “ride the tailboard,” and learns how a few sentences in a big standard changed 200 years of tradition in the fire service and likely saved dozens of lives.

    Sorry for the long hiatus, the end of 2016 was kinda crazy for NFPA Journal with a special sprinkler edition, a brand new design and even a new writer, hi Angelo.  We plan on starting this back up and creating a new episode every month.  As always, feel free to email Jesse with topic ideas, thoughts on the pod and anything else.  Jesse can be reached at

    Thanks and stay safe!


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  • Posted on 24 Jan 2017


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