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10 Dec 2018

Northplace Church Podcast

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Northplace Church is a place where the doors are wide open to people from all backgrounds. This podcast includes messages from our Sunday services from our Lead Pastor Bryan Jarrett and others. We invite you to listen whether you're new on your spiritual journey or a committed Christian who wants to get connected more deeply to Jesus. Visit for the video equivalent of these messages.

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    The Greatest Enemy of Gratitude (And How to Beat It)

    Gratitude is the key to a fulfilled life. Every year as we approached the Thanksgiving Holiday it becomes clearer and clearer that learning to foster a grateful heart is THE most crucial piece of what it means to be whole, complete, centered, satisfied, content, and spiritually mature. 

    Here’s what the Apostle Paul said:

    2 Corinthians 4:15 NLT
    As God’s grace reaches more and more people, there will be great thanksgiving (gratitude), and God will receive more and more glory.

    It begins with a very clear understanding of God’s grace in our lives. When we clearly see our unworthiness and the depth of grace that God has extended to us, it fosters a deep sense of gratitude in our hearts. We are humbled by his sacrifice for us. We are moved by his unrelenting pursuit of us. We are in awe of his faithfulness in the face of all our failures.

  • Posted on 18 Nov 2018

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    The Legacy of Prayer

    Jesus prayed generational prayers.

    John 17:20 NIV
    20 “My prayer is not for them alone. I pray also for those who will believe in me through their message, 21 that all of them may be one, Father, just as you are in me and I am in you. May they also be in us so that the world may believe that you have sent me.” 

    Do you realize the prayers that he prayed over 2000 years ago, are being fulfilled in us? We are living those prayers out now as his disciples. 

    The legacy of prayer is of higher value than stock portfolios, properties, money, or heirlooms. Had it not been for the prayers of my grandmother, I may have continued in my addiction and rebellion. Who knows? I could be in a prison cell today instead of in this pulpit. Her prayers have impacted me and they will impact generations in my family and in this church.

  • Posted on 12 Nov 2018

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    The Inclusively Exclusive Gospel

    No matter who you are, the Bible will surprise you. No matter what your culture or what your social class, no matter what prejudices or categories you come to the Bible with; it will smash some of them. 

    Most people will say that…you're either inclusive or exclusive, but Christianity is both…radically inclusive and radically exclusive.

  • Posted on 04 Nov 2018

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    Hope for a Lukewarm Church

    What happens when the people of God settle into this world? When they stop resisting the evil of it and start looking and acting more like Babylon than they look and act like the people of God. Daniel stood for his faith. He maintained his identity, his integrity and his commitment to God, but we know there were many who slowly but surely caved to the constant pressure of the culture’s pull. Sadly, they basically became Babylonian and lost their unique identity as God’s people. 

    This kind of thing doesn’t just happen when enemy armies invade your homeland and take you captive like they did Daniel; we face these challenges everyday as the people of God today. We live in a culture that is increasingly antagonistic to our faith. We are facing our own Babylon-like culture and in this environment, it’s easy to spot a “sell out”. It’s easy to spot someone who has outright traded their faith for the momentary pleasures the culture has to offer. The casual observer can see it and the person who has sold out knows it. 

  • Posted on 28 Oct 2018

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    Daniel - Daniel's Prayer Life

    The overarching theme in the book of Daniel is that statement that says: But Daniel resolved not to defile himself…whether it was refusing to eat the king’s food, refusing to stop praying when the king ordered, or many of the other challenges of living out his faith in Babylon…Daniel had a made-up mind…he had resolved in his heart that the headwinds of the Babylonian culture were not going to change him or weaken his faith. 

    Over the last several weeks, we’ve talked about the things that fueled Daniel’s resolve:
    1. A firm belief in the sovereignty of god
    2. An eternal hope that gave him courage
    3. A biblical humility that gave him favor with God and man
    4. A rare wisdom that balanced grace AND truth and gave him perspective

    These 4 key elements of Daniel’s life are the foundation of a countercultural faith. But I think we would miss the key ingredient of Daniel’s resolve if we ended this series without talking about Daniel’s prayer life. The wind in the sails of Daniel’s resolve was his prayer life. Trust in God’s sovereignty, hope that births courage, biblical humility and supernatural wisdom are all the results of someone’s life who has intimacy with God…an intimacy born in prayer. 

  • Posted on 22 Oct 2018


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