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21 Sep 2018

Northplace Church Podcast

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Northplace Church is a place where the doors are wide open to people from all backgrounds. This podcast includes messages from our Sunday services from our Lead Pastor Bryan Jarrett and others. We invite you to listen whether you're new on your spiritual journey or a committed Christian who wants to get connected more deeply to Jesus. Visit for the video equivalent of these messages.

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    Bonus: Pastor Bryan talks about our new series: Daniel - Living with Conviction and Compassion in a World of Compromise

    Hey guys, we decided this semester of small groups at Northplace to record a video, kind of an addendum, an extra to my messages to kind of serve as a starting conversation point for all of our small groups that meet in offices and coffee shops and in homes and while we were recording that some of the media team thought it might be a great resource to those of you who regularly watch or download the podcast. We have people from all around the world, from naval bases to countries all over Europe and even some closed nations to the Gospel that watch. And so, understand the context, we're going to make this available to you. It was originally for our small group leaders here at Northplace, but maybe some of these conversations actually will benefit you as you think more deeply about the messages that I'm preaching throughout this series.

    Hey guys. Welcome to our first conversation about Daniel. I just wanted to visit with you for a few minutes today. As you discuss this material. You know, how important this conversation is to our church. As a matter of fact, I just finished a service and I'll be coming back each week recording these videos right after a service and a gentleman, older gentleman, came up to me and said, I've been following the Lord for 50 years. And he said, can I ask you one question? I said, sure. He said, you know, this isn't just a sermon, you know, that, right? You know, this is a life-altering, church-changing conversation. He said, but how is it that those of us that had been serving God all this time can hear something like this and we don't let it change us? How can that happen?

    I didn't know how to answer him and I don't know that I gave him an adequate answer. The question itself, it was an honest question. It wasn't an accusation because he put himself in the category. How can the elders, how can the pastors, how can the seasoned believers, hear a sermon like this and not recognize it for what it is? And I basically said to him, that's why we're doing it the way we are. We have groups that are taking this, going deeper, studying Larry Osborne's book, "Thriving in Babylon," some studying Chris Hodges book the Daniel Dilemma, some studying others, and over the next several weeks I'll be borrowing resources from both Larry and Chris and several others. Tonight I borrowed heavily from some of Larry's stuff, but the question reverberates in me that he asked. And one of the things that gives me some degree of hope is that there are groups like you that are meeting in various places around the Metroplex, taking this conversation deeper, because I do believe one of the reasons we chose this topic as the topic to drive our fall is because of the power, the relevance of the message, but the power of it, if we grasp it, and if it gets seeded into the deep of our hearts, into the depths of our church, it can change not only people, but it can change a whole body.

    And so I want to challenge you to make these next few moments, dig into it, make them matter. And let them change you. One of the things that I was thinking about at the end of my time after I got through preaching, I didn't even say this after this last service, and I may add it into the ones tomorrow, but proverbs three, verse five, we quote it so often, verse five and six. Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. We use those two phrases together. At the first of that, we quote that verse. We know it by memory. We quote it so often we don't stop to think about how far removed trusting in the Lord has to be from our own understanding. Defaulting to our own understanding is the enemy of trusting the Lord, and in this first week my message is centered on the bedrock, the foundation, the soil that's going to grow, every attribute that we need to be able to live in Babylon, to be able to excel in Babylon, and that is this firm foundation of the sovereignty of God.

  • Posted on 18 Sep 2018

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    Daniel - Living with Conviction and Compassion in a World of Compromise

    We launch a conversation this week that we are going to journey through over the next several weeks. We are calling this series: Living with Conviction AND Compassion in a World of Compromise. There is no doubt the culture both inside the church and outside the church…is marked by an erosion of moral conviction and spiritual fervor. And there hasn’t been a balanced response from Christ followers to this dilemma. It seems we too easily fall to one extreme or the other. On the one hand you have those who are dogmatically strong in their convictions. These are the ones in a holy war to bring back the good old days. They claim to be proponents of revival but their social media rants and dogmatic condemnation of everything and everybody (except the ones in their little group) looks more like a version of a modern day Pharisee than the New Testament Jesus. These folks are just out right mad at the world and you can see in their faces and hear it in the tone of their voices. On the other hand you have the group that is strong in their compassion. They focus exclusively on God’s grace without any understanding of his law or righteousness or written word. It’s as if God doesn’t really have any standards…and the standards he established for previous generations don’t apply to us today. There’s no need to address the issue of “sin” because God has been turned into a dotting grandfather who is no longer offended by our choices or behaviors. He just turns the other way and lets it slide. No worries. This group’s favorite verses are… “judge not less you be judged” and “work out your own salvation”…both of which are quoted out of context to justify behavior and lifestyle choices that don’t line up with scripture. The modern day Pharisee’s convictions and those with conviction-less compassion are both misplaced extremes in response to a culture that has gone of the tracks. One side arrogantly and dogmatically berates the culture while the other side blindly embraces it. There has to be a way to live with both conviction AND compassion in a world of compromise. Obviously, Jesus is our ultimate example and he modeled conviction and compromise. But over the next several weeks, we are going to study the life of another biblical figure who shows us to walk compassionately and yet, still be drive by deep conviction in a world that stands opposed to everything he believes.

  • Posted on 16 Sep 2018

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    Faith or Foolishness

    Dreams and passions are fueled by a healthy dose of discontent with the status quo and a gnawing dissatisfaction with normal. When people get satisfied, they start protecting comfortable and comfortable is the enemy of more. You won’t seek more of God when you’re comfortable, you won’t sacrifice to build the kingdom when your comfortable, you won’t let go of good to lay hold of the best when you’re comfortable. Anyone can tell time—a flick of the wrist, a look at the dials, or a glance at your phone. But only a few can actually build something that actually keeps time. Telling time is simple arithmetic. Clock building is advanced engineering. Time tellers don't care about the details; they just want the time. Theirs is a world of status quo. They live in the moment and follow someone else's cadence. They take life as it comes—minute by minute, hour by hour. They're satisfied to watch time come and go without much thought. Clock builders think differently—they march to the beat of a different chime. They’re not bound by the challenges of the moment…they are willing to ask the “what if” questions about the future. Business as usual is never found in their vocabulary.

  • Posted on 09 Sep 2018

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    The Lies That Lead to Less

    Labor Day is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers…and their contributions to the strength, well-being, prosperity, and well-being of our country. This whole weekend is set aside to celebrate the value of our work. Last September, we walked through a series called Faith at Work and it helped us start viewing our work as a vital part of our spiritual life. We started seeing our work as a legitimate act of worship.

  • Posted on 02 Sep 2018

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    Doing Life Together

    In this teaching, we learn how to walk into successful relationships. human relationships spring from a wish dream, power, influence, control, and attraction. However, spiritual relationship are based solely on Jesus Christ; it is a spiritual reality and not a psychological phenomenon.

  • Posted on 26 Aug 2018


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