Northplace Church PodcastAuthor: Pastor Bryan Jarrett
22 Mar 2019

Northplace Church Podcast

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Northplace Church is a place where the doors are wide open to people from all backgrounds. This podcast includes messages from our Sunday services from our Lead Pastor Bryan Jarrett and others. We invite you to listen whether you're new on your spiritual journey or a committed Christian who wants to get connected more deeply to Jesus. Visit for the video equivalent of these messages.

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    Incarnational Compassion

    This is Week 5 of "The Year of Here"

    If we start living like Jesus, letting him live his life through us, being Jesus with skin on, living incarnationally; then our world will see the glory of God in and through us just like John’s generation saw it in Christ Jesus.

    We’ve talked about incarnational worship and incarnational presence. We’ve spent some time talking about living the incarnational life, but today we're talking about Incarnational Compassion.

    Something pretty incredible as you study church history is that there is an incredible correlation between the church’s emphasis on the incarnation and its compassion. For example, during medieval times, there was a revival of focus on the incarnation; it’s not coincidental that during that same time the church’s influence on medicine and its development of Christ centered hospitals exploded.

    Beliefs impact behavior; and when you understand the incarnation, it changes they way you approach the Christian life.

  • Posted on 03 Feb 2019

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    The Incarnation, Corporate Worship, and the Common Good

    This is Week 4 of "The Year of Here"

    What is the habitat for the dwelling of God’s presence? Where has God chosen to make his habitation?

    The church - not the building, but the people - when we come together corporately, collectively to worship, according Paul, we become a dwelling place or habitation for God by the Spirit.

    The place that God has chosen to dwell, the place that he has chosen to make his unique habitation is the collective worship of his people. When we come together each weekend to sing, lift our hands, exalt the name of Jesus; we are making this place the habitat of God. Our worship is the environment where God has chosen to dwell.

    This should to be game changer for us. It should change everything about the way we approach weekend worship experience at church.

  • Posted on 27 Jan 2019

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    The Five Incarnational Habits

    Part 3 of "The Year of Here"

    Jesus didn’t just come to show us what God was like. He wasn’t just the Son of God. He was the Son of Man. He was human, He was flesh, and one of the primary reasons he put on skin was to show us how to truly be human. 

    And this is God’s strategy of changing the world. When we are incarnational humans like we are supposed to be - embodying the presence of God like Jesus did - other people will see the glory of God through us. Honestly, that’s God’s strategy for changing the world. One person being transformed by God’s grace in such a way that they actually live it out. They flesh it out in such a way that others see the glory of God through their lives and are drawn to Christ. They are transformed and the whole thing starts over, covering the earth with transformed lives.

  • Posted on 20 Jan 2019

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    The Humanity of Jesus - "The Year of HERE"

    We have come out of the Christmas season this year, doing something a little different. Instead of taking our conversations a completely different direction, we decided to dive deeper into the incarnation of Jesus. The message of the incarnation is that God has become a man; that he has come here to be with us. It’s about his presence. 

    We want to know what that looks like in our lives in a practical sense. What does that mean for me Tuesday morning at work, or at soccer practice Thursday night; or at our family’s table when we finally get a chance to sit down and have a meal together. 

    This is a year where we want to learn how to practice the presence of God; to be carriers of the presence of God. We want to learn how to literally “flesh” out our faith.

    Jesus made the announcement that he had come to establish his kingdom in the world; it is a new and different way of living life. So what does it look like to live as he commanded, now that the kingdom of God is here on earth. 

    Before he left, Jesus made a remarkable statement. Jesus said "I’m going to give you the keys of the kingdom." I’ve taught you, I’ve shown you, but I’m going to go now, so here are the keys. He turned the success of things over to us. And we are not doing so well with those keys, at least not in our part of the world.

    80 years ago, close to 80% of Americans attended a church. In 1980, only 40 percent were attending. In 2012, it was around 25 percent, and by 2020 some say it could be as little as 10 percent of the population actually going to church (much less following Jesus). If we continue to be Christians like we are, and if we keep doing church like we are, we will be as unchurched as Europe or anywhere else in the west, where people no longer look to Christians or the church for spiritual help. And this is why we need to have a serious look about what it means to follow Jesus. What it really is to establish the kingdom of God.

  • Posted on 13 Jan 2019

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    The Year of Here

    The word "Here” became a key word in our Christmas conversations and the manger became the central image in explaining the Incarnation - how got God “here”. But as we were praying through the Christmas and Advent theme…we had this sense that it wasn’t the end of the conversation but the beginning of the conversation. That 2019 was supposed to be The Year of “Here”

    2019 "The Year of Here,” will be a year where Northplace falls in love with the dwelling presence of God in our corporate gatherings. But it will also be a year where we learn what it means to practice the presence of God in every dimension of our personal lives. If God has come - If he is here and he dwells in me - how will that change my professional life, my home life, my everyday life?

    We desperately need to answer the question: Does the incarnation have any relevance in my life now that Christmas has come and gone? The answer is a resounding YES! 

  • Posted on 06 Jan 2019


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