Norway in HDAuthor: Paul Bergquist
25 Mar 2019

Norway in HD

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My Virtual Window: Norway in HD is a high def non-commented video podcast exploring the nature, culture and business life mainly of Western Norway. Be prepared for majestic fjords, snowy mountains and fresh, crisp and clear air that fills your lungs with much needed oxygen.

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    Do some armchair vacation travel with me to the village of Jelsa in Suldal, Ryfylke, Norway. This amazing little fjord community of about 250 people surely has a pace of its own.

    It is definitely one of my favorite spots.


  • Posted on 10 Sep 2014

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    Home of Nikolai Astrup

    This time we visit the home of norwegian painter Nikolai Astrup (1880-1928) in Jølster. Although his paintings would later sell at $5-600,000 he was never a rich man and died in pneumonia at the age of 47.

    His home in Jølster still has a definite and beautiful natural feel to it. It's peaceful and quiet and you can easily understand why he chose his immediate surroundings as his favorite motives.

    At the end of today's episode I have added a short 3D movie clip. If you are watching this episode on a 3D TV you should be able to enjoy the thrill. If you have no such option you can watch it cross-eyed (although somewhat distorted).

  • Posted on 19 Feb 2011

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    Constitution Day 2010

    17th of May is our Constitution Day. And what a day it was this year. People in their finest, happy children, festivities and all the colors of springtime.

  • Posted on 07 Jul 2010

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    Winter Memories

    The west coast of Norway is blessed by the warm waters of the Gulfstream passing by and keeping the temperature a bit more pleasant than you would experience in the eastern and northern parts of the country. Under normal circumstances we would have only a few weeks of snow, but this winter has been exceptional, as we have had continuous snow from mid December to April.

    Join me for a Sunday afternoon of ice-skating in January. It will be obvious from these images that we are not very familiar with skating around here.

    I have also included a short driving sequence shot late March as the snow had just started to melt. It is slush time!

  • Posted on 19 Apr 2010

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    One of the main visuals of Norway, in addition to the (seawater) fjords, are the rivers, waterfalls and lakes found everywhere. And most of the time that water is in motion. God loves this country so much he washes it all the time. :-) And that water moves about a lot before it plunges back into the sea. In fact the major electric energy production in Norway is hydroelectric tapping this water on the move. Join me for a round trip to see just a few of these freshwater sights.

  • Posted on 17 Jan 2010


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