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26 Jun 2019

Snap Judgment

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Mixes real stories with killer beats to produce cinematic, and dramatic radio. Hosted by Glynn Washington.

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    Quick Fix - Snap Classic

    Life can be messy, and there isn’t always time to do things the right way…

    Mouth Of The Dragon

    When a small child is lost, it's up to Glynn to face the dragon.

    Producer: Pat Mesiti-Miller

    As The World Burns

    What happens when the world around you starts to burn?

    Performed live by Josh Healey at Snap Judgment LIVE! in San Francisco's Nourse Theater 

    A Little White Lie

    Think your dating life is tough? Try being an Arab, Muslim man after 9/11 in New York City.

    Be sure to check out out Ghazi’s most recent film, Peace After Marriage. You can also find him on twitter.

    Producer: Anna Sussman, Shoshi Shmuluvitz and Joe Rosenberg
    Sound: Leon Morimoto

    Mortuary Assistant Required

    The wanted ad said “Mortuary Assistant Required. Prior Experience An Advantage, But Not Essential.” No one bothered to apply, except for Simon...

    Simon Winchester is a journalist and the author of 28 books, including The Professor and The Madman. Be sure to check out his next book, Pacific, about the modern life of the Pacific Ocean.

    Producer: Joe Rosenberg

    Season 6 Episode 16

  • Posted on 20 Jun 2019

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    Snap LIVE! The Social Experiment


    Comedian Dino Archie gets into a bar fight that blossoms into a bromance. The bond with his soulmate ripens over crab trapping, bankruptcy, and the Ghost of Christmas Future.


    Comedian James Judd falls in love with a human hair blanket and performs a church camp exorcism…you know, the kind with googly-eyed sock puppets.

    Original Music by Bells Atlas 

    Season 10 Episode 17

  • Posted on 13 Jun 2019

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    Bloodsport - Snap Classic

    Point guard Alex Owumi has just landed in North Africa to play basketball for his childhood hero.

    For more information, check out Alex’s book -- Qaddafi's Point Guard.

    Producer: Davey Kim and Anna Sussman
    Sound Design: Davey Kim, Leon Morimoto

    Season 6 Episode 8

  • Posted on 06 Jun 2019

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    The Boy On The Beach

    Hear the story behind the influential photo of the Syrian boy who drowned while attempting to reach Europe.

    Read more in Tima Kurdi’s book, The Boy on the Beach.

    Producer: Anna Sussman

    Original Score:  Renzo Gorrio

    Season 10 Episode 15


  • Posted on 30 May 2019

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    The Family Name

    1.  Quiet is Best

    When Julie Lindahl discovered that her grandfather had been an active member of the German SS, she decided to return to the scene of his crimes. But her grandmother made things difficult.

    Julie Lindahl has written a book about her experience:  The Pendulum: A Granddaughter's Search for her Family's Forbidden Nazi Past.

    A version of this story was originally produced for the podcast Kind World, which tells stories about the effect a single act can have on our lives. You can find Kind World in any podcast app.

    Producer: Erika Lantz

    Production Assistance: Liz Mak

    Original Score and Sound Design: Leon Morimoto

    2. Like A House On Fire

    Young Glynn is trying to keep up appearances at school, despite his family’s hardships. Then his house goes up in flames. Performed live in Portland at Revolution Hall.

    Music composed and performed: BELL'S ATLAS

    Season 10 Episode 15

  • Posted on 23 May 2019


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