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20 Sep 2019

Snap Judgment

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Mixes real stories with killer beats to produce cinematic, and dramatic radio. Hosted by Glynn Washington.

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    I Sing the Body Electric

    When the thought of his own mortality becomes too much to bear, a father of two living in Utah decides to upgrade his own body, one piece at a time.

    Sensitive listeners should note - this episode contains extremely graphic scenes of bodily harm and visceral scenes of live surgery. 

    Thank you to Rich Lee for sharing your story with Snap. Hear more work from producer Lawrence Bull on his podcast Sound of Mind. Thanks to filmmakers Leeor Kaufman and Joe Egender for their assistance. Look out for their biohacking documentary on Netflix.

    Producer: Lawrence Bull with assistance from Anna Sussman

    Original Score: Renzo Gorrio

    Season 10 Episode 24

  • Posted on 19 Sep 2019

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    The Spy's Son - Snap Classic

    Bryan Denson was a court reporter for The Oregonian newspaper in Portland. It could be mind-numbing work sitting in the cheap seats of the American justice system. But then one day he got a tip about an espionage case coming in. The defendant was 24-year-old Nathan Nicholson. For Bryan, it would turn out to be the story of a lifetime. For Nathan, it was the beginning of the end. 

    To learn more about Nathan’s story, make sure to grab a copy of Bryan Denson’s book: The Spy’s Son. You can check out his other work at bryandenson.comBryan also wrote a six-part series of Nathan’s story for The Oregonian.

    A big thanks to The Oregonian/OregonLive for allowing Snap Judgment to use tape from Bryan Denson’s interview with Nathan Nicholson. 

    Producer: Nancy López
    Sound Design: Renzo Gorrio

  • Posted on 15 Sep 2019

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    1865 "Sic Semper Tyrannis"

    April 15, 1865. President Lincoln is dead and the country in turmoil. Secretary of War Edwin Stanton takes control, determined to preserve Lincoln’s legacy. 

    This story comes to us from 1865, an Airship production. Heavily researched, this historical political thriller podcast is an audio drama that explores America’s darkest hours. You will be astonished—and all of it is based on true events. 

    Starring Jeremy Schwartz as Edwin Stanton.

    Also featuring: Lindsay Graham, Pam Dougherty, Matthew Gray, Didi Archilla, Montgomery Sutton, Ian Ferguson, Taylor Harris, Michael Tatum, Reed Birney, Jessica Renee Russell, Aaron Roberts, Bruce Elliott, David Coffee

    Created by Steven Walters and Erik Archilla

    Written and directed by Steven Walters

    Executive Producer: Lindsay Graham

    Co-executive Producers: Erik Archilla, Robert McCollum, and Steven Walters

    Music and Sound Design by Lindsay Graham

    To find out more about 1865, go to, or check them out on Facebook and Twitter.

    New episodes air weekly and look for special “Inside the Episode” interviews with the writers and producers of the series to find out more about the real history behind 1865.

  • Posted on 12 Sep 2019

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    The Inventor and The Thief - Snap Classic

    You get up every morning and go through the motions, but do you ever stop to wonder what you're leaving behind? 

    When a brilliant inventor was robbed of his life’s work, his son did the only reasonable thing: he became a robber.

    Walter produced a film called The Unknowns: Talent is Colorblind. The film tells the incredible true story of “The Highway,” a group of self-taught African-American painters living in the Jim Crow South who, when no one was looking, invented a whole new style of art.

    To learn more about the life of Walter Shaw Sr. and his inventions, be sure to check out Walter Jr.’s memoir, License To Steal, and the documentary Genius On-Hold.

    Producer: Joe Rosenberg

    Sound Design and Score: Leon Morimoto 

    Snap Classic: Season 8 Episode 10

  • Posted on 05 Sep 2019

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    Head Games

    This week on Snap Judgment...two stories about the human mind and how it can play tricks on you. A father of five and devout Mormon is dragged into a world that upends everything he knows to be true. And a young man comes to terms with his mother’s profound mental illness.


    "Tracy: My Ride-or-Die"

    When Adult ISH host Nyge Turner turned 17, he became the caretaker for his ride-or-die: Tracy. His mom.

    This story was produced by YR Media's Adult ISH podcast (Mom ISH episode). Adult ISH is a culture, advice, and storytelling show about #adulting, that is produced entirely by folks who are "almost adults." It’s distributed by PRX’s Radiotopia. Be sure to subscribe and listen here.

    Sound Designer: DJ Clay Xavier

    "A Short Stay in Hell"

    A father of five and devout Mormon is dragged into a world that upends everything he knows to be true.

    This story comes to us from Believable, a new podcast from Narratively about how our stories define who we are. Each episode dives into a personal, eye-opening story where narratives conflict and different perspectives about the truth collide.

    Steve Peck works at Brigham Young University and tells this story to a microbiology class every year. Check out his novel, “A Short Stay in Hell” which inspired this story.

    Listen and subscribe to Believable wherever you get your podcasts.

    Producer: Ash Sanders
    Lead Producer & Sound Designer: Ryan Sweikert
    Host & Executive Producer, Narratively Podcasts: Noah Rosenberg
    Production Assistant: Emily Rostek
    Story Consultant: Brendan Spiegel
    Art Direction: Vinnie Neuberg
    Believable Episode Art: Zoe Van Dijk
    Additional Support: Ula Kulpa and Russell Gragg
    Special Thanks: Made in New York Media Center and Brigham Young University

    "Head Games" episode artwork: Teo Ducot 

    Season 10 Episode 23

  • Posted on 29 Aug 2019


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