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23 Feb 2019


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    OperaNow! #266: Latvian...Soprano...Gays...

    The usual...some good yuks and insight.

  • Posted on 27 Jul 2018

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    OperaNow! #265: F&@k em' & Chuck em'

    The Met countersues James Levine...NPR "interview" on "#metoo" in opera...Real prisoners in Fidelio...Old Tyme recordings.

    Oliver's Corner finally says goodbye to Semiramide with some tenor love.

    This week features Michael, ,The OC, Doug Dodson, and Roberta is back!

  • Posted on 02 Jun 2018

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    OperaNow! #264: Should've Just Gotten Eaten By Dahmer

    We are back again after a brief hiatus following our long hiatus. More #metoo, Sensational TV shows in headlines for operas.

    Oliver's Corner looks at Bel raggio from Semiramide and we finally give the OPERABUSTERS! answer from the last show when Jesus was still alive in the church calendar.

    This week features Michael, The OC, and DOug Dodson.

  • Posted on 10 May 2018

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    OperaNow! #263: 4 Creepy Guys Solve Feminism

    James Levine finally fired from The Met...he sues, and bad blood has been in the air for awhile...Opera singer once played a game of tag football.

    Plus Oliver's Corner and the sad return of OPERABUSTERS!

    This week features Michael, The OC, Doug Dodson and Matt Boresi.

  • Posted on 20 Mar 2018

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    OperaNow! #262: As Many Opera Podcasts As There Are Levine Victims

    New Met Music Director Yannick Nézet-Séguin has a full day...James Levine and his coterie of acolytes...More sexual assault fallout at Opera Tampa...How to improve your bass voice.

    Plus, Oliver's Corner closes out Ulisse.

  • Posted on 08 Mar 2018


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