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04 Dec 2020

Oracle Groundbreakers Podcast

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Conversations with thought leaders and experts in modern software development from across the Oracle community and beyond.

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    #387 Managing Massive Change & Thriving in the Chaos of 2020

    Jim Grisanzio from the Oracle Groundbreakers Developer Marketing Team talks with Simerjeet Singh, an entrepreneur and professional keynote speaker based in India who loves helping people see opportunities in all circumstances.

    First, some background. In December 2019 Simerjeet was the keynote speaker at the All India Oracle Users Group's annual conference, Sangam, in Hyderabad, India (photos). He spoke about thriving in a "VUCA World" -- Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous). See our interview here on YouTube right after his keynote.

    Our conversation in this podcast episode (video here) is a recent follow up to that initial meeting at Sangam 19. We talk about some of the challenges 2020 has brought into our lives and how developers and administrators can adapt and thrive when situations are totally out of control.

    Jim Grisanzio: Twitter @jimgris

    Simerjeet Singh: Twitter @SimerjeetSingh



  • Posted on 18 Nov 2020

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    #386: AI and Machine Learning the Good the Bad and the Future

    Autonomous technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are on the tip of every tongue in tech. But what is the difference between AI and ML? What are interesting use cases? What is “under the hood” of AI/ML and the algorithms that power ML models?

    We have three Subject Matter Experts who share their insights into a fascinating and at times humorous conversation.

    • Charlie Berger, Sr. Director of Product Management for Machine Learning, AI and Cognitive Analytics at Oracle.
    • Heli Helskyaho, CEO Miracle Finland  Oracle ACE Director, Groundbreaker Ambassador. Author. Doctoral student, University of Helsinki. Also known as HeliFromFinland.
    • Katharine Jarmul, Head of Product at Cape Privacy, she is a Privacy activist, AI dissenter, machine learning engineer. Author and teacher for O'Reilly.

    Listen to learn about what makes AI and ML solutions powerful as well as the challenges we face from them. Charlie, Heli and Katharine explain some of the fundamentals about this revolutionary technology but also share personal stories which make for a memorable Podcast.

    Read the complete show notes here.

  • Posted on 21 Oct 2020

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    Podcast #385: Avi Miller on Linux, Open Source, Legos, and Development in 2020

    In this conversation Oracle Sr. Product Manager Avi Miller touches on a variety of Open Source projects at the company, some history about Oracle's involvement in the Linux community, how people can contribute to FOSS projects generally, and a bit of Legos development at the end. 

    Avi Miller (Twitter)

    Jim Grisanzio (Twitter)


    Blog 1

    Blog 2 


  • Posted on 15 Sep 2020

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    #384: Looking Back: An Interview with Bob Rhubart

    Community Manager Bob Rhubart, host of the Oracle Groundbreakers Podcast, is calling it a day, as he retires from Oracle. Bob is one of a kind and anyone who knows him can verify that. Smart, helpful, generous, friendly, are just a few of the many words that describe him.


    In this interview Bob shares how he moved into tech, what inspires him, and share highlights from his career at Oracle. Just for the record, Bob started and grew the Oracle Groundbreakers Podcast into the number one rated Podcast from Oracle. We hope to continue his legacy.



    Read the complete show notes here.

  • Posted on 19 Aug 2020

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    #383: Cloud Native or Low Code: What, When, Why?

    If you listened to our previous episode -- and of course you did! -- you heard a panel discussion of the ins and outs of low code development. In this episode we expand on that initial conversation to bring you a discussion that compares and contrasts low code with cloud native development. 

    Returning for this discussion is Joel Kallman, who heads the Oracle development team behind Oracle APEX. Joel is in Columbus, Ohio. Also returning is Oracle ACE Director and Groundbreaker Ambassador Martin Giffy D’Souza. Martin is Director of Innovation at Insum Solutions, and lives in Alberta, Canada. Joining the panel is Oracle ACE Director and Groundbreaker Ambassador Roel Hartman. Roel lives in the Netherlands, where he is Director & Senior APEX Developer at APEX Consulting. Also on the panel is Oracle ACE Director Niels de Bruijn. Niels is Business Unit Manager at MT AG in Cologne, Germany. 

    See the complete program show notes.


  • Posted on 22 Jul 2020


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