Pirate Jack : A Podcast NovelAuthor: Alessandro Cima
07 Jul 2022

Pirate Jack : A Podcast Novel

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    Important Podcast Message


    This podcast has moved to CandlelightStories.com. You should subscribe to the new feed right here on this blog or at the CandlelightStories.com site.

  • Posted on 10 Apr 2009

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    'Pirate Jack' Podcast Moving to CandlelightStories.com

    The 'Pirate Jack' blog posts and podcast are being moved to their mother-ship, CandlelightStories.com. We've put together a nice new site design that is fully blog-oriented but maintains all of our great story, game and movie content.

    So make sure you subscribe to the Candlelight Stories feed to keep getting our posts.

    This will probably be the last post here. You'll like the Candlelight Stories feed much better. We promise!

  • Posted on 31 Mar 2009

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    Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe - Part 12

    Make sure you switch over to the new Robinson Crusoe podcast feed before next week's part 13.

    Here's the feed url: http://feeds.feedburner.com/RobinsonCrusoe

    Or you can search in the podcast area on iTunes for 'Robinson Crusoe.' We're the one with the book and candle logo.

    Crusoe worries about being attacked if his presence is discovered by cannibals who visit the island. He finds a spectacular cave and then, during a night storm, hears a cannon shot.

  • Posted on 06 Sep 2006

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    We are Moving Robinson Crusoe to its Own Podcast

    We are moving Robinson Crusoe to its own podcast. The 'Pirate Jack' novel will stay here in its entirety. Robinson Crusoe will now be offered via this feed:


    Or you can just go to http://www.candlelightstories.com/Stories/RobinsonCrusoePodcast.asp to get the feed link.

    You can also just go into the iTunes podcast area and search for "Robinson Crusoe." We are the podcast one with the candle and book logo.

    Part 12 will be the last part offered here at the Pirate Jack podcast. So try to switch over this week so you don't miss part 13.

  • Posted on 06 Sep 2006

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    Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe - Part 11

    Download Robinson Crusoe - Part 11

    Crusoe makes another shocking discovery and sets himself on a course of action that leads him to one of the book's most interesting passages. It is here, in Crusoe's struggle with his own outrage and his ideas about what makes for civilized behavior, that Defoe begins to turn the novel in a new direction. He is examining the underpinnings of Western civilization. What makes a person civilized? What does the right of self defense really mean? This kind of thinking and questioning is perhaps somewhat lacking in certain countries today. Notice also how religion, for Crusoe, seems to have a moderating, calming influence. He resists using it to justify himself or his actions.

  • Posted on 25 Aug 2006


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