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17 Feb 2019

Plain Simple Management

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    Completed move to

    I have finished moving to  I had completed most of the work previously.  Moving the podcasts from Wordpress to Posterous was automatic.  The heavy lifting was moving the podcast mp3's  and including them in their respective posts rather than linking to them from within a post.  I think this move turned out well.

    I finished the task by pointing my A record to my Posterous site and updated the Posterous setting to recognize my domain name.  Voila!.

    One advantage is that Posterous provides the mechanism to play the podcast using an embedded player.

    Another advantage is that Posterous provides and RSS feed that can be linked to from iTunes or can be linked from Feedburner.  I currently use feedburner for statistics so my Podcast link references Feedburner rather than aa direct link to the Posterous site.

    And another advantage is the Posterous provides an itpc link for use in iTunes as well. itpc:// for a more straightforward link to itunes.

    An overwhelming advantage of Posterous is that I now no longer have to pay for site hosting and maintain my own WordPress to publish the podcast.  This is a huge timesaver.

    If you are thinking of starting a blog or a podcast, I suggest you seriously consider Posterous.


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  • Posted on 03 Oct 2010

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    Moving Plain simple Management to posterous

    As you see, I am considering moving PSM from the site I manage to another site. Tumblr did not have a mechanism to import word press short of a hack. wants to charge as much to host audio as Godaddy is charging for the site, leaving posterous. Posterous did a nice job of importing Wordpress but did not resolve links to other posts within the site nor did it upload referenced audio on the site. So moving here is yet tbd. Also remains to see how much work to get an iTunes compatible feed from here. Stay tuned for further developments.

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  • Posted on 23 May 2010

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    PSM #41: The Rotary Club Four Way Test

    The Rotary Club Four Way Test discusses a set of questions to guide our decisions. 

    PSM_#41_The_Rotary_Club_Four_Way_Test.mp3 Listen on Posterous

    It is interesting how I am introduced to ideas and discoveries in surprising places when I least expect it.  In Big Spring, Texas I saw a sign featuring the Rotary Club there and asking 4 questions that I had not seen before.  Sure, I have considered these questions singularly or collectively but had not seen them listed collectively as a strategy for decision making and action.  I find it really handy to put these 4 questions on an index card, or in my iPhone, and carry them with me, occasionally reflecting on them when a difficult situation arises.  I have listed the Four Way Test, straight from the Rotary Club and that sign in Big Spring, for your consideration too.  Here they are:

    1. Is it the Truth?
    2. Is it Fair to all concerned?
    3. Will it build Goodwill and Better Friendships?
    4. Will it be Beneficial to all concerned?

    Also, here is a link to The Rotary Club’s Guiding Principles to give them full credit for this.

    I contend that this is plain, simple, management: managing with integrity by considering this Four Way Test or questions like these in everything we think, say, and do.  Considering questions like this differentiates leaders from managers and executives.

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  • Posted on 11 Dec 2009

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    PSM #40: Defining the Problem

    Defining The Problem discusses the importance of defining the problem before trying to solve what is an ill-defined problem. 

    PSM_#40_Defining_the_Problem.mp3 Listen on Posterous

    During this last week I met a friend for dinner. We try and meet at least once each month to catch up on what is going on in each of our lives. I have known Steve for 20 years and value his opinions and insights.  He is a dear friend.  He always has an alternative view or another perspective to consider, and I figure I occasionally offer him some interesting perspectives as well. Reflecting on our conversations and especially the most recent one, I note a few points for discussion.  Some points involve the form or the intent of these meetings.  Some points are the content, especially from the last meeting.

    On Form:


    Conversations with dear friends you respect are key to maintaining a realistic perspective.  These conversations either validate what you are thinking or feeling or they can disclose quickly the invalidity of your thinking.  Of course, it does help to have a trusted and trusting friendship.  Superficial discussion will not be very productive.


    Conversations with Steve always offer another perspective.  In these discussions, we will discuss one of our situations and invariably the other will provide a different interpretation of the facts, make a different set of assumptions, and suggest a different perspective for consideration.


    I  have spoken of synergy before in these pod-casts.  These conversations invariably result in something that goes beyond either of our insight or understanding, as if a third person distilled the essence of our thoughts and formulated a thought greater than either of us considered.

    On Content:

    The Problem

    Steve and I covered some interesting topics in our last meeting.  One was the economy.  We talked about  the economy, the fallen stock market, the failing banks, the failed corporation, asteroids, the unemployment rate.  We went down multiple paths of discussion on each and several times asked the question, "What's the solution to the ...... situation?"  We discussed multiple alternatives and the ineffectiveness of each. Steve then identified the real issue, "I don't think we know what the problem is."  It certainly does seem that governments, corporations, and enterprises worldwide are taking actions to address a problem that is not clearly defined.  Otherwise, it seems to me that some evidence of progress would exist, rather than a reliance on the argument that "things would be worse of we had not done (fill in the blank)".

    True Value

    With stock markets failing, 401K accounts at 50% to 60% of their value within the last year, with corporations and employers significantly reducing costs daily to survive, and with a future significantly more uncertain than 1 year ago, I raised the point that the only things we could really count on are the family, the friends, and the relationships we maintain.

    The Management Message

    Above, I spoke of validation, perspective, synergy, precise identification of the problem, and true value.  In our management role, we need to form relationships with our business associates that provide us true value, providing us validation, a perspective, and a synergy as we address our objectives, solve our problems.  And most importantly, we need to be able to precisely identify our problem.

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  • Posted on 11 Dec 2009

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    Merry Christmas

    May your holiday season be filled with family and friends and peace. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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  • Posted on 26 Dec 2008


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