Dreamer's ChurchAuthor: Dreamer's Church
17 Nov 2018

Dreamer's Church

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We hope you enjoy this @dreamerschurchatx podcast and you can join us as we come together to love each other, encounter the presence of God, and become everything we were created to be!

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    Every Dream Has a Price

  • Posted on 15 Nov 2018

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    Catching Your Breath

  • Posted on 07 Nov 2018

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    My House

  • Posted on 01 Nov 2018

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    Dare To Dream

  • Posted on 27 Oct 2018

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    Created to Dream - Part 2

    A Dreamer simply put is a Son or Daughter of the KING who truly believes that He
    is able to do more than they can ask, think, or imagine!

    Our mission is simply stated “Dream”!

    Dream with GOD, dream with others, dream again! GOD loves transforming the lives of broken dreamers into something beautiful beyond recognition.


  • Posted on 16 Oct 2018


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