PotterCast: The Harry Potter fandom podcast (Est. 2005)Author: Mischief Media
04 Dec 2020

PotterCast: The Harry Potter fandom podcast (Est. 2005)

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Join PotterCast in a continuing adventure through J.K. Rowling's Wizarding World. For eleven years PotterCast has remained your trusted source for discussion, celebration, and interviews with creators and actors from the Harry Potter Universe.

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    15.6: 15 Years!

    It's our 15-year PotterCast anniversary! WHAT!? This is our live show that we did to celebrate, the video of which you can access at fb.com/pottercast. In this episode, we do some nostalgia, we do some mailbags, we do some Q&A, we play some Quiplash, and we reflect on the magic of the past and the promise of the future.

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  • Posted on 18 Sep 2020

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    15.5: Unsafe Waters

    In this episode, Frak, John, and Melissa do what they had not yet done together as hosts and friends: discuss and unpack J.K. Rowling's harmful rhetoric regarding transgender people. We strongly encourage you to listen to 15.2: Sorting It Out, the episode we released right after her tweet in December, for information and facts on why what she is doing is so difficult to parse. 

    Here is a link to the twitter thread we referenced debunking JKR’s statements:


    We also touch on the future of the show, and the state of things in the pool. (You'll get it when you listen.)  PotterCast is hoping to recommit to what it did much more in the early days when we didn't all have other jobs: highlighting a wider expanse of fandom, creation, and fun. We appreciate your patience!

    In the Drums(tm) we detail our latest videogaming habits!

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  • Posted on 27 Jun 2020

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    15.4 Live with your Qs from Quarantine

    We asked what you wanted us to talk about, and here are the results, yet more Potter silliness while we're all in lockdown!

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  • Posted on 08 May 2020

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    15.3: Yanni vs Laurel, the Social Distancing Edition

    We are isolating together for this freewheeling hour of silliness where we take your Harry Potter questions and have some fun.

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  • Posted on 20 Mar 2020

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    15.2: Sorting It Out: J.K. Rowling, transphobia, and what just happened to our community (with Jackson Bird)

    Welcome to a very special episode of PotterCast!

    This week, J.K. Rowling angered and saddened many fans when she came out in support of a woman whose company had not renewed her employment contract because she refused to recognize the legally protected rights of trans people. In coming back from a months-long Twitter hiatus, J.K. Rowling mischaracterized the facts of the case in support of a dangerous and unscientific movement that invalidates the trans experience, and in doing so flies in the face of medical consensus worldwide.

    Her comments also confused a lot of fans who are not fully familiar with the issues at stake, or cannot understand how someone whose book series is so vehemently about tolerance can express support for a woman whose views invalidate so many people's existences. That's why in this episode, we are going over it all.

    Jackson Bird, longtime friend of the podcast and of Leaky, as well as author, trans activist and educator, and expert Waffler, joins us to explain and process what this means for Harry Potter fans. We discuss:

    • What actually happened
    • What J.K. Rowling said versus what happened to the woman in question, Maya Forstater
    • Why many fans saw this coming
    • What to do now that the creator of the series we love so dearly has taken this stance
    • How to support trans and non-binary communities
    • How we as fans are feeling about all of this
    • What to do now, especially since we still love this community

    We hope you'll listen and share. Here are some helpful resources, including things we mention in the show:

    News articles regarding this incident:

    News articles regarding past incidents that have also upset the community:

    PotterCast and Leaky stand with our trans and non-binary friends and colleagues. 

    This episode is in the process of being transcribed. For more, see pottercast.com.


  • Posted on 21 Dec 2019


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