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22 Oct 2020

Living on Earth

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As the planet we call home faces a climate emergency, Living on Earth is your go-to source for the latest coverage of climate change, ecology, and human health. Hosted by Steve Curwood and brought to you by PRX.

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    [Broadcast] EPA Devalues Science, China Leads on Climate, Prairie Senate Races Show Climate Divide, and more

    Prairie Senate Races Show Climate Divide / Beyond the Headlines / Note on Emerging Science: Puffins Use Tools / China Leads on Climate / California's Electric Vehicle Future / EPA Devalues Science To Downplay Chemical Risk / BirdNote®: October Migrants / Urban Farming During COVID

    Studies show that children exposed in utero to the pesticide chlorpyrifos suffer brain damage. But in a new risk assessment the EPA is claiming that data is "inconclusive" because it protects the identities of study participants.

    Also, China takes the lead on climate as President Xi pledges that his nation will peak its carbon emissions before 2030 and hit net zero emissions by 2060, without revealing how it plans to reach those goals.

    Also, as the prairie states experience increasingly destructive weather linked to climate change, the Senate races in Iowa and Kansas reflect a sharp divide between the Democratic and Republican candidates' talk on climate change.

    Those stories and more in this episode of Living on Earth from PRX.

  • Posted on 16 Oct 2020

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    [Broadcast] Amy Coney Barrett and Environmental Law, VP Debate on Climate, Endurance Against Tough Odds, and more

    Judge Barrett and Environmental Law / Vice Presidential Debate on Climate / The Environment in Western Senate Races / Climate Change Disrupts Major Transportation Corridor / Beyond the Headlines / Enduring Against Seemingly Impossible Odds

    Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett is a textualist who tends to interpret the law narrowly, meaning that if she is confirmed, she would generally rule against innovative environmental advocacy legislation.

    Also, Vice President Mike Pence and Senator Kamala Harris clashed on the debate stage over fracking, the Green New Deal, and whether climate change poses an existential threat to humanity.

    And in 1914, British explorer Ernest Shackleton and his crew of 27 men set sail for Antarctica. Disaster struck when their ship the "Endurance" became trapped in pack ice and later broke up, yet optimism and sheer perseverance carried all 28 men through what seemed impossible odds. How Shackleton used emotional intelligence to keep his crew going through and how we can all harness an optimistic mindset to carry us through difficult times.

    Those stories and more in this episode of Living on Earth from PRX.

  • Posted on 09 Oct 2020

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    [Broadcast] Maine Senate Race and the Environment, John Kerry Cochairs Biden Climate Plan, Beavers Return to England, and more

    Maine Senate Race and the Environment / BirdNote®: Swallows on Wires / Climate on Chaotic Debate Stage / John Kerry Cochairs Biden Climate Plan / Black Lung and COVID-19 / Scylla and Charybdis on the Zambezi River / Beavers Return to England

    One of the key races in the 2020 elections is for the US Senate in Maine, where the environment is consistently rated as a priority issue for voters. Incumbent Senator Susan Collins is known for having a strong environmental record compared to her Republican colleagues, but many environmental groups focused on the campaign for a more environmentally-friendly Democratic majority in the Senate have switched their support to Democratic challenger Sara Gideon.

    Also, Democratic nominee for President Joe Biden is offering a $2 trillion climate plan as part of his "Build Back Better" economic recovery agenda. Former Secretary of State John Kerry, one of the plan's architects, discusses how it connects climate action to public health protection and economic recovery.

    And UK officials have confirmed that a five-year beaver reintroduction pilot in England was a success, so the first beavers to live in England for centuries will be allowed to stay and keep building biodiversity back in their local riverscape.

    Those stories and more in this episode of Living on Earth from PRX.

  • Posted on 02 Oct 2020

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    [Broadcast] Southern Senate Candidates on Climate, A Win for Tribal Sovereignty, RBG and Environmental Law, and more

    Key Southern US Senate Races and the Climate / Beyond the Headlines / A Win for Native American Sovereignty / BirdNote®: Eastern Whip-Poor-Will - Bird of the Night Side of the Woods / Megafire Hard Times / Ruth Bader Ginsburg and the Environment

    Climate and the environment are controversial subjects in several closely-watched US Senate races in the South this fall. The South faces significant climate impacts, and residents are concerned, but candidates are taking low key approaches to the issue.

    Also, a recent Supreme Court ruling recognized Native Americans sovereignty over millions of acres of tribal lands in Oklahoma. What the ruling means after decades of ignored rights of Native American tribal members living in Oklahoma and the implications for Indian country as a whole.

    And in addition to championing women's rights, the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg leaves a strong and sophisticated record of votes and written opinions regarding environmental law.

  • Posted on 25 Sep 2020

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    [Broadcast] Black and Latinx Voters Lean Green, World's Largest Wetlands on Fire, Spirit Run: A 6,000-Mile Marathon Through North America's Stolen Land, and more

    Black & Latinx Voters Lean Green / Beyond the Headlines / World's Largest Wetlands on Fire / BirdNote®: Thick-Billed Euphonia: Deceitful Mimic / Spirit Run: A 6,000-Mile Marathon Through North America's Stolen Land

    As wildfires blaze across the West Coast of the U.S., Brazil grapples with its own fires in its massive Pantanal wetlands, the largest in the world, and in the Amazon rainforest.

    Also, every four years a 6,000-mile marathon run called Peace and Dignity Journeys unites Indigenous runners from all over North and South America, seeking to heal the wounds left from colonization and displacement.

    And surveys suggest Black and Latinx voters are more likely than white voters to view the environment and climate as their top concerns. What environmental advocates are doing to support strong Black and Latinx voter turnout this November.

  • Posted on 18 Sep 2020


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