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27 Feb 2021

Living on Earth

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As the planet we call home faces a climate emergency, Living on Earth is your go-to source for the latest coverage of climate change, ecology, and human health. Hosted by Steve Curwood and brought to you by PRX.

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    [Broadcast] No Power for the People in Texas, A Civilian Climate Corps, Searching for Life on Mars and more

    No Power For The People In Texas / Beyond the Headlines / Note on Emerging Science: Wild Bees a Boost to Crops / A Civilian Climate Corps / Searching for Life on Mars

    The coldest air to visit Texas in a decade killed dozens, crippled the state's power grid and revealed the risks of extreme deregulation. How America's electric power system has grown more unstable in recent decades.

    Also, Washington Governor Jay Inslee shares a vision for a climate corps that could aid conservation, combat climate disaster, and save energy while harnessing the energy of youth volunteers in America.

    And after a spaceflight of over 200 days, NASA's Perseverance rover has landed safely on Mars. Perseverance is the first in a series of missions with the goal of finding signs of ancient life on the red planet, with hopes of returning samples to Earth by the 2030s.

  • Posted on 26 Feb 2021

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    [Broadcast] India Climate Activist Jailed, A New Leader For USDA, The Butterfly Effect, and more

    India Climate Activist Jailed / Beyond the Headlines / A New Leader for USDA / The Butterfly Effect: Insects and the Making of the Modern World

    Amid ongoing massive farmer protests, the Indian government is cracking down on activists including Disha Ravi, the young climate activist who founded Fridays for Future - India. How climate activism connects with the Indian farmer protests, and the government's attempts to silence activists and journalists.

    Also, President Biden's pick for Secretary of Agriculture is Tom Vilsack, who would be reprising the role after his 8 years in the Obama administration. "Vilsack II" is showing signs that since then he's become more supportive of food assistance programs and reforming historically racist programs at USDA.

    And insects far outnumber us on this planet, and they've shaped the course of human history. A conversation with the author of "The Butterfly Effect: Insects and the Making of the Modern World" on this legacy and the critical need to preserve insect biodiversity for future generations.

  • Posted on 19 Feb 2021

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    [Broadcast] India’s Farm Crisis and Climate Change, Angry Birds and the People's Climate Vote, Modernizing Mobility and more

    India's Farm Crisis and the Climate Emergency / Beyond the Headlines / Angry Birds and the People's Climate Vote / Bottlenose Whales in the Arctic / Modernizing Mobility / BirdNote®: Here Come the Barred Owls / In Honor of Black History Month: Harriet Tubman and the Barred Owl

    India is experiencing dramatic climate impacts that are hitting farmers especially hard. On top of that, the Indian government recently passed legislation that could make it harder for farmers to get a fair price for their crops, leading to massive protests.

    Also, games like Angry Birds meet climate policy through the work of the People's Climate Vote, a United Nations survey of more than a million people around the world.

    And in the United States transportation infrastructure is falling deep into disrepair with $2 trillion of deferred maintenance costs. President Joe Biden is seeking to modernize mobility infrastructure in a way that supports the broader overall goal of net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

    And as we celebrate Black History Month: Harriet Tubman was an unsung naturalist who used bird calls and her knowledge of woods and wetlands to lead some 70 people out of bondage.

  • Posted on 12 Feb 2021

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    [Broadcast] Biden’s Pen and the Climate, GM in the EV Fast Lane, Teddy Roosevelt's Conservation Legacy, and more

    Biden's Pen and the Climate / Beyond the Headlines / GM in the EV Fast Lane / The COVID Biking Boom / An Owl-Inspired Hearing Test / Teddy Roosevelt's Conservation Legacy

    President Biden has signed detailed executive orders focused on protecting the environment and fighting against climate change, laying the groundwork for strong climate policy and green investment.

    And the private sector is already moving in that direction: General Motors recently announced a bold plan to phase out gas-powered cars by 2035, signaling a major step towards decarbonizing the economy and creating thousands of green jobs.

    Also, a look back at President Theodore Roosevelt's complicated legacy for conservation in a time when it's being reimagined with more diversity and inclusivity.

  • Posted on 05 Feb 2021

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    [Broadcast] Whole Govt For Climate Action, Covid Risk For Tribal Cultures, Becoming Wild and Culture Among Animals

    The Whole of Government For Climate Action / Resisting Line 3 Pipeline / COVID Risk for Tribal Cultures / Beyond the Headlines / Vista: A Break in the Storm / 'Becoming Wild' and Culture Among Animals

    The Biden Administration is making big and early moves to tackle the climate crisis and show the rest of the world and major investors that the U.S. is committed to decarbonization.

    Also, Native American communities have been hit especially hard by the Covid-19 pandemic, with nearly twice the mortality rate of white Americans. The deaths of tribal elders are also leading to losses of language and other cultural knowledge.

    And biologists are finding that many animal species from sperm whales to birds use language and other hallmarks of culture.

  • Posted on 29 Jan 2021


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