Programming ProgrammingAuthor: David Monaghan
23 May 2018

Programming Programming

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In-depth conversation and information about custom software development, web design, and digital graphic arts. From Flash, Illustrator, Photoshop, Fireworks, and Premiere, to ActionScript, JavaScript, HTML / XHTML / XML, CSS, PHP, Perl, Ruby, Python, C++, and more. Software development and animation design is nothing more than completely understanding the five basic mediums: Text, image, audio, video, and software. Brought to you by AllStruck. This Podcast was created using

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    EPISODE3 - Programming Programming - OSI Model and MVC Architecture

    On this webisode we talk about two topics, a computer network abstract and an architectural pattern in software. Listen in while I discuss what I think are two major contributors to the internet's power and join in live by chatting or calling in with your free TalkShoe account. Get show notes at

  • Posted on 01 Mar 2007

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    EPISODE2 - Programming Programming - A Top Down Approach

    Let's catch up and set the focus on in-depth software and programming. Today it's a quick look at my decision making when learning software and some of the toys I've found during my travels. Show notes at

  • Posted on 21 Feb 2007

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    EPISODE1 - Programming Programming - Using TalkShoe

    In this first episode of Programming Programming I want to introduce myself while getting familiar with TalkShoe. Today is Thankgiving, a holiday in the U.S. which leads me to believe the amount of interaction will be little. I'm going to try to collect some opinions before staring the recording here, so come and join in the chat while we get things ready and hopefully we can get a show out to the rest of the world today.

  • Posted on 23 Nov 2006


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