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17 Feb 2019

Properly Chilled

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Founded in January of 2005, Properly Chilled's exclusive podcast has presented a widely inclusive take on Downtempo music that draws from all the world's unique musical cultures.

  • Listen Podcast #95: June 2015

    There are mixes and there are mixes, and this is a mix...of sorts. Well, it's more of an audio scrapbook, because when you think "mix", it's natural to assume it has matching tempos in a predominantly mono-culture blend of sounds. There's some of that. But that isn't the "thing" here. I always have fun piecing these mixes together, but this one. I really like this one. For a while I thought about giving it a "2-hours to circle the planet" type title, but it's a little less organized than all that, and besides, it's 35 songs and two-and-a-half hours long. Maybe next time. This time though, I hope you enjoy! Flofilz "Nomind" from Metronom Mr. Hong "Window Seat (Rework)" from Colors Void Pedal "Pair" from Secret Garden 2 Betty Ford Boys "Shut Up" from Retox Seelenluft "Yoa Gongla" from Out Of The Woods The Spy From Cairo "My Number One" My Neighbour Is "Pull Dem" from Happy Days & Better Nights General Smiley Meets McPullish "I Wish (No More War)" from General Smiley Meets McPullish at Dub Cove Beres Hammond ft. Assassin "Be Bold Be Strong (Cafe de Calaveras remix)" from Reggae Cumbia EP Hoszia Hinds "Can't Live Without You (Sinan Mercenk's Dub)" from Sinan Mercenk - Remixes The Rurals Feat. Sabrina Chyld "Suns Going Down" from Retrospect Yellowtail feat Sofia Rubina "When The Sun Goes Down (Gra Remix)" from When The Sun Goes Down Remixed Elina Monova "Something Special (Eddie C Remix)" from Lay It Down by Dj Schwa Quantic presents The Western Transient "Creation (East L.A.)" from Creation (East L.A.) Lee Fields & The Expressions "Just Can't Win (Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band Remix)" Rocky Marsiano "Esse Mambo" from Meu Kamba George Symonette "Don't Touch Me Tomato (JPOD remix)" from BlissCoast vol4 - Mambo & Motown Smokey Bandits "The Rooster (Savages Y Suefo Remix)" from Rooster Remixed Captain Planet "Cicada" from Esperanto Slang Chancha Via Circuito "Sueno en Paraguay (El Buho Remix)" from Amansara Remixed Buscabulla "Sono" from Kitsune: Buscabulla Skeewiff feat Rayna "Blue Crystal" from Broken Ballroom & Ghetto Latin Metoux "Neighbour" from Kitsune's America 4 JFelix "Patience feat. Abi Flynn" from Patience feat. Abi Flynn Harleighblu "I feat. Lost Midas" from Futurespective EP Meeke "Delicate (Feat. Urias)" from Gold EP French for rabbits "The Other Side (PLAN remix)" from The Other Side - remixed by PLAN + Stray Theories Glass Coffee "Forever Gone (feat. Maiken Sundby)" Sapphire Slows "Third Party" from Allegoria Lord Echo "Bohemian Idol (DJ Day's Chair Bro Remix)" from Lord Echo/ DJ Day Split 12" Romanowski Meets DJ Smash "Studio 2" from NYCT-7015 Jungle by Night "Attila (single Edit)" Voodoocuts "Keleya" Sun Ra And His Arkestra "India (Mop Mop's Rework)" Felix Laband "Ding Dong Thing" from Deaf Safari --- All promos welcome at info /at/ or P.O. Box 1245 Clifton Park, NY 12065 USA

  • Posted on 23 Jun 2015

  • Listen Podcast #94: May 2015

    I can't lie, things have been in deep hibernation with Properly Chilled. The last podcast I put out was in December of 2013, a guest mix by long-time contributor, DJ Tonebone. Since then, things have been quiet. Some time during the second half of last year I put this show together, but never got around to recording it. I could have easily scrapped the tracks and chose from strictly fresh releases, but I really like these songs and wanted to be sure you heard them too, even if they might be old hat to some of you by now. Regardless of how long it's been, or how familiar you are with some of these songs, I hope you enjoy the mix (that is not without a couple flaws, because I was doing too many things at once while recording it). With that, enjoy! Carpet Patrol "Indian Slap" from Carpet Patrol Thomas Blondet "Savo Vodo Feat Filip Novosel " from FutureWorld waggles "Victor Dembe Remix Final" from Quantic "Window Light (SoulBrigada Rework)" from Prince Fatty Meets Nostalgia 77 "Medcine Chest Dub" from Medicine Chest Dub / Seven Nation Army Dub feat. Dennis Alcapone Sola Rosa "Lions Den (Cooking With Caustic remix)" from Low & Behold, High & Beyond - The Remixes Romanowski "I Thought Our Love Was Strong (Romanowski Vs Bing Ji Ling Remix)" from Mixtape Riot The Elder Statesman "Montreux Sunrise" from Montreux Sunrise / Trans-Alpine Express 7" Black Masala "Bhangra V " from Black Masala Bixiga 70 "Ocupai" from NYCT-7017 DJ Center featuring Akoya Afrobeat "Dem Say Ah (feat. Akoya Afrobeat)" from Dem Say Ah - Single Daniel Haaksman "Lemba (feat. Coréon Dú)" from Mixtape Riot Quantic "You Will Return feat. Alice Russell (Ahmed Sirour Remix)" from La Plata feat. Nidia Gongora Sorceress "Teacups" from Dose Ticklah "El Dia De Suerte (Vocal)" from Ya Llegó Kill Emil & The Yumas "I'm a Yuma" from Lucianna / I'm a Yuma Bosq of Whiskey Barons "Wuk Up feat. U-George" from Bosq Y Orquesta De Madera Shinehead "Mama Used To Say ft Peppery (Blend Mishkin Edit)" from Panama Cardoon "Declaration" from Da Cruz "Boa" from Disco E Progresso Thievery Corporation "Meu Nego (feat. Karina Zeviani)" from Saudade FKJ "Waiting (feat. Madelyn Grant)" from Take Off Banzai Lab "Met.h.Ode - clocks" from Compilation Banzai Lab #6 FREE DOWNLOAD Dee C'rell "Transmission Music" from Abstrakt Kalbata & Mixmonster "Prisoner in Love" from Prisoner in Love --- All promos welcome at info /at/ or P.O. Box 1245 Clifton Park, NY 12065 USA

  • Posted on 29 Apr 2015

  • Listen Podcast #93: Guest DJ Tonebone (December 2013)

    The 2013 year is over and thanks be to that, for all it gave and all it took. 2014 will see many changes and will be among them. For the last transmission of 2013 from this place beyond the place beyond the pines, we are happy to find DJ Tonebone returning, this time from his homebase in South Africa, with a 1-hour set of the pure, slow burning goodness. In his words "It's a 'digging in the Crates' ting, lots of older stuff from the last 7 years or so, that I really love and never got to use anywhere, but listen to when chilling with the missus." In the first hour you'll hear tunes from artists operating in all corners of the musical world, from Mr. Gagun and Nostalgia 77 to Thomas Blondet, Fatima, Anthony Jospeh, Lord Echo, and as ever, many more. At the 1-hour mark DJ Tonebone takes over for the rest of the show. It's a special one. We hope you enjoy and wish all a happy New Year's Eve and a wonderful 2014. Mr. Gagun "You Only Live Once (feat. Alejandra Varella)" from 11:11 Random P "One's Intrduction" from Deep Heads Nostalgia 77 "An Angel With No Halo (Prince Fatty Dub)" from An Angel With No Halo Green Lion Crew feat Chronixx, Kabaka Pyramid, & Dre Island "Rasta Road (Rough Road Remix)" from Rough Road Remix Savages y Suefo "Our World Our Style" from Worldstyle Thomas Blondet Feat Leyla "Tu Va Partir (Zeb Remix)" from Tu Va Partir EP Harold Butler "Do It Anyday" from Gold Connection Fatima "Family" from Family / La Neta MyBaby "Matoto" from Sembeh Ma Fa Fe - Roots Volume Alvarito "Pamba laumba" Anthony Joseph "Tamarind" from Time Lord Echo feat. Leila Adu "Molten Lava" from Curiosities Cabo Blanco "Santo Diablo" Los Chicos Altos feat Palo Q'Sea "El Diablo Alegre (Original Mix)" from El Diablo Alegre Jonquel "Hummin' ft George Benson" Singularis "Puffin' L's" from Dopamine Dream Second Hour - Guest set by DJ Tonebone ------------------------------ Ed Solo & Skool of Thought "Disclaimer" Kaleidoscope Jukebox "(Intro) Kaleidoscope Jukebox" C-Dubs "That Soulful Way Out Sound" Beef Wellington "Computer" Herbie Hancock feat. Chaka Khan "The Essence (DJ Krush Main mix)" Cody Chestnutt "Serve This Royalty" Kinney & Horne "Forgetting to Remember (Nostalgia 77 mix)" Mos Def "Sun Moon Stars" Rhythm & Sound with Cornell Campbell "King in my Empire" A Rocket In Dub "Rocket No.3" Lee Perry & Adrian Sherwood "God Smiled" Hot Toddy feat. Ron Basejam "I Need Love" Freedom Sattelite feat Kudra Owens "Running Fast" Stereotyp and Soothsayer "Dub Club" Treva Whateva "Breakfast of Champions" --- All promos welcome at info /at/ or P.O. Box 1245 Clifton Park, NY 12065 USA

  • Posted on 16 Dec 2013

  • Listen Podcast #92: Female Vocalists Edition (November 2013)

    This episode began with a simple goal: Use only songs with female vocalists. As each new song was discovered, the list grew until in the end, a typical two hour mix wasn't enough. Even the resulting three hours didn't allow enough time to include all the songs I wanted to. Throughout the selections you'll hear the typically wide range of cultural influences that make up every Properly Chilled podcast, however this one went in unique directions, that in a way reflect the kind of music which for me, formed an influential foundation. I hope you enjoy it. Quantic & Alice Russell with the Combo Barbaro "I'd Cry" from I'd Cry / Here Again Mobius Collective "Gypsy Cab (Sujinho Moombahton mix)" from The Wonderwheel Spins 2012 Atropolis "Which Way To Go (Ft. Carol C.)" from Transitions The Rub "Feel You (featuring Misun)" from EP Misun "Promise Me (Cousin Cole & Nacey Edit)" from Summer Bootlegs (Mixed by Cousin Cole & Nacey) Poldoore "Long Walk Home Feat. Roselien" from Street Bangerz Volume 6: Playhouse GUTS "Technova" from Django (remix)" Belleruche "Wasted Time (Ross PTH Mix)" from 16 Minutes Sonnymoon "Nothing Thought (Natural Self Remix)" Yellowtail feat La Note "Street Thing" from Street Thing EP The Grits "Make A Sound (Like James Brown) (Grant Phabao Remix)" Harleighblu "Let Me Be" from Shapes: Circles Bet.E & Stef "Zana (NICKODEMUS REMIX)" from It's All Right Da Lata "Um Amor A Mais" from Fabiola Thomas Blondet Feat Carol C "Un Amor (Kaleidoscope Jukebox Tango Dub)" from Un Amor EP Brooklyn Gypsies "Fafisa (Zeb Remix)" from Fafisa Banco De Gaia "Apollon (Kaya Project Remix)" from Ollopa: Apollo Remixed Savages y Suefo "Or Ve Hoshech" from Worldstyle UNA "The Laughing Man (Nightmares on Wax Remix)" from The Laughing Man Remix (Cool Jewel Records) Bonobo "Pieces (feat. Cornelia)" from The North Borders Frameworks "Breaks My Heart (ft. Kathrin DeBoer)" from Old Friend Bells Atlas "Incessant Noise" from Bells Atlas KID A "BB Bleu" from PPPONEY OST [SIDE A] Dexter "Pictures feat. Josa Peit" from Pictures 7" Low Leaf "yUdUyU" from UNEARTHly Lost Midas "Love Undone (feat. Taylor O'Donnell)" from Memory Flux Gelka feat Phoenix Pearle "Being You" Panic Girl "Breathe On" from Lowlands La Yegros "Solo" from Viene de Mi Quantic Y Anita Tijoux "Doo Wop (That Thing)" from Doo Wop (That Thing) Bosq "Never Feel Cold (feat. Mendee Ichikawa)" from Bosq Y Orquesta De Madera Bahama Soul Club "TIKI SUITE Pt 3 In The Night feat Anna Luca" from The Cuban Tapes S-Tone Inc. "Some Kind Of Blues (Grooveman Spot Remix)" from Lost & Found Dj iZem "Do Avesso (feat. Nina Becker)" from Quiver / Debaixo D'Agua Queendigo Placid Jazz "Boutique des Fantasmes" Ta-ku "I Miss You" from Songs To Break Up To Samaris "Góða Tungl (Sei A Remix)" Clara Moto "For All Reasons So Sad" from Blue Distance Close "I Died 1000 Times feat. Charlene Soraia & October" from Getting Closer Mt. Wolf "Starliner" from Life Size Ghosts - EP Dub Collosus "Black Rose (Sidestepper Remix)" from Real World Remixed Quantic and Nidia Gongora "Ñanguita" from Muévelo Negro/Ñanguita --- All promos welcome at info /at/ or P.O. Box 1245 Clifton Park, NY 12065 USA

  • Posted on 08 Nov 2013

  • Listen Podcast #91: 2 Hours to Circle the Planet (June 2013)

    If you've never circled the planet in two hours, you're about to and you'll find it's an easy ride. Traveling from London you'll jump over to Rio before making your way to Jamaica. After a quick stop in the USA, it's on to Africa before you ricochet around South America. You'll probably find you've made a few other stops as well. We're in no hurry here, so sit back and enjoy the views! Bev Lee Harling "Why Don't You Do Right? (Colman Brothers Cha Cha Remix)" from Why Don't You Do Right? Alice Russell "Heartbreaker, Pt. 2" from To Dust Ancient Astronauts "Break My Heart in 2" Da Lata "Places We Go" from Going Underground Claudia "Deixa eu dizer (Full version Tekmix)" Lucas Arruda "Sambadi (Album Version)" from Sambadi S-Tone Inc. "Vai Ser Bom (Combo Moderna Remix)" from Lost & Found Panama Cardoon "Pe De Bode" Auditors Domination "Evolution of Cities (Second Sky & Thomas Blondet Remix)" from Second Sky & Thomas Blondet Remixes Mahala Rai Banda "Jstar" from Balkan Reggae Archives "Ghetto Gone Uptown (Kaleidoscope Jukebox Remix)" Brownout "I Won't Lie (Grant Phabao Remix)" from Grant Phabao & Renegades Of Jazz Remixes My Neighbour Is "Listen To The Culture Ragga" from Metaphysical Juicer CSC Funk Band "Make Your Mind Up" from Funkincense Hard Proof "Tere" from Dragon/Tere - Single Analog Players Society "Couleba" from CKY to JFK Slim Ali & The Famous Hodi Boys "Watoto Nyara" from Kenya Special (Selected East African Recordings From The 1970s & '80s) Pyramid Blue "African Jungle" from Paris Djs Soundsystem Presents Dis Is Good for You - Tropical Grooves and Afrofunk International Dusty "Seventy Three" from Mood Matters Zongo Junction "Elephant & Mosquito (Captain Planet Remix)" from Subsuelo "El Viejo Boombap" from Ida Y Vuelta Palov "Cumbia Mamacita" Orquestra Colon "Pedro Simon (DOSMELO EDIT)" Beat Making Lab "Portobelo feat Yomira (prod Apple Juice Kid)" from No Puede Conmigo La Mecánica Popular "La Paz Del Freak" from NYCT-7011 Ondatrópica "Remando" from Ondatrópica Fania All Stars vs Empresarios "Ponte Duro (Empresarios Dubplate Especial)" The Bas Lexter Ensample "Los Hermanos (Remix)" Resense 034 Nickodemus "Baila A Tu Manera (Whiskey Barons Remix)" from Baila A Tu Manera (feat. Sammy Ayala) Sabo & Melo "Crema e Gusto" from Crema e Gusto EP Palenke Soultribe "Blanco Y Negro (feat. Macondo & Mr. Vallenato)" from Mar --- All promos welcome at info /at/ or P.O. Box 1245 Clifton Park, NY 12065 USA

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