Puerto Rico TravelCastAuthor: Bill & Renée
25 May 2019

Puerto Rico TravelCast

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Rainforestinn.com's Podcasts from a bed and breakfast deep in the El Yunque rainforest of Puerto Rico. New travel adventures.

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    20. Interview With the Mayor of Rio Grande About Christmas Gifts

    The Rainforest Inn has a gofundme page created by Michelle Roover (one of our former guests) The link to it is here: gofundme link. This podcast is an interview with the mayor of Rio Grande and the police chief. We talk about the accomplishments that the mayor has made since hurricane Maria helping people and improving the infrastructure. We also discuss our plans to give the presents to the children of Rio Grande and we thank the many people who have helped. Our goal is to help make a Christmas / Three Kings for the children of Rio Grande.

  • Posted on 13 Dec 2017

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    19. The New Farmer's Market in Luquillo

    Luquillo Farmer’s Market http://www.luquillofarmersmarket.org http://www.lavenderinnovations.com flash only website but they have a Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Lavender-Innovations-172056617928/ Farm tour available Monday through Friday in Cayey from 7:30 to 3:30. (787) 466-5877 Marisa the bee lady http://apiariosdeborinquen.com/historiaenglish.html and the Facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/apiarios.deborinquen Farm in Luquillo “Bee Love” Maribel of Messy Kitchen Goodies https://www.facebook.com/MessyKitchenGoodies/

  • Posted on 01 Oct 2016

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    18: Flying through the Rainforest with Yunke Zipline Adventure

    Hola, I'm Melina, the journalism intern at the inn this summer. For my podcast cameo about Yunke Zipline Adventure in Luquillo, Bill took Renée's grandchildren and myself to zip through the forest canopy and to conduct interviews with the staff. Not only did we agree it was the best ziplining we have done here on the island, but we also learned the importance of ecotourism in the conservation of Puerto Rico's ecology. I present to you an audio tour of our zipline experience and go in depth with our tour guide Eric and the owner Roberto about their work in ecotourism.

  • Posted on 10 Aug 2016

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    17: Luquillo Beach—The East Island's Surfing Hot Spot

    After our intern Melina's raving review of Bob's East Island Surfing Adventures, we took the short drive from the rainforest to La Pared Beach in Luquillo, where Bob Roberts gives his exceptional surf lessons.

    Check out our blog for a deeper look into surfing in Luquillo. 



    "The Adventures of Jonny Quest" theme

    Original instrumentals by Philip Labes

  • Posted on 13 Jul 2016

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    16: The Famous Luquillo Beach Kiosks

    We stopped by the so-called "hardcore pizza shop" in the Luquillo kiosks, Revolution Pizza Shop, to chat with the owner Kevin Cole. After hearing about his band The Turbo A.C.'s, the evolution of the kiosks and the ingredients that make Revolution pizzas so delicious, we couldn't help but order our favorite pizza, World Peace. 


    "The Adventures of Jonny Quest" theme song

    "Get Money" -The Turbo A.C.'s

    "The Future" -The Turbo A.C.'s

    "Live to Win" -The Turbo A.C.'s



  • Posted on 09 Jul 2016


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