Punky! RadioAuthor: Paul B. Edwards and Tony Hearn
17 Feb 2019

Punky! Radio

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An hour of X-rated music and mayhem from The Heart of Sherwood Forest featuring tracks you've never heard before, expressions you've never heard before and jokes you'll never want to hear again - all hosted by Paulyb (everyone's favourite outlaw) and Butch Tony (everyone's favourite bandit).

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    PUNKY! - 12-02-2019

    700 shows. 700 SHOWS...! Whilst we struggle processing that concept, get yourselves ready for nine sublime tracks from Freedom Fuel, Sir Robert Orange Peel, The Cavemen, Danny Cleaver, Fire Exit, Blowfuse, The Anomalys, Märvel and Apocalypse Babys.

    Comedy Suburbs, 2 jokes!, Tony has your Facebook comments, WHAMBOLT!, how much longer can we go on?, Timo, Facebook birthday greetings, Iron Mike, Crash Induction, last week, migraine hell, Paul went to Bucharest, fear of flying, From the Vaults, Tony's International Gig Guide, Berlin, this week, Tony's birthday, Space are playing in Nottingham, Izzatwat and a reminder of the different ways you can hear us!

    Song 1: Freedom Fuel – Planet Away
    Song 2: Sir Robert Orange Peel – Turn That Bloody Racket Down
    Song 3: The Cavemen – Baby I’d Do It For You
    Song 4: Danny Cleaver - Dare Say (We Don’t Care)
    Song 5: Fire Exit - Timewall
    Song 6: Blowfuse – Angry John
    Song 7: The Anomalys – Fire In The Hole
    Song 8: Märvel - Powertrip
    Song 9: Apocalypse Babys – How Many Beers Did I Drink Last Night

  • Posted on 12 Feb 2019

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    PUNKY! - 05-02-2019

    Heg Tollo! What better way to celebrate Paulmas then a LA Needs A Riot Special. Get ready for nine songs from Upper Downer, Animals And Children, Dead Babies, This Is A Train Wreck, Boots For Dancing, Absurd Tones, The Paradoks, Lady Hump and Local Retards.

    LA Needs A Riot, lots of specials coming up, Show 700 is next week - get in touch, Tony has your Facebook multimedia, Jen sends us a video message, Pkew Pkew Pkew, Heg Tollo vs Goopa Goopa, last week, Nutty Nottingham tour, Simon Nott, Lost Property, Sigue Sigue Sputnik, From the Vaults, Tony's International Gig Guide, the week ahead, band practice and recruitment, Paulmas, Facebook birthday messages, "Oh God I've Just Done Something Terrible", Izzatwat, dirty knees, Kevin Smith and a reminder of the stations which carry us!

    Song 1: Upper Downer – Disarm The Police
    Song 2: Animals And Children – Too Fucked To Fail
    Song 3: Dead Babies - Lessons Learned
    Song 4: This Is A Train Wreck – Oh Captain, Why, Captain?!
    Song 5: Boots For Dancing – Ooh Bop Sh Bam
    Song 6: Absurd Tones – Sold My Soul For The 2-Tone
    Song 7: The Paradoks – Mind Control
    Song 8: Lady Hump – Bad Things Happen
    Song 9: Local Retards - B.I.T.S (Beer Is The Shit)

  • Posted on 05 Feb 2019

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    PUNKY! - 29-01-2019

    It's the week before the virtual Punky world and the rather more tactile world unite in the form of a Nutty Nottingham tour. Before that monumental event we bring you nine songs from Pkew Pkew Pkew, The Vile Assembly, The Cheap Cassettes, Reverend Beat Man And Izobel Garcia, Johnny And The Self Abusers, The Morlocks, The Dirtiest, Toreador and The Swindells.

    Pkew Pkew Pkew? Tony has your Facebook comments, Norway, Simon Nott, last week, Tony has had a few work issues, Apocalypse Babys, learning new covers, last week's Nutty Nottingham tour, From the Vaults, Tony's International Gig Guide, The Bleach Boys, this week, Nutty Nottingham tour, Cadbury Roses cake bars, online banking, HSBC vs Natwest, Jack Reacher, Tony gets confused about his Neils, Knees, Izzatwat, The Swindells a reminder of the stations which carry us and don't forget Spotify!

    Song 1: Pkew Pkew Pkew – I Don’t Matter At All
    Song 2: The Vile Assembly – Not Quite Fair!!
    Song 3: The Cheap Cassettes – Hieroglyphics In Lipstick
    Song 4: Reverend Beat Man And Izobel Garcia – I Never Told You
    Song 5: Johnny And The Self Abusers – Dead Vandals
    Song 6: The Morlocks – We Can Get Together
    Song 7: The Dirtiest - Macaroni
    Song 8: Toreador - Ashes
    Song 9: The Swindells – Same Old

  • Posted on 29 Jan 2019

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    PUNKY! - 22-01-2019

    This week's show is special for 2 distinct reasons, firstly this show features another cracking Cherry Red compilation and secondly... well listen and you'll see. So get ready for nine great tracks from The Skids, The Vaselines, The Green Telescope, The Styng Rites, The Heiz, The Primevals, The Soup Dragons, The Twinsets and The Zips.

    Big Gold Dreams compilation, Guana Bats, Tony has your Facebook comments, Heg Tollo, The Chats, last week, Tony went to the ballet, Apocalypse Babys, Paul went to Oslo, Deer, not From the Vaults, Tony's International Gig Guide, the week ahead, more band practice, Nutty Nottingham, lodgers, mugs, no Izzatwat this week, iTunes reviews and a reminder of the stations that carry us.

    Song 1: The Skids - Reasons
    Song 2: The Vaselines – Teenage Superstars
    Song 3: The Green Telescope – Face In A Crowd
    Song 4: The Styng Rites – Baby’s Got A Brand New Brain
    Song 5: The Heiz- Chicken Bone
    Song 6: The Primevals – Living In Hell
    Song 7: The Soup Dragons – Whole Wide World
    Song 8: The Twinsets – Out of Nowhere
    Song 9: The Zips – Take Me Down

  • Posted on 22 Jan 2019

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    PUNKY! - 15-01-2019

    Heg Tollo! We're firmly into 2019 now, so let's not mess around. Here's nine great songs from Tommy And the Commies, Leadfoot Tea, Apocalypse Babys, You Want Fox, Mothra Slapping Orchestra, Bleach Boys, Limozine, Reverend Beat Man And Izobel Garcia and Bobby Funk.

    Teeth, Tony has your Facebook comments,cheeky follow?, WHAMBOLT!, The Hard Toms, Apocalypse Babys, last week, Tony's office, band practice, speed awareness, From The Vaults, new lodger, Tony's International Gig Guide, The Bleach Boys, Limozine, next week, ballet, Tony and Steph's anniversary, Top 10 Izzatwats from 2018 and Paul's Oslo comedy gig is this weekend!

    Song 1: Tommy And the Commies – Permanent Fixture
    Song 2: Leadfoot Tea – Shake Them Bones
    Song 3: Apocalypse Babys - Feeder
    Song 4: You Want Fox – Low. Low, Low
    Song 5: Mothra Slapping Orchestra – Kick Your Ass
    Song 6: Bleach Boys - Tapeworm
    Song 7: Limozine – Dirty Little Miss TV
    Song 8: Reverend Beat Man And Izobel Garcia – Black Metal
    Song 9: Bobby Funk - DMT

  • Posted on 15 Jan 2019


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