Punky! RadioAuthor: Paul B. Edwards and Tony Hearn
17 Nov 2018

Punky! Radio

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An hour of X-rated music and mayhem from The Heart of Sherwood Forest featuring tracks you've never heard before, expressions you've never heard before and jokes you'll never want to hear again - all hosted by Paulyb (everyone's favourite outlaw) and Butch Tony (everyone's favourite bandit).

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    PUNKY! - 13-11-2018

    Some people are starting to look forward to Christmas. Well, sod that - instead join us as we look forward to Manchester Punk Festival 2019! So sit back and enjoy nine great songs from Bobby Funk, Call Me Malcolm, Not On Tour, Bexatron, Limozine, Tommy And The Commies, Screech Bats, Tim Loud and Centurion Sect.

    Bobby Funk, Comedy Suburbs, Manchester Punk Festival, TNS Records, no Facebook comments this week, poking, we have your Podchaser reviews, last week, the emo horse has a name, Paul now has 2 working toilets, Nutty Nottingham, DeanFest, the wall of quotes, From the Vaults, Tony's International Gig Guide, PGOTW, Lewes Con Club, new bed..., the week ahead, Tony would like to go to the cinema, Bohemian Rhapsody, the other Pauly B, Paul's Ottoman Empire, Izzatwat and the rise of the right.

    Song 1: Bobby Funk - Wanker
    Song 2: Call Me Malcolm – Nameless Friends
    Song 3: Not On Tour - Flip
    Song 4: Bexatron – Dirty Disco
    Song 5: Limozine - Goin' To A Party
    Song 6: Tommy And The Commies – Suckin’ In your 20’s
    Song 7: Screech Bats - Clammy
    Song 8: Tim Loud - Hate
    Song 9: Centurion Sect - Tourettes

  • Posted on 13 Nov 2018

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    PUNKY! - 06-11-2018

    This week one of us was sifting through poo, who could it be? Tune in to find out. If that isn't enough then what the hell is wrong with you? You can also look forward to nine great tracks from Justine And The Unclean, Oxygen Thief, Three Day Millionaires, Voodoo Radio, Limozine, War With The Newts, The Dahmers, Spunge and New Junk City.

    Bonfire night, burning catholics, no Comedy Suburbs this week, posh folk with their banging fireworks, Tony has your Facebook comments, Iron Mike, the Cat Milker, Three Day Millionaires, last week, the fire at The Cattle Market in Nottingham, fireladies?, the Horse, worm counting, Paul went to Oslo, Limozine, Deanfest, From the Vaults, Tony's International Gig Guide, PGOTW, War With The Newts, Jeffrey Dahmer, this week, Nutty Nottingham private tour with Uber, Paul talks about his run in with Spunge, Izzatwat and who will die first and therefore be the cause for Punky to end?

    Song 1: Justine And The Unclean – This System Is Set To Self Destruct
    Song 2: Oxygen Thief – Lost In The Post
    Song 3: Three Day Millionaires – The Snub
    Song 4: Voodoo Radio – Pretty Boy
    Song 5: Limozine – Twenty Greatest Hits
    Song 6: War With The Newts - Moshpit
    Song 7: The Dahmers – Demon Night
    Song 8: Spunge - Liar
    Song 9: New Junk City – Useless Friends

  • Posted on 06 Nov 2018

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    PUNKY! - 30-10-2018

    The highlight of the Punky calendar has arrived - it's the Halloween special! Get ready for nine suitably terrifying tracks from The Morlocks, The Cavemen, Zombie Garden Club, The Country Dark, Fabulous Poodles, Mothra Slapping Orchestra, Archie And The Bunkers, Bloodcocks UK and Pornscars.

    No comedy suburbs, Tony has your Facebook comments, Fast Cars, Simon Nott explains his vanishing post, Crash Induction, Emo horse, last week, Trick or Treat, Horse Update, we talk about our night our at the Sumac, Crash Induction, Radioactive Rats, The Pelham, From the Vaults, Tony's International Gig Guide, Scooby, Île de la Réunion, the week ahead, Tony's sister is over from New Zealand, Paul got interviewed about his tour, Izzatwat, new car smell and a reminder of the stations which carry us.

    Song 1: The Morlocks – One Foot In The Grave
    Song 2: The Cavemen – Stand by Your Ghoul
    Song 3: Zombie Garden Club – Kickin’ It At The Crypt
    Song 4: The Country Dark – Every Skull Has A Story
    Song 5: Fabulous Poodles – Vampire Rock
    Song 6: Mothra Slapping Orchestra – In Love With My Vampire
    Song 7: Archie And The Bunkers – 122 Hours Of Fear
    Song 8: Bloodcocks UK – Zombie Porn
    Song 9: Pornscars – Son Of A Witch

  • Posted on 30 Oct 2018

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    PUNKY! - 23-10-2018

    It's nearly Halloween and there's electricity in the air... so whilst we prepare our punky pumpkins we bring you another delightful set of tracks from Gino And The Goons, Slovenians, Chelsea, Fast Cars, Crash Induction, The Boys, The Ruts, Desahuciados and Verbal Warning.

    EPs Comedy Suburbs, Tony has your Facebook comments, Izzatwat theme controversy, Harmony In My Head compilation, Chelsea, last week, Tony has been building an electric fence, the Horse, Forest v Norwich, Gravity!, Thatcher, 1666, From the Vaults, Tony's International Gig Guide, PGOTW, The Sumac Centre, Veganism, this week, Tony will try and avoid drinking at the Sumac, Paul's off to see Bohemian Rhapsody, lack of twat, Podchaser, Verbal Warning and a reminder of the stations which carry us.

    Song 1: Gino And The Goons – Wrong Side Of A Cigarette
    Song 2: Slovenians – I’m Not Batman
    Song 3: Chelsea – Look At The Outside
    Song 4: Fast Cars – You’re So Funny
    Song 5: Crash Induction – See You Next Tuesday
    Song 6: The Boys – First Time
    Song 7: The Ruts – West One (Shine on Me)
    Song 8: Desahuciados – Consciencia Subvertida
    Song 9: Verbal Warning – A Ploy Named Sue

  • Posted on 23 Oct 2018

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    PUNKY! - 16-10-2018

    This week we horse around with the Harmony In My Head boxset along with the usual nonsense. So get ready for nine great songs from The Control Freaks, The Trainspotters, The Letters, Watts, Los Chicos, Dentist, The Nips, The Smirks and Incisions.

    Poetry Corner from Iron Mike, PGOTW foreshadowing, Sumac, Harmony In My Head boxset, Mike Reid, Tony has your Facebook comments, we've lost a comment from Simon, Pornscars gets in touch, Frank Butcher, last week, Tony brought a horse, Rose of England in Nottingham, From the Vaults, Tony's International Gig Guide, Paul picks a gig but doesn't pick a gig in the world yeah, Derby, Rich Morton, this week, Tony will be working, Paul talks about his week, Forest, Nutty Nottingham, Manuel the dressage horse, The Nips, no Izzatwat this week, Podchaser and a reminder of the stations which carry us.

    Song 1: The Control Freaks – I Hate Your Face
    Song 2: The Trainspotters – High Rise
    Song 3: The Letters – Don’t Want You Back
    Song 4: Watts - Queens
    Song 5: Los Chicos – Motel Ford
    Song 6: Dentist – Night Swimming
    Song 7: The Nips – Happy Song
    Song 8: The Smirks – Angry With Myself
    Song 9: Incisions – War In Your Head

  • Posted on 16 Oct 2018


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