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17 Feb 2019

Robinson Crusoe

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  • Posted on 10 Apr 2009

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    'Robinson Crusoe' Podcast Moving to

    The 'Robinson Crusoe' blog posts and podcast are being moved to their mother-ship, We've put together a nice new site design that is fully blog-oriented but maintains all of our great story, game and movie content.

    So make sure you subscribe to the Candlelight Stories feed to keep getting our posts.

    This will probably be the last post here. You'll like the Candlelight Stories feed much better. We promise!

  • Posted on 31 Mar 2009

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    Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe - Part 17 (Conclusion)

    Download Robinson Crusoe - Part 17 (Conclusion)

    Robinson Crusoe and Friday finally have a ship and a way off the island. Crusoe relates his journey home and how he resolves the outstanding issues he left behind in his life. He meets with one final harrowing adventure on his journey home and uses it to lead into the final thoughts of his great tale. So ends one of the greatest adventures ever written and so began the great art of the English novel. Daniel Defoe created a character that has influenced every writer and every reader's imagination since he wrote this incredible book.

    It has been an uncommon pleasure to read this difficult book and to make my way through the unusual language of Mr. Defoe. Perhaps by reading him, one can learn to think a bit like him. With great language comes great subtlety of thought.

    By the way, Defoe did write a sequel to this book. It's called 'The Farther Adventures of Robinson Crusoe.' Perhaps a podcast of that book should be...

  • Posted on 29 Nov 2006

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    Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe - Part 16

    Crusoe and Friday see what looks like an English ship. But what does this ship bring? This is an action-packed section of the book. Crusoe uses every bit of his cunning and skill to defend himself and Friday while never ceasing to maintain his hope of rescue.

  • Posted on 03 Nov 2006

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    Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe - Part 15

    Download Robinson Crusoe - Part 15

    Robinson Crusoe and Friday get many surprises as they battle cannibals. The action explodes as they are forced to think and act quickly to save lives. Crusoe continues to be amazed at the strength of Friday's character and his incredible loyalty.

  • Posted on 17 Oct 2006


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