San Francisco History Podcast – SparkletackAuthor: Richard Miller
07 Jul 2022

San Francisco History Podcast – Sparkletack

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    San Francisco history lovers: A notice that’s a bit overdue: I haven’t recorded a podcast for years, now, and the chances that I’ll return to this project are slim. That said, I’m committed to leaving ALL THESE PODCASTS online – as a resource for San Franciscans, of course, but also for lovers of this fascinating […]

  • Posted on 16 Feb 2014

  • Listen – Map of the San Francisco Public Library’s Historical Photo Collection

    Just received an email from an old contact — and though I’ve not been actively updating Sparkletack, this project is just too fantastic not to mention. I’ve pillaged the San Francisco History Center’s online photo archive myself many, many times … and often dreamed of a resource exactly like this one. in Dan’s own […]

  • Posted on 24 Aug 2011

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    Bimbo’s 365 Club

    A couple of days ago, Toby of Bimbo’s 365 Club dropped me a line: “Here at Bimbo’s, we’ve recently stated to scan some of the amazing things we have in our archives here at the club. We have soooo much stuff. We’ve posted some things in our blog and galleries. We’ve just started this and […]

  • Posted on 04 Aug 2010

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    SepiaTown — a virtual San Francisco

    This is awesome. SepiaTown is a brand new website integrating mapping technology with crowd-sourced historical photos to create a virtually strollable San Francisco. They’ve collected over 150 images of San Francisco thus far, mostly clustered around California, Montgomery, and Market Streets … but it’s easy to see how the entire city could be reconstructed. Reconstructed […]

  • Posted on 26 Feb 2010

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    “Frisco”? I think not.

    It’s not because Herb Caen got hot under the collar about it. And yeah, I know it was practically the official name of the City in the decades following the Gold Rush — a moniker beloved by locals and visitors alike. In fact, here’s Exhibit A on the pro-Frisco side, a song sung by thousands […]

  • Posted on 14 Feb 2010


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