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21 Jan 2017

School Of Podcasting

Established in 2005 if you want to learn about podcasting this is the show for you. It's been described by many as the most entertaining and unique of all the "Podcast About Podcasting." Dave Jackson gets to the point and talks about podcasting. This could ways to plan a successful launch that will get you ranking high in iTunes, finding the best gear on a budget, developing content that leaves people wanting more. He has been helping people understand technology and has been called "The Analogy King." His style is "edutainment" and you will always walk away with useful knowledge and insights. Dave Jackson is the original, and if you don't like the first episode you hear - give him two more and he'll change your mind.

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    Spreaker Introduces Ad Revenue System

    Because of My Podcast Dana Gould

    I was reading an article where West Word was interviewing Dana Gould (Who I find hilarious) and they asked him he still does his podcast (the Dana Gould Hour) while now running/writing the show Stan Against Evil. Here is what Dana said,

    I cite the podcast as the things that literally made everything else possible. It keeps my name out there and connects my audience. I think the reason that I’m still allowed to work in clubs is because my podcast has nurtured and cultivated my fan base to the point that people show up. Because if people don’t show up, you don’t get hired. And I think the podcast is very much responsible for that.

    Full article

    Dana Gould Hour on iTunes

    Dana Gould Hour on Stitcher

    Spreaker Unveils Beta Ad Revenue Share Program is a podcast media hosting company that has the added bonus of being ale to stream your podcast live. The recently rolled out an ad revenue program. The program right now is beta, and only for US users. It allows you to have a 30 second preroll ad (meaning it is the first thing that starts your show, it goes before the show - pre-roll). There is some new terminology

    Requests - The number of times your episode is called (most of us would refer to this as a download, but in this case Spreaker is streaming the file)
    Impressions - This is how many times an ad was in your request

    Currently impressions will only appear if you're using the spreaker player on your website (again, this is beta, more features coming)

    You won't have ads through your RSS feed

    Some advertisers have a geographic specification so that they only run ads in certain area. I had an ad for a college in Cleveland Ohio (I live on Akron)

    Podcast Glossary "L"


    Levelator is a free program (mac and PC) and allows you to drag a file into the software and it will adjust the volume level to be consistent. For example if you have an interview and you are louder than the guest, the Levelator software will adjust the audio of your guest to match your volume. You can find it at


    Liberated Syndication (libsyn) pioneered the system to host and publish podcasts in 2004. And since then has grown to the largest leading podcast network with over 2.6 billion downloads in 2014. Libsyn hosts over 25,000 shows with 44 million monthly audience member. Find it at (use the coupon code sopfree to get a free month)

    My Podcast Launch Kit

    I had someone said to me, I don't want to think about it, I trust you. Tell me what to do.

    Well, there is no one size fits all, but here are some things that I recommend:

    I say use a self hosted Wordpress Website. I do not like Blue host, or dreamhost, I am moving my things to which is my reseller account for Godaddy. I've also used Hostgator.

    I use Libsyn for my media hosting and distribution. I used them 10 years before I started working for them in 2016.

    For my Wordpress theme I use Appendipty themes which run on the Genesis platform, or if your situation is a website that has a podcast, I like the Elegant themes Divi (which I will be using on this website later this year)

    The Actual "Launch"

    I would record a few episodes. This lets me see how much it takes to get create an episode, and then it lets me decide what my publishing scheduling.

    I would ask some people who are my target audience to listen, and get feedback. The goal is to ensure you are delivering value that makes people do one (or more ) of the following:

    • Laugh
    • Cry
    • Think
    • Groan
    • Educate
    • Entertain

    I would have a few "in the can" (which means recorded but not released) if possible so that if life happens you can still publish without missing your schedule.

    Publish an episode or two (I don't believe you need  3, 5, 8 episodes - unless you have content coming out of your ears) and then list them in the following directories

    • iTunes
    • Stitcher
    • Google Play Music
    • TuneIn

    Most apps like pocketcasts and overcast pull from iTunes.

    Then you tell everyone you know, use email, social media, etc. You might try creating a Thunderclap campaign, and then use social jukebox or to promote your episodes as they go out

    Sponsored By Emerald City Productions

    Get your first four episodes (up to 30 minutes per episode) edited for $15 each. From head to toe you will sound great. Go to

    Mentioned In This Show

    Mark Neslon Show

    Thunderclap campaign

    Dana Gould Hour on iTunes

    Start Podcasting Today

    School of Podcasting - Podcasting Courses

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    A Great Example of Podcasting For Your Business

    Because of My Podcast: My Family Was Fed A Giant Meal

    Cale Nelson of Ham Radio 360 sent in a great story where a listener told him NOTt to make dinner the Thursday before Christmas. Then sent Cale a giant box of Barbecue. When you've got a houseful of kids, and your wife is happy because the food is excellent, and she didn't have to cook it - it's a big win.

    Check out Cale's show at

    Starting a Podcast Your Customer Wants To Hear

    Should your business have a podcast? Probably. It's a great way to get in front of your target audience no matter where they are. I was asked to be on a new podcast coming out today (my episode is in the future) and its from Tim Sinclair. You may or may not know that name, but I'll reveal who his is in a second. I just checked out his site and then it hit me. This is a great example of using a podcast for your business.

    Tim Sinclair is the CEO of Ringr . This is an app and service that allows you to record both sides of an interview. If you're worried about doing a "mix minus" then you may want to check out this service. Plans start at $7.99 a month for the basic, and $18.99 for the premium. For more information go to

    The people that use Tim's technology interview people and want a good recording. There are two ways to learn things. You can be shown how to do it right, or your can bring in those two famous trainers that seem to help everyone. You may know them as Trial and Error. They are not very efficient, but their lessons cut deep. You want your podcast to do one of these things

    • Laugh
    • Cry
    • Think
    • Groan
    • Educate
    • Entertain

    If you have your show do more than one of the above, you're headed in the right direction.

    So what Tim did is launch a podcast filled with fun, entertaining stories that can be educational as well. The podcast is called My Worst Interview Ever.  He has interviewed people like Cliff Ravenscraft, The Mobile Pro Shawn Smith, The App Guy Paul Kemp, XM Radio’s Doug Hannah, Blubrry’s Todd Cochrane, Libsyn’s Rob Walch, syndicated radio host Brant Hansen, Dave Jackson, Dan Franks, Jeff Brown, Daniel J. Lewis. The stories I understand are hilarious. The first episode is John Lee Dumas talking about his worst interview ( a rock icon famous for selling coffins).

    So when creating a podcast, one strategy is to create a podcast that your target audience wants to hear. Tim identified his audience and has come up with a fun and entertaining way to produce good content without making his show a giant infomercial. Remember, nobody tunes into an infomercial on purpose.

    The next thing I like is Tim is already in iTunes and Stitcher. He doesn't seem too worried about the magical happy place of New and Noteworthy and his first eight weeks. With content like this, I bet he'll get listed because he didn't name his show wtf this week in cold cases on fire.

    He also made sure  NOT to make it giant Ringr commercial. He does a quick mention in the middle. He understands the idea is to build an audience first.

    Check out his show at and check out his service at

    A Not Great Example

    The Penzu podcast is meant to help promote their company ( which I love and use)

    Nobody is looking for "Penzu" that doesn't know then) so how is this supposed to bring in new people?

    They are using Soundcloud as their platform (who are leaking money). Switch to and your back catalog comes for free during the first quarter of 2017, and get a free month using the coupon code sopfree 

    Their titles look awful. 

    There is no description. 

    They only have seven episodes (which is fine), but they have the podcast in their software (so their customers have had "episode 7 in their platform all year)

    Back to the Basics Of Your Website

    I recently did the "Favorite Podcast Ever" show where you sent in your favorite podcasts and explained why they were your favorite. I always then go to the website of those show and share that someone thinks you're the best. I am amazed at some of the things I find. Before we get into those, you do need to decide what your website is for. By this mean I mean if your podcast is to drive leads to your business, then you might have a giant sign up form. If you're trying to grow your community, you might really be sending people to your Facebook group. So in the end, there is no one size fits all. However, there are two things I hear over and over and over. I hear, "I want more downloads, and I want more interaction." When I go to the websites of these people, there are no links to subscribe to their show. There is no easy way to contact you. One person I had to tweet at (and their twitter account was waaaay at the bottom of their screen). 

    I had someone who was going to hire me to help him get more subscribers. I went to their website, and said you don't need to pay me for this, but there isn't a single subscriber button on your website. 

    Ready To Start Podcasting?

    Join the School of Podcasting or Schedule some One on One Consulting

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    This is Your Podcast Wake Up Call

    Here it is 2017. Congratulations you made it through another year. Some of you were going to start podcasting last year, some of you go back to 2015. Some of you, are going back even further. Today I want to give you some ideas and strategies to launching your first podcast.

    What Do You Need To Start Your Podcast

    1. An idea
    2. A microphone
    3. A media host
    4. A website (optional, but STRONGLY encouraged)
    5. Some artwork for iTunes
    6. A description
    7. To get into itunes you need one live episode.

    Take A Mulligan

    So here is a strategy that some people on accident, and you can do on purpose. I call it "The Mulligan." This comes from golf. When you hit a bad shot, you call that shot your mulligan, and you throw down your new ball and swing again. It is basically a do over. Some very popular podcasters like Hall of Fame Podcaster Mignon Fogherty, Lauria Petruci, even Adam Curry (who helped invent podcasting) didn't hit pay dirt till he was on his THIRD podcast. So start a podcast about anything, it doesn't. You could do a podcast about the weather in your city, just to go through the motions and learn the tech. Once you've got it down, cancel everything, delete all the files, and go back and do one for real. Take a mulligan on purpose.

    When I played in bands, often the best recordings were the one where the engineer told us he wasn't recording. There was no pressure we were just doing a sound check. With no pressure we often would come up with a great "take" and end the song and say "I wish we would've recorded that" (and luckily in some cases they did). If you start out with a show you don't care about you can get a show up and see it really doesn't take that much to record and publish a show. (Getting people to listen is really the hard part).

    What About The Expense?

    I graduated from the University of Akron with a Bachelor's Degree in Education specializing in Technical Education. Just the books for a semester are an estimated $450. The actual classes are $5473 semester (typically three months) if you're going full time (Source). When you sink $100-$300 into a podcast (FOR A LIFETIME), that is a small investment. Moving forward your will be spending $30 a month (typically). Cut out a few sodas and snicker's bars and you've got your money. Keep in mind, The money you are spending is an investment in you.

    But What If You Want To Actually Take a Real Swing?

    You've probably heard about S.M.A.R.T. Goals. This stands for

    Time Bound

    So instead of "I want to start a podcast." You need to get more specific.

    I want to start a podcast about Raising Llamas . This is more specific, but I'd like a little more specifics and some time.

    I will Google other Llama podcasts to see what names might be available by January 15th.

    Michael Hyatt (one of my favorite Authors - I read Platform every January) has a "Best Year Ever" course and he throws in two more items.

    Exciting - You wouldn't set a goal that bores you.

    Relevant - I'm going to do a daily show, even though I have two jobs, a wife, and a set of twins.

    By adding these two, you are creating smarter goals.

    Why Should I Podcast?

    You have something to say: You're yelling at the dashboard in the car, or swearing outloud in the super market as you think, "ugh I could do this better.." Here are some more.

    • You want to be seen as an expert
    • You want to reach a global audience
    • You want to build a community
    • You want to sharpen your presentation skills
    • You want to build your brand
    • You want to promote your products
    • You want to boost your speaking career
    • You want to have fun with like minded people
    • You want to make some additional income.

    But, But, But, But......

    I'm not sure exactly what format. - - Your Podcast is a recipe - not a statue

    I hate my voice - This is normal as your are hearing your voice for the first time through your ears (only) with no vibrations from your skull.

    I'm not a nerd - Yet you attach files to emails, turn down the volume in the car, press record on the DVR (so you know file management, audio mixing, and recording)

    I might look stupid - It's not radio. It's not live. The only way you will sound stupid is if you release something that sounds stupid.

    People might say negative things - Every day people say negative things about your driving, etc. Yet you still drive. Don't let your fear stop you from doing the thing you love.

    Did you give out presents this year at Christmas? We are not always 100% sure they were going to be loved? Yet, we give them anyway.

    Here is a little truth, when you first start, nobody is listening anyway.

    Don't think about the thousands of people listening (cause it's not ) think about talking to ONE person. While helping one person may not change the world, it could change the world for that one person.

    Some of My Favorite Quotes on Starting

    You don't have to be great to start, but you do have to start to be great. -Zig Ziglar

    When you want something you've never had, you have to do something you've never done. -Thomas Jefferson

    The distance between dreams and reality is called action -Anonymous

    Don't wait until you are ready to take action. Instead take action to be ready. -Jensen Siaw

    Don't talk, just act. Don't Say, just show. Don't promise just prove. -Unknown

    Winners are not people who never fail, but people who never quit. -Edwin Louis Cole

    An inch of movement will bring you closer to your goals than a mile of intention. - Dr. Steve Marraboli

    The best way to get started is to quit talking & begin doing - Walt Disney

    Take Some Action

    Notice something about the following words


    If want to get a reaction, that is satisfying, and gets some traction towards your goals, you have to TAKE ACTION.

    The start is what stops most people. Week after week I get people who are telling stories of things they couldn't have done if they hadn't started podcasting. So today I urge you to start something right now that your future self will thank you for. Stop worrying about what could go wrong, and start focusing on what could go right. Don't let your fear decide your future.

    What you do is not who you are. If you say, "But I'm just a (insert your job)." That's WHAT you do, but WHO YOU ARE is a MESSENGER with something to say because you know there are people who could benefit from it.

    Sometimes the worst place you can be is in your own head. Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.

    Because of My Podcast: Edward O'Donnell

    Ed is the host of In The Past Lane which is a podcast about history.

    Because of my podcast -
    1. I've been able to interview Pulitzer Prize winning historians about their latest work. History Nerdapaloosa.
    2. my college (the real job) just built me a new state of the art podcast studio! It's not just for me, of course, but because I was up and running as a podcaster it spurred them to do it.
    3. I've been invited by Chris K to be part of PodFest 2017 (day 1).
    4. I snared an audition for a new program on The History Channel - in part because they checked out my podcast and seemed convinced that I'd be funny and free spirited and not just knowledgeable about history. If anything comes of this, it will certainly be my big time "because of my podcast" story!

    Mentioned in this Podcast

    Start podcasting at the School of Podcasting

    Speakermatch (service to help speakers find events to speak at )

    Gleason Documentary on Amazon

    Podfest Podcast Podcasting Event in Orlando Florida (coupon code Dave)

    Podcast Movement podcasting event (use coupon code sop10)

    Podcast Baby Steps Free Video Podcasting Course

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    My Favorite Podcast is 2016 Edition

    This Year SOP Listeners said the following list was "Their Favorite Podcast"

    This means if they could only listen to ONE, this would be the show. Here they are in alphabetical order

    4:00 Adam Carolla Show -

    4:42 Bloodround -

    6:58  Freakonomincs -

    9:18 Hollywood Bable On -

    11:35 Kate’s Take -

    12:34 Medication Oasis -

    13:25 Mighty Blue on the Appalachian Trail -

    14:23 Mike Row’s The Way I Heard It -

    15:54 Mixergy -

    17:00   Mysterious Universe -

    17:54 Mystery Show -

    20:11 Old Pre-Meds -

    22:10 Radio Labyrinth -

    23:12 RED Podcast -

    24:25 Retired Exited -

    25:30 Rock Your Retirement -

    27:25 She Podcasts -

    29:20 Spawn On Me -

    30:47 Stacking Benjamins -

    35:42 Stuff You Missed in History -

    39:05 Ted Radio Hour -

    40:17 The Audacity to Podcast -

    41:25 The School of Podcasting -

    42:50 Trecks in Sci -Fi -

    46:55 Tumble -



    Amanda from the Great Beer Adventure

    Brian Entzminger, host of the Engaging Missions Shows at

    Bryan Goodwin with

    Cale Nelson from

    Chris Hache of the Noshing Nova Scotians podcast

    Glenn “The Geek” Hebert of the Horse Radio Network http:/

    Hall of Fame Podcaster Danny Pena, founder and co-host of Gamertag Radio (

    Henry Shapiro of the Retired Excited podcast

    Jason Bryant from Mat Talk Online

    Jason Norris of Podcast Local from On the Go FM.

    Jayson Sacco of the Outdoor Adventures with Jason

    Jen is one of the founding co-hosts of the Anomaly Podcast,

    Jonathan Christopher, host of the Career Eden Podcast

    Jonathan Messenger of The Alien Adventure of Finn Caspian show

    Kathe Kline of the “Rock Your Retirement" podcast.

    Katie Krimitsos of Biz Women Rock

    Kim Krajci of Toast Masters 101,

    Lee Silverstein of the Colon Cancer Podcast

    Randy Cantrell who is the host of the Grow Great podcast

    Rob Kerns of Living the Vet Life podcast

    Stargate Pioneer of the Gonna Geek Network

    Steve Stewart at You can find Steve at

    Tyler Sheff of the Cash Flow Guys podcast

    Zen Runner of


    What are you top podcasting pet peeves? Go to and let me know


    Go to

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    What Can Podcasters Learn From

    Because of My Podcast I Got Media Passes - Cheri Field

    Cheri Fields has at least 7 children, and produces the Creation Science for Kids Podcast

    What Podcaster's Can Learn From

    Amazon is an amazing company. Recently I purchased an Amazon Echo, and Later and Amazon Dot. These devices allow me to do things through voice activation system known as Alexa. You can control Alexa with an Amazon Echo, an Amazon Dot, and Amazon Tap, and now you can control your Amazon Fire TV.  If you're interested, check out my Buyer's Guide.

    The item that made me purchase the Echo? The ability to say “Alexa, add eggs to the grocery list.” The more I examine the Amazon company, the more I believe there are tips we podcasters can learn from them.

    Amazon Makes It Easy To Find Stuff

    Their search is at the top of their page. You don’t have to search for the search. Amazon understands their customer may want a number of things, so they make it easy to find.

    Podcasters you need a search button that is easy to find, if you provide topics that are more of a reference. Podcasters you could use categories to create filter to only show those episodes that are categorized a certain way.

    Customer First Mentality

    Any research into amazon and you will read how they make all decisions based on serving the customer. They are spending money on items that will better serve the customer. So when you are thinking about purchasing some equipment for your podcast you need to ask yourself who the purchase is serving, you or your audience?

    Amazon project lead Ian McAllister has described a sort of reverse engineering that happens frequently at company HQ. “We try to work backwards from the customer, rather than starting with an idea for a product and trying to bolt customers onto it,” he wrote on

    When someone approaches you to to be a guest on your show, you need think, “Will my audience want to hear this content?”

    Personalized Recommendations

    There are plugins that can add related links to other episodes on your site. So when someone listens to an episode about Topic A there could be links to more Topic A shows at the bottom of the post. There are plugins such as Yet Another Related Wordpress Post Plugin (which has lots of features, but can be a bit of a resource hog), and Related Wordpress Posts is a lighter weight plugin with an easy setup. If you’re using Appendipity themes, this is a built in feature

    They Don’t Always Win, but They Try

    I completely forgot that Amazon launched a “Fire Phone.” That tells you how much of an impact it had on the phone space. They’ve done quite a few things that didn’t land well.

    It wants to infiltrate people’s lives to such an extent that they can’t imagine living without it — that they don’t even try to imagine living without it.

    We always joke that "No one will punch you in the face," here at the School of Podcasting. Your podcast is a recipe, not a statue.

    One of the cool things about being cloud based, is they are constantly adding new features to the Alexa system

    Keep Your Pages Loading Fast

    After analyzing the ratio of sales to website performance, Amazon discovered that for every 100ms of page load time there was a 1% decrease in sales. So how fast does your website need to be? Many usability experts propose that the ideal page load time is 2 seconds or less. You can easily test the page load time of your own website by using free tools such as

    So podcasters be careful loading tons of plugins if you're using WordPress. Some of those may slow down your site.

    Make it Fun

    Google the phrase "Alexa Easter Eggs" and you will find a giant list of goof things you can get Alexa to say. There are

    Make it Easy

    The one thing the Amazon Echo and Dot do is they make it super easy to ORDER STUFF. With a few phrases, "Alexa order Angel Soft Toilet paper" it is pretty much on the way. She will state what size the package is and the price and ask me if I want to order it. There are safeguard can put in so your kids do order every thing under the sun.

    Podcasters who are saying thins like, "Find me in iTunes" are missing a golden opportunity to lead their customers by the hand and show them exactly how to subscribe to their show. One of the things I did as a young grocery clerk was if someone asked where something was, I would take them to it, and make sure they could reach it. I wanted to see that product go into their cart. I would also ask if there was anything else they were looking for before I returned to whatever I was doing before. Make it easy.

    You can do this by finding your show in iTunes, and right clicking on your art work and copying the link then add a button to your site and attach that link to the button (there is a tutorial for this at the School of Podcasting

    Amazon's Ultimate Goal - Routine

    Amazon wants to be your right arm. They want to be integrated into your life. When I recently traveled without my Amazon Dot, it was weird not to wake up, check my to do list, get the weather, and hear my custom news.

    If you can podcast on a regular schedule, you become part of your audience's routine.

    Podcast Glossary "K"

    I couldn't think of any "I's, or J's" so we are moving o the the K's.

    kbps - This is stands for kilo bits per second. This is a measurement that you use when you are exporting your files. Typical settings are

    128 kbps - Stereo (if your primarily music)
    96 kbps - mono (for those doing speech, and want a slightly better sound than 64 )
    64 - kbps mono (same as 128 stereo, but mono)

    When exporting you do not want to use VBR (variable bit rate) as you mp3 file may not play on all players.

    Podcast Rewind - I Was On the SoloPreneur Hour with Michael O'Neal

    I appeared on episode 509 of the Solopreneur Hour with Michael O'Neil. We talked a little music, we talk about my early days of training people on office equipment, getting fired after busting your butt, and how I ended up in Podcasting. Check it out HERE

    You can hear Michael on this show sharing how he stands out from other podcast when I interviewed him on episode 542

    Podcast Launch the Mark Nelson Show

    Mark is going to help you with your negotiating skills. Check out his show at or Subscribe in iTunes

    Mentioned in This Show

    Glenn-Hebert- Dave-JacksonComputer Tutor Podcast

    Solopreneur Hour

    Podfest.Us (use the code Dave to save)

    Alexa Cast

    Amazon Alexa Buyers Guide

    Building a Better Dave (questions website)

    Horse Radio Network

    Ready To Start Podcasting?

    Join the School of Podcasting. You get

    16 courses

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