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24 Oct 2020

Scott Sigler's Audiobooks

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New York Times best-selling novelist Scott Sigler gives away all of his stories as free, serialized audiobooks. Described as "Stephen King meets Michael Crichton meets Chuck Palahniuk," Scott's stories of hard-science horror will have you tapping a vein as you Jones for next week's fix. Subscribe to hear major-release hardcover novels read by the author, as well as short fiction and the "FridayFix," a random piece of weekly nonsense. For more info on the author, visit

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    NOCTURNAL Throwback Episode #37

    It is the dead of night, and the S.S. Jeremiah O’Brien is steaming across the fog-choked San Francisco Bay out towards the Golden Gate Bridge. The Russians, the Italians, the San Francisco Police, and the Nocturnals have all come aboard for what is sure to be a brutal final showdown.

    Bryan Clauser is trying to distract the Nocturnals as his partner, Pookie Chang, goes below decks to search for the twin daughters of Police Chief Amy Zou. 

    Meanwhile, Russian gangster Dmitri Vasilov and mafia leader Frank Lanza are patiently awaiting their respective backup.

    Firstborn and Tricky Dick are in a yacht off of the O’Brien’s starboard side waiting for Rex and Sly to jump aboard, but Firstborn wonders if they’ll make it off in time.


  • Posted on 18 Oct 2020

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    NOCTURNAL Throwback Episode #36

    Rex “The King” Deprovdechuk is behind everything. He kidnapped the twin daughters of San Francisco Police Chief Amy Zou, forcing Amy to draw two of the city’s crime kingpins to a vintage, World War II transport ship called the Jeremiah O’Brien. 

    Now the O’Brien with Zou, her daughters, and the criminal elements onboard is heading out to sea under the Golden Gate Bridge. But no one has come alone. Mafia boss Frank Lanza and Russian mobster Dmitri Vasilov have brought their goons with them, and King Rex has soldiers by his side. 

    Meanwhile, Bryan Clauser and his partner Pookie Chang have arrived to save the twin girls, and hopefully Zou, too. Will they be in time to stop what Rex has planned?

  • Posted on 11 Oct 2020

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    NOCTURNAL Throwback Episode #35

    Everyone has come aboard the S.S. Jeremiah O’Brien, a World War II transport ship that docks at San Francisco’s Pier 45. King Rex Deprovdechuk is pulling the strings forcing the Italians, the Russians, and San Francisco Police Chief Amy Zou aboard. Chief Zou’s two ten-year-old daughters are being held hostage somewhere on the ship.

    Bryan Clauser and Pookie Chang scramble to board the ship before it departs. Pookie wants to save Zou’s daughters (and save Zou if he can), while Bryan is out for blood, hell-bent on revenge.

  • Posted on 04 Oct 2020

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    NOCTURNAL Throwback Episode #34

    Bone Head, one of Marie’s Children, is in some deep trouble as detectives Bryan Clauser and Pookie Chang take him back to the Jessup’s house. Saviour is rescued but in bad shape. Black Mr. Burns and Mr. Biz-Nass are on their way, as well. 

    Meanwhile, mob leaders Frank Lanza and Dmitri Vasilov better get to the docks because Police Chief Amy Zou is waiting, and that chick ain’t playin’.

  • Posted on 27 Sep 2020

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    NOCTURNAL Throwback Episode #33

    San Francisco police chief Amy Zou is living a nightmare. Monsters led by a thirteen-year-old boy killed her husband and kidnapped her twin daughters. Now she must arrange a meeting between mob leaders Dmitri Vasilov and Frank Lanza, or her daughters will suffer the consequences.

    Detectives Pookie Chang and Bryan Clauser are trying to deal with a major loss. At the same time, everyone gathers at the Jessup home to decide their next move.

  • Posted on 20 Sep 2020


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