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24 Mar 2019

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    So Long and thanks for all the fish!

    Although the podcast has not been 'on the air' for over 2 years, I see there are still 240 of you that subscribe. Thanks for listening to the historic episodes! We enjoyed making the podcast immensely, and if a few of us ever have the time, we'll use this same name for a new one. But for now - the server this site is on will be blown away and all the old episodes deleted (I will still have copies archived)...

    In the immortal words of the late Douglas Adams, 'So long, and thanks for all the fish.'

  • Posted on 24 Mar 2011

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    Just a reminder to everyone that tickets for Shmoocon go on sale Nov 1. All of us will try to get to Shmoocon again in 2010 - although the podcast is over and done we are all still working in security consulting and do stay in touch with each other.

    See you in 2010!

  • Posted on 25 Oct 2009

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    Mooner, Anatoly, Doug, and Gene are at Shmoocon this weekend. Say hi if you see us around.

    Gene -->

    So far the presentation on the Home Made UAVs was the most interesting.

    Decoding a smart key is pretty interesting as well.

    Night of good food and Vodka at Russia House. $350 in vodka consumed by the above :-)

    Second day the presentations are pretty interesting.

    The Bluetooth full channel capture was pretty cool.

    Anatoly -->

  • Posted on 07 Feb 2009

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    Podcast 51- WPA, Utimaco, FISMA, MI6

  • Posted on 05 Jan 2009

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    No we are not dead!

    But much like last year - summer is an extremely busy period for us security geeks. Our wives make us go outside and do stuff with them!

    Seriously the 4 week hiatus did turn out to be a bit longer than planned. BUT we are planning on starting up the recordings once again early October. I still have one in the can that needs to be uploaded (although of course all the segments are on non-current topics at this point)

    So stay tuned for more podcasts coming soon!

  • Posted on 29 Oct 2008


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