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23 Feb 2019

Seth Harwood Audiobooks

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Before Jack Palms ever shook 'em down, Junius Ponds came up on tough streets outside Boston way back in the day. In the middle of drugs, gang violence, and the toughest set of tower-projects you ever knew, Young Junius fights to escape the consequences of a murder he had to commit and tries to live long enough to avenge the death of his brother.

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    Quick Greeting - The Maltese Jordans is live!

    Do you want the Jordans? Are you ready for the Jordans? Well, if you are, take your pick of how you want it:

    1. I want to hear the book as a podcast.

    2. I want to be in the acknowledgments of the new book.

    3. I want a signed copy.

    4. I want to do all three.

    5. I want to just buy it on Amazon.

  • Posted on 12 Feb 2019

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    March 2018 Office Hour

    In this hour we talk about scene, writer-progress, and much more!

  • Posted on 05 Apr 2018

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    March Update - Maltese Jordans

    Here's the news: On April 1, the past episodes of The Maltese Jordans are going up to the $5 reward level. Now's the time to hop in and download all the eps for just $3 a month AND that'll keep you tuned in for the new content and updates. Enjoy! 

    Also, my next Office Hour is Coming Friday @3PM Eastern. Tune in! 

  • Posted on 27 Mar 2018

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    February Office Hour

    This month's office hour had a specific topic: how to use the Scrivener program to work on long-form projects fiction or non-fiction. I took a few writers through my process in how I use the program for The Maltese Jordans and showed how I would start a new project in Scrivener by migrating content from Microsoft Word. If that's where my work was.

    Thanks to all who attended and especially to Rich Katz for offering up his work Every Dog as our migration demo.

    Thanks Rich!

  • Posted on 24 Feb 2018

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    Booked Presents: An Evening with Seth Harwood

    The fine folks of the Booked. Podcast were nice enough to have me on for a far-ranging conversation about: GI Joes, Publishing, the urge to write and where it comes from, podcasting history, reading, and much more. 


  • Posted on 06 Feb 2018


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