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06 Oct 2022


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    Fluid, Borderless Solo Guitar by Marisa Anderson (Archives)

    Portland, Oregon-based Marisa Anderson channels the history of the guitar and stretches the boundaries of tradition. From spacious melancholic laments to transcendent minimalism, Anderson is coming from a place between country, blues, and drone. On her 2018 record, Cloud Corner, she touches on Tuareg scales from "desert blues," the finger-style picking of so-called “American Primitive,” and chiming sad cowboy chords, while continuously moving and traveling on her guitar. She joins us in-studio.

    Marisa Anderson's new 2022 record is Still, Here

    Still, Here by Marisa Anderson


    Watch the individual songs below:

  • Posted on 03 Oct 2022

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    Trumpeter Ibrahim Maalouf Envisions One Unique Culture Through Music

    Lebanese-born Paris-based trumpet superstar Ibrahim Maalouf plays a custom four-valve trumpet that can not only play western music, but also accesses the quarter tones in Arab classical music. He’s played jazz, worked with rappers, global pop stars, and has collaborated with everyone from Angelique Kidjo to Wynton Marsalis, New Orleans’ Tank and the Bangas, Cuban funk-rapper Cimafunk, and actress Sharon Stone. On his latest record, called Capacity to Love, due Nov. 4, he has opened the doors to and between all kinds of music: classical Arab music, Western classical music, sacred music, rap, jazz, and pop music. He and his band play an intimate acoustic set in-studio ahead of a North American tour (Sept. 29-Oct. 6). -Caryn Havlik

    Set list: "Feeling Good", "True Sorry", "Right Time"

  • Posted on 29 Sep 2022

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    Omar Sosa and Peter Apfelbaum, of Quarteto Americanos

    Cuban-born Omar Sosa has made beautiful records with musicians from West Africa, from all over East Africa, from Spain, where he's lived for many years, and now, with American friends, including sax player Peter Apfelbaum, whom we've heard over the years playing with the Kamikaze Ground Crew, the Millennial Territory Orchestra, and the Hieroglyphics Ensemble, among others. They play duo versions of music from the Quarteto Americanos project, including recorded sounds fired from a sampler pad, that Sosa has put together, in-studio. 

    Set list: "umbo kondo", "Move in D", "Mis Tres Notas"

  • Posted on 26 Sep 2022

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    Vernon Reid and Laraaji, From The Greene Space

    From the 2022 New York Guitar Festival at The Greene Space, listen to cosmic inventions from guitarist and composer Vernon Reid together with Laraaji on zither and electronics. 

    Adept at metal, funk and jazz, Vernon Reid gained fame as the main songwriter for the rock band Living Colour, and as a founder of the Black Rock Coalition. Crashing this year’s guitar festival to join Vernon is the innovative ambient zither player and electronic musician Laraaji, who was also part of Brian Eno’s groundbreaking Ambient Music series back in 1981. Vernon Reid and Laraaji, together with an arsenal of electronics, in addition to their instruments, with occasional vocalizing, improvise a breathtaking longform set (perhaps taking inspiration from the Oblique Strategies card Ghost Echoes)

    Watch their improvisations here:

  • Posted on 22 Sep 2022

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    Lean Year Ponders Loss and What Remains

    Lean Year is Virginia-based singer Emilie Rex and filmmaker/musician Rick Alverson, along with Erik Hall, who lives in rural Michigan, where he records and co-produces the band’s records with Alverson. The band’s latest, Sides, is heavy on dreamlike and beautiful melodies, yet the material is also meditation on grief and the processing of personal tragedy. Using mellotron, keyboards of many colors, guitar, and a tapestry of synth pads of sampled woodwinds, together with Rex’s distinctive voice, the music is “a balancing act between pathos and pop” (Bandcamp), which feels haunted and cinematic, while celebrating memories and embracing calm amidst the sorrow. Lean Year plays in-studio. 

    Set list: "Nitetime", "Marriage of Heaven and Hell", "Trouble with Being Warm"

    Watch "Nitetime":

    Watch "Marriage of Heaven and Hell":

    Watch "Trouble with Being Warm": 

  • Posted on 19 Sep 2022


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