Sparkling Korean Podcast  Beyond learning KoreanAuthor: Geeone.Kim
22 Mar 2019

Sparkling Korean Podcast Beyond learning Korean

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Welcome to Sparkling Korean!
With a creative and direct style, Geeone Kim seeks
to help YOU, the listeners, improve your Korean language skills.

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    Weather Forecast in Korean

    Episode 52

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    Hello Guys Today we will listen Korean weather forecast then we will pick a part of it then study together. You will be freaked out as soon as you listen to Korean weather forecast, just I worn you however I do not aim for you to listen every bits of words. Have a glimpse of it and pick up useful words with me. Ha Ha Ha ~~ Enjoy~

    Ah,,,two teams below are coming to our uni. Festival.I put their videos on here .

    Jewelry - One more time>

  • Posted on 28 May 2008

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    5월은 가정의 달



    Hey~ How's your Korean going on? Is everything all right? This is the episode telling you why I don't like May and why May is called " The month of Family". There are loads of days in May like Kid's day, parent's day and teacher's day. Sounds good isn't it? But If you were me who is going to do something special for the days You wouldn't like that days too

    You will revise how to use " when " ( 언제) in Korean with practical exercises and how to read and pronounce month and date.

    I hope you guys enjoy this episode Cheers!

  • Posted on 11 May 2008

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    SK Music " 다행이다- 이적"

    Episode 50


    A clever guy sang " 다행이다" with guitar background in Korean then he's videoed what he's done.

    So I decided to put on here original one with rough translation. You will find it interesting I hope so. Apart from his music his Korean is really good of course you can do it too!

  • Posted on 05 May 2008

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    시험 잘 봤어요?



    Hello guys how have you been? You've been good? Finally I'd finished the mid term exam so I have been able to make new one and put it on here. Sorry I've recorded it in Korean again but I will definitely make new one in English ha ha ha. I've already tasted it how sweat recording in Korean is.

    This episode is about how to ask and answer " How was or how is your exam?" in Korean or it could be " how did your exam go?" I know it would be hard so far for you who have studied Korean for couple of months. However learning Korean in Korean would be better than in English so please be patient ( Do not throw things away even you feel really frustrated) and try to pick up the rhythm of Korean.

    Thank you

  • Posted on 01 May 2008

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    Language Exchange Programme

    Do you want to speak Korean with Native? Do you hate hearing my voice all the time?

    There is an answer to solve those problem.

    Here in Korea there are loads who went to England, Australia, Canada, U.S.A and so on to study English. Thankfully most of them want to keep using English. Why don't you join language Exchange Programme? I've made a discussion room for language exchange programme on face book. If you want to be involved this programme join the Sparkling Korean community on the face book and write something about you so that I can find someone who fits for you more easily.

    But I am not sure I can let you all meet Korean who has got enough English skill to have conversation with you. It could take long time but you know typing few words doesn't cost money at all. ㅋㅋ

    What Are You Doing? Go Go Go

  • Posted on 17 Apr 2008


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