Talking About Stuff / SurvivorAuthor: Christiana Ellis
19 Feb 2019

Talking About Stuff / Survivor

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Christiana Ellis and Mike Meitin discuss stuff, also they talk about the greatest reality game show ever, Survivor!

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    Survivor Nicaragua Ep01

    Christiana and Mike discuss episode 1 of Survivor Nicaragua.

  • Posted on 19 Sep 2010

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    I'm not dead yet!

    Hey everyone!

    Sorry for the lack of shows recently. Life has been crazy for the last couple months, but aside from being busy and stressed, I'm doing okay. I hope that things will begin to calm down again soon, and I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate your support and I'm hoping to start doing shows again soon.

  • Posted on 15 Dec 2006

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    One Pound At A Time #4

    I'm at home in North Carolina this week, so I decided to take a field trip to the local State Park. I also talk a little bit about the guys at

  • Posted on 30 Oct 2006

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    One Pound At A Time #3

    Hi everyone!

    Sorry for the delay, but here is One Pound At A Time #3!

    I talk a little bit about why the show is late, PME 2006, and mention some of the people I met there, including:

    Russ Turley of
    and Elsie Escobar of

  • Posted on 14 Oct 2006

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    One Pound At A Time #2

    How to eat healthy and exercise while on the road...

  • Posted on 22 Sep 2006


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