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20 Feb 2019

Talking Tori

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    The Holidays with Tori

    Tori's holiday release, Midwinter Graces, wasn't exactly what I was expecting. Did I like it, dislike it or love it? Please download today's podcast to find out.

    Also, I was lucky enough to attend two of Tori's appearances promoting Midwinter Graces in New York City. The eTown performance can be heard at eTown and the WNYC Soundcheck performance can be heard at Soundcheck. For my thoughts on these appearances, you can download today's podcast.

    For additional updates about Tori Amos and other random thoughts mostly about television and music, please follow @talkingtori on Twitter.

  • Posted on 28 Jan 2010

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    Abnormally Attracted To Sin?

    Abnormally Attracted To Sin? Why, yes we are. I'm soaking in Tori's new release. And looking forward to the upcoming tour. You?

    Lots of Tori interviews and appearances out there. Will post a podcast soon with some thoughts on a few in particular that I found interesting.

  • Posted on 04 Jun 2009

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    Yo! Go Vote!

    Flashing back to American Doll Posse and Tori's need to "stand up" in a political way. I quote from an interview with Tori in which she tells us "You have to be able to think for yourself and not get manipulated".

    Tori's Yo George is sampled in Mikkey Halsted's “King George”, part of Yes We Can the Mixtape. I found it here on Youtube.

    A treat for you when Halloween is celebrated at The Examiner with Santa as Angel and Tori as Devil. The link will bring you to the latest posting, so you'll need to hunt around on the side for the Tori Halloween article.

    You can read Ann Powers article about Pink and her song Glitter in the Air bearing "the mark of Tori Amos" at the L.A. Times.

    Talking Tori is now on Twitter at TalkingTori on Twitter.

    Please download today's podcast.

  • Posted on 03 Nov 2008

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    Yes, Talking Tori is now on Twitter

    Yes, that's right. I have set up a twitter feed at

    In today's podcast, I talk about the new twitter feed (ok, now I'm really repeating myself, I'll move on). I also give you some background on the upcoming CD and DVD release of Tori Live at Montreux.

    And I dig up a 2005 blog entry by Amanda Palmer of the Dresden Dolls in which she has some very interesting things to say about Tori's influence on her. For the original entry, please read Dresden Dolls Diary.

    Please listen to today's podcast.

  • Posted on 18 Sep 2008

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    Talking Tori now on Twitter

    I'm working on bringing back the podcast but in the meantime I think I may do a better job at communicating current Tori news through Twitter. Please see the sidebar to follow Talking Tori on Twitter.

  • Posted on 16 Sep 2008


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