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20 Feb 2019

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    Season 2, Episode 4

    OK, so we recorded this episode as Episode 3. When we finished the trailer, we decided last second to release that as Episode 3. This is now episode 4, even though we say 3 on the show... confused? Me too.

    This episode covers squad tactics, an email about being broke and young but still wanting to play paintball, and much much more!

    Next episode we will be doing a SWEET review that is a 3 part series... so be ready!

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  • Posted on 12 May 2007

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    Season 2, Episode 3 - AOW Trailer

    This time, we are releasing to you our first trailer for the Art of War. Our game is in September, and this is only the first of many to come.

    The reason we are letting this out on our Podcast (I guess this would be a Vodcast...) is because we want everyone listening to know what is going on with our scenario games as well. You may not be able to make it to the game, but it may give you a little insight into how we operate.

    We will be releasing a normal (if being normal is possible for us) podcast next week. In addition, be looking out for a 3 part series on some great products from TechT Paintball coming soon.

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  • Posted on 02 May 2007

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    Season 2: Episode 2 - Consistant

    This show we try something new.... First off, we try to be more professional by adding sound bytes and incorporating reoccuring segments. We try..... don't hate us. :)

    We cover squad tactics, mail call, upcoming games and the nitty gritty. Tune in to find out what it all means.

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  • Posted on 04 Apr 2007

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    Season 2, Episode 1

    Holy cow! It's been forever since our last Podcast, but don't worry, we came back! In this episode, we talk about the Tippmann X7, read some listener mail, give some tips, and make fools of ourselves. Be sure to check this one out!

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  • Posted on 10 Mar 2007

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    Episode 10: The Art of War Video

    Well, it seems that the harder we try to do Podcasts closer together, longer it takes us to put one up! In this video, we show a recap of our fantastic game in late spetember, The Art of War. Thanks to Front Line Sports, all the teams that showed up, Greg from Sniperz Den and both of the Generals!

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  • Posted on 17 Oct 2006


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