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17 Feb 2019

The Butcher Block

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An irregular podcast about all things Jim Butcher as well as the things Jim's fans find cool.

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    BB016 - Reading Ahead

    [21m 8s] In the final part of the interview, Fred talks with Jim about what the future holds (and that snazzy Hugo nod).  In particular, we find out some details about the upcoming 12th Dresden Files novel, and what Jim might do for a second series after Alera wraps up.  Plus, a dangerously decaying orbit around the moon!  Tune in.

    AS YOU MIGHT EXPECT, there are probably some SPOILERS in this one. If you're current on the series, though, you're probably in good shape.

  • Posted on 28 Apr 2009

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    BB015 - Virtual Tour With Himself

    [21m 44s] In this second of three parts, Fred continues his conversation with Jim, covering the frequently asked questions of the tour, including things like Harry's relationships (and lack thereof), power escalation, the number of books in the series, the RPG that Fred and others are working on, and that whole "Jim Butcher Himself" thing.  Plus, famous people are just people, and James Marsters is a good guy.

    NOTE: There are some mild series spoilers in here, but it's nothing that people who've read all of the paperbacks and the Turn Coat sample chapters online don't already know.  All the same, you've been warned!

  • Posted on 11 Apr 2009

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    BB014 - Family Time

    [19m 58s] In this first of three parts, Fred sits down with Jim at his house to talk about the things going on with his family, his proud  papa moment, swinging around nerf lightsabers in the dead of night while camping, exploding zombies with propane tanks, and oh, yeah, that signing tour he's going on in April.

    - The Signing Tour
    - Shannon's New Book
    - NERO with Jim

  • Posted on 07 Apr 2009

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    BB013e - A Taste of Turn Coat, part 5

    Part 5 of a 5-part series: Jim reads the Turn Coat sample chapters at ConDFW.

  • Posted on 10 Mar 2009

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    BB013d - A Taste of Turn Coat, part 4

    Part 4 of a 5-part series: Jim reads the Turn Coat sample chapters at ConDFW.

    Chapter Posting Dates:
    • Chapter 1: February 25
    • Chapter 2: February 26
    • Chapter 3: February 27
    • Chapter 4: March 3
    • Chapter 5: March 10

  • Posted on 03 Mar 2009


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