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27 Mar 2019

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    Stranger Pilgrims: A Special Catholic Foodie Halloween Edition

    I must confess that Halloween is my favorite holiday of the year. That might sound strange to you, since I’m the Catholic Foodie. But Halloween is a Catholic feast day and celebration. Not only is All Hallow’s Eve the vigil of the Solemnity of All Saints, it also kicks off a month dedicated by the Church to remembering and praying for the dead. Perfect time of the year for it… Fall… as we prepare to enter the death of winter.

    For me Halloween carries with it so many memories from my childhood and adolescence. Good memories. I have Halloween and all the spooky otherworldly trappings that surround it to thank for instilling in me a deep understanding that there is something more to life than meets the eye. There is a mystery just beyond the veil of visible life. And this time of the year the veil seems to thin between the visible and invisible. 

    So, see, not strange at all, right? Or is it? 

    Today, on Halloween, I bring you a special Halloween edition of The Catholic Foodie Show. So get ready. Turn on the lights and grab your rosary and holy water if you scare easily, and join me along with a couple of Sick Pilgrims – or perhaps today we should say Stranger Pilgrims – as we dive into the Catholic weirdness of Halloween. 

    Jessica Mesman Griffith and Jonathan Ryan of Sick Pilgrim blog join me today for this special Halloween edition of The Catholic Foodie Show!

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  • Posted on 31 Oct 2016

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    Finding Peace through Catholic Mindfulness

    Dr. Gregory Bottaro of the Catholic Psych Institute joins me today to talk about Catholic Mindfulness and a new introduction course that he has available at

    The full course title is Introduction to Catholic Mindfulness: Learn how to get control of your mind by trusting God, letting go, and tuning in. I'm taking the course right now, and I am finding it immensely helpful!

    Do you find yourself frequently frazzled, anxious, worried? Do you try to trust in God but feel like you fail on a regular basis? Then this new Catholic Mindfulness course might just be for you.

    Listen to the Show

    Listen in to my conversation with Dr. Gregory Bottaro of the Catholic Psych Institute as he tells us what exactly Catholic Mindfulness is and more about the course that he has available. Full show notes can be found at

  • Posted on 13 Oct 2016

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    Sick Pilgrim: Out on a Limb

    Jessica Griffith and Jonathan Ryan are pilgrims. Sick pilgrims, to be exact. And they are on a mission to remind us all that we are pilgrims here on earth. A major part of their mission is to equip and rally together what they call servant artists, artists who draw back the veil of the Mystery through their work, which they perform in the service of the world.

    Jessica and Jonathan join me around the table today to talk about Sick PilgrimCatholic Weird, Mystery and sacrament, October and ghost stories, and, of course, servant artists.

    This show in particular brought me great joy. I’m delighted to have had the opportunity to hang out with Jessica and Jonathan, and I hope we can do it again soon. [Hint. Hint.]

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  • Posted on 07 Oct 2016

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    Louisiana Cookin' Magazine's Chefs to Watch 2016

    Exciting show today on location at Cavan restaurant on Magazine Street in New Orleans. Joining me around the table are two lovely ladies: Caitlin Watzke from Louisiana Cookin' Magazine and Chef Ruby Bloch from Cavan, Meauxbar, and Sylvain in New Orleans. Chef Ruby is one of the six Chefs to Watch this year.

    In 2002, Louisiana Cookin' introduced Chefs to Watch as a way of recognizing talented up-and-coming chefs from restaurants throughout the state who show passion for traditions while delivering fresh, new concepts. This year's event is the 15th installment, and it will be hosted by Marché in the French Quarter.

    Caitlin talks about Louisiana Cookin' Magazine and this year's 15th Annual Chefs to Watch event: a special six-course dinner on October 20, 2016 at 6:00 PM at Marché in the French Quarter. The courses will be prepared by this year's six Chefs to Watch, including Chef Ruby Bloch who will be serving a Sweet Potato Spice Cake. 

    Chef Ruby talks food, cooking, creativity and inspiration with us today. And you might even hear a thing or two about desserts. ;-) She shares a bit of her story with us, and tells us how a New Jersey girl fell in love with the city and people of New Orleans. 

    Listen to the show for all the details. Full show notes can be found at

  • Posted on 06 Oct 2016

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    Fall Festivals, the Olive Mass, and Fr. Leo Patalinghug

    On The Catholic Foodie Show today we talk fall festivals in and around New Orleans (including the inaugural Fried Chicken Festival!) and the first-ever Olive Mass to celebrate food and bless the hands that make it. Fr. Leo Patalinghug (of Grace Before Meals) drops in to talk about the Olive Mass and the work of The Table Foundation.
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  • Posted on 23 Sep 2016


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