The Chubby Jones PodcastAuthor: Mia Jones
25 May 2019

The Chubby Jones Podcast

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Workout podcasts for beginning runners to get off your butt and start moving.

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    Week 9 Version 4 Couch to 5k Podcast

    Hey Homeslices, I’m back with a new podcast to round out version 4 of this podcast series! Since it’s 2017 and, well, EVERYTHING, I did things a little bit differently (like, very, very slightly different) at the beginning of this podcast. If you don’t like change, try it anyway. If you are completely resistant, you can fast forward to about the 2:40 mark to start our usual walking warm-up.


    Our soundtrack today includes the following:

    Steal Promises – Tokimonsta

    Never Forget You – (Press Play Bootleg)

    Downtown – Macklemore & Ryan Lewis (JEMBER KicknBass Bootleg)

    Retrograde – James Blake (k.s.f Remix 2013)

    In The Night – (El Bee & Jesse James Remix)

    Patience in Madison – Mia “Chubby Jones”

    Can’t Stop The Feeling – Justin Timberlake (Erick Decks Club Rework)

    Help Me Lose My Mind – Disclosure ft. London Grammar (Remix)

    Club Anthems 2000-2009 – (Robin Skouteris Mashup)

    Blue Monday – New Order (Lewis Lastrella Remix)

  • Posted on 13 Feb 2017

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    C25k Week 8 Version 4

    Start with your 5 minute walking warm-up, and then get your head together to run/jog/walk/twerk for the next 28 minutes. For more info on the music in this podcast, visit

  • Posted on 05 Aug 2016

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    Fitness and Health Expert Yuri Elkaim Interview

    And now for a Chubby Jones first: I had the pleasure of interviewing Yuri El-Keem. He's a health, fitness and nutrition expert, former pro soccer player and New York Times best selling author. You can find out more about Yuri at Enjoy.

  • Posted on 01 Jul 2016

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    Chubby Jones C25k Wk7 V4

    We made it to week 7! We'll be doing our regular 5 minute walking warm-up, followed by 25 minutes of nonstop running! Lace up them shoes, stretch it out and get ready to leave behind any limiting beliefs you brought with you because you're about to kick some serious ass.

  • Posted on 18 Feb 2016

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    Couch to 5k Week 6 Version 4

    I've been doing a lot of meditating recently - I don't know if it's due to age, all the changes happening at once in my life, the dark dark darkness of it all or what, but I somehow came to a few realizations that I hope you don't mind me including in this podcast.

    This week we're starting with our 5 minute walking warm-up then heading into a 5 minute jog, 3 minutes of brisk walking, 8 minutes of jogging, 3 minutes of that brisk walking and 5 minutes of jogging followed by a cool-down.

  • Posted on 11 Dec 2015


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