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24 Jan 2017

The Dave Ramsey Show

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The Dave Ramsey Show is about real life and how it revolves around money. Dave Ramsey teaches you to manage and budget your money, get out of debt, build wealth, and live in financial peace. Managing your money properly will reduce stress, improve your marriage, and provide security for you and your family.

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    #8600: The Money Pit in Pittsburgh

    Hour 3: Aired on Monday, January 23, 2017

    - Stephanie (Pocatello, ID) wants to pay off the car, but also the student loan. Her husband got a bonus. Where should they start?

    - John (Pittsburgh, PA) needs house repairs. Can he pause the debt snowball to take care of them?

    - Dave mentions that we're streaming the show live on Facebook this week. 

    - Dave talks about the deals on Envelope Systems and Wallets at

    - Katherine (Augusta, GA) bought a stolen car without knowing it. Now they're out $1,800 and don't have the car. 

    - Jenny (Orlando, FL) wants to know how to counsel her daughter who is marrying an illegal immigrant.

    - Matthew and Michelle (Kansas City, KS) are in the lobby to make their debt-free scream after paying off more than $75,000 in 21 months. 

    - Kat (Springfield, IL) asks Dave when to pay debts that are in collections but not actively being collected.

    - Jonathan (Nashville, TN) wants advice on how to navigate a low-income career as a youth pastor. 

    - Dave talks about difficult it can be for youth pastors. 

  • Posted on 23 Jan 2017

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    #8599: Chad and Tracy paid off $70,000 in 23 months!

    Hour 2: Aired on Monday, January 23, 2017

    - Stephanie (Atlanta, GA) is navigating the probate process after her brother passed away without a will. 

    - Dave talks about the importance of Financial Peace University. 

    - Caleb (Little Rock, AR) filed for bankruptcy. What now? 

    - Chad and Tracy (Topeka, KS) do their debt-free scream from the lobby. They paid off $70,000 in 23 months!

    - Noah (Roanoke, VA) is considering selling his rental property. 

    - Joey (Huntsville, AL) asks if he should move an interest-free credit card up in his snowball before the interest kicks in. 

    - April (Washington, DC) has car debt and asks if she should use money from her kids' college savings to pay it off. 

  • Posted on 23 Jan 2017

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    #8598: Denise Wants to Improve Her Credit Score

    Hour 1: Aired on Monday, January 23, 2017

    - Courtney (Indianapolis, IN) has flipped a piece of property. Should they use that money to pay off their house? Or save it since there's been a job loss?

    - Dexter (Louisville, KY) is past Baby Step 3. Their new goals seem tougher after dividing up leftover money. 

    - Jonathan (New York, NY) owes more on his car than it's worth. How should he get rid of it?

    - Adella (Fort Bliss, TX) asks if she should pay off her car or keep saving money. 

    - Erik and Aggie (New York, NY) do their debt-free scream. They paid off $76,462 in 2 years!

    - Dave talks about the upcoming Millionaire Theme Hour. 

    - Dave answers the question of the day. James asks if he should save up now to pay off his girlfriend's debts if/when they get married. 

    - Melissa (Cincinnati, OH) asks if they should pay off their mortgage with money she inherited a few years ago. 

    - Denise (Little Rock, AR) is starting over after a divorce. How can she improve her credit score?


  • Posted on 23 Jan 2017

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    #8597: Jason's Beef With the Boss

    Hour 3: Aired on Friday, January 20, 2017

    - Jim (San Antonio, TX) is considering selling his new truck. 

    - Don (State College, PA) is tired of budgeting. How can he get back on track?

    - Dan (Tallahassee, FL) does his debt-free scream. He paid off $12,900 in nine months. 

    - Bill (Oklahoma City, OK) is in a legal battle over debt. Can he negotiate with the lawyer like he would with a creditor?

    - Dave answers Maurice's question from Twitter. Is it smart to save money while in college or attack debt?

    - Dave answers Brock's question from Twitter. Is there a good rule of thumb for how much money to keep in a health savings account?

    - Jason (Orlando, FL) disagrees with his boss about how he runs the company. Should he go out on his own?

    - Dave shares the Scripture and quote of the day. 

    - Nathan (Orlando, FL) makes commissions as a real estate agent. How can he negotiate to earn the standard six percent?

  • Posted on 20 Jan 2017

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    #8596: The Family Farm in Idaho

    Hour 2: Aired on Friday, January 20, 2017

    - Jennifer (Phoenix, AZ) asks if they should sell their car to pay down debt. 

    - Alexander (Phoenix, AZ) received a settlement from a car accident. 

    - Christina (Lewiston, ID) wants to pass down the family farm without having to divide it. 

    - David (San Antonio, TX) promised his wife a new car, but now he knows it's a bad idea. 

    - Jim and Peggy (Tallahassee, FL) do their debt-free scream. They paid off $47,000 in 10 months. 

    - Jennifer (Chicago, IL) is a freelancer. Should she incorporate?

    - Brian (New York, NY) asks if he should close his credit card accounts. 

    - Andy (Medford, OR) is in Baby Step 4. His wife was just diagnosed with cancer. He's looking at a 457 vs. a Roth IRA. 

    - Emmanuel (Baltimore, MD) is having trouble selling his condo. 

  • Posted on 20 Jan 2017


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