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23 Jul 2017

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    Dead Show/podcast for 7/21/17

    This week's Deadpod features the second set from the excellent performance the band gave us from March 24th, 1973 at the Spectrum in Philadelphia PA.
    This performance is solid throughout, Jerry's vocals are spot on, and the entire band is on the top of their game. This set contains one of the great jams ever, coming out of Truckin' and through to the Dark Star. The China->Rider is no slouch either. Settle back and be transported..

    Grateful Dead
    The Spectrum Philadelphia, PA
    3/24/73 - Saturday

    Two [1:27:42] ;
    The Promised Land [2:58] ;
    China Cat Sunflower [8:16] >
    I Know You Rider [5:16] ;
    Big River [4:17] ;
    Stella Blue [7:26] ;
    Me And My Uncle [2:51] ;
    He's Gone [3:42] >
    Truckin' [31:57] >
    Spanish Jam >
    Dark Star [4:02] >
    Sing Me Back Home [9:50] >
    Sugar Magnolia [7:07]
    Johnny B. Goode [3:39]

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  • Posted on 21 Jul 2017

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    Dead Show/podcast for 7/14/17

    This week's Deadpod is a request from Steve, a great friend of the Deadpod's, who wanted to hear this phenomenal show from March 24th, 1973 at the Philadelphia Spectrum. The first set clocks in at over 90 minutes and is an excellent example of the early 1973 sound, where the band is moving from towards a more jazzy fluid style and its reflected even here int he first set numbers although perhaps more so in next week's set 2. Too many highlights to list here, but of course there is 'The Race Is On', always  a great fvoirte, a nice version of Cumberland Blues. They do the precurssor to 'U.S. Blues', the 'Wave That Flag' here, and a great version of 'Here Comes Sunshine'. Billy is prominent throughout this mix and really drives the band. The band is playing with swagger and I am sure you'll enjoy this classic show from 1973.

    The Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA (3/24/73)

    Beat it on Down the Line
    Don't Ease Me In
    The Race Is On
    Cumberland Blues
    Box of Rain
    Row Jimmy
    Jack Straw
    They Love Each Other
    Mexicali Blues
    Tennessee Jed
    Looks Like Rain
    Wave That Flag
    El Paso
    Here Comes Sunshine
    Me and Bobby McGee
    Playing in the Band

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  • Posted on 14 Jul 2017

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    Dead Show/podcast for 7/7/17

    Lucky 7's today :) and I hope you'll feel lucky after listening to this week's fine second set from the Shoreline Amphitheater in Mt. View CA on June 21st, 1989.
    This is a fine set for the period, Jerry is in excellent voice, and Phil is energetic and out front throughout. Jerry breaks out the Fender -Midi outfit during space, which is quite interesting and the addition of the late, longtime E Street Band saxophonist Clarence Clemons adds a nice fill to several spaces in the music, I think. The highlights for me are a fine Estimated Prophet, the wonderful transition from Truckin' to the Other One, and of course a fabulous Morning Dew. A fine show from one of best periods of the latter day Dead.

    Shoreline Amphitheater (6/21/89)

    Comments: Summer Solstice Show

    Scarlet Begonias [7:46] >
    Hell In A Bucket [5:44] (1) ;
    Ship Of Fools [7:44] (1) ;
    Estimated Prophet [10:14] (1) >
    Eyes Of The World [12:40] (1) >
    Drums [#9:52] >
    Space [15:02] >
    Truckin' [6:51] (1) >
    The Other One [5:16] (1)(2) >
    Morning Dew [11:#42] (1,3) ~
    Turn On Your Love Light [8:12] (1)
    Brokedown Palace [5:23#]
    Comments (1) with Clarence Clemons

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  • Posted on 07 Jul 2017

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    Dead Show/podcast for 6/30/17

    Here we are already at the end of June.. summer is flying by and for alot of people this is the start of a big 4th of July celebration.. I decided to bring you what I consider a very good show from the summer solstice of 1989 - June 21st, 1989 from the Shoreline Ampitheater. This was originally offered as a Pay Per View broadcast so some of you may have watched it. Despite playing this first set in a hot, sunny afternoon (to accommodate East Coast viewers), I think they put on a fine performance here of first set standards.. 

    Grateful Dead
    Shoreline Amphitheatre Mountain View, CA 6/21/89


    Jam [0:47] ;
    Hide Away [1:39] ;
    Touch Of Grey [6:10] ;
    New Minglewood Blues [7:04] ;
    Ramble On Rose [6:00] ;
    Box Of Rain [4:47] ;
    Dire Wolf [#3:07] ;
    When I Paint My Masterpiece [5:07] ;
    Row Jimmy [9:55] ;
    Cassidy [6:20] ;
    Deal [10:16]

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    I hope you all have a very enjoyable and safe 4th of July holiday! 

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  • Posted on 30 Jun 2017

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    Dead Show/podcast for 6/23/17

    This week we are back in Miami for the 2nd set of an incredible show the Dead played back on June 23rd, 1974. This set starts with a beautiful jam into Ship of Fools. The pace picks up with a sprightly Big River, featuring some great Garcia runs. Jerry slows the pace again with a soulful, 'Black Peter'. 'Around and Around' gets the show swinging again and them we're transported to deep space for a wonderful 'Dark Star ->Spanish Jam' - this one was chosen to appear on the 'So Many Roads' compilation for good reason.. sit down and soak this up.
    The jam dissolves into a swinging 'U.S. Blues'; I really enjoy Keith's contributions here, a great jazzy take. A nice 'Uncle John's Band' follows and goes into a set closing 'One More Saturday Night'. They return with a 'Casey Jones' encore.

    Jai-Alai Fronton, Miami, FL (6/23/74)

    Jam [4:09] >
    Ship Of Fools [6:09] ;
    Big River [4:54] ;
    Black Peter [9:44] ;
    Around And Around [5:08] ;
    Dark Star Jam [18:15] >
    Spanish Jam [4:02] >
    U.S. Blues [8:03] ;
    Uncle John's Band [7:59] >
    One More Saturday Night [4:45]
    Casey Jones [5:50]

    You can listen to this week's Deadpod here:

    My thanks to the kind friends who have supported the Deadpod and make it  possible!

  • Posted on 23 Jun 2017


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