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24 Jan 2021

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    Dead Show/podcast for 1/22/21

     It's a new year but I've decided to go *way* back for some primal Dead on this week's Deadpod. 

    This comes to us from January 17th, 1968 at the Carousel Ballroom in San Francisco. What a treasure of early/classic tunes we have here! Now I'll admit, the sound is sometimes muddy and the vocals are at times less than clear.. however give the age and provinance of this recording I thought it very worth listening to and hope you enjoy it as well. 

    Some of the highlights of course are Pigpen on the Lovelight, and check out the fast pacing throughout. Jerry sounds so different on China Cat! I always love hearing the old 'New Potato Caboose' and 'Born Cross-eyed', but what is probably the highlight is the great almost 16 minute 'Spanish Jam'. 

    The sound is psychedelic throughout, and if you can overlook the flaws I think you will enjoy this return to some of the roots of our favorite band! 


    Grateful Dead
    Carousel Ballroom
    San Francisco, CA 1/17/68 - Wednesday    


    Turn On Your Love Light [15:22] %
    Dark Star [#4:48] >
    China Cat Sunflower [4:04] >
    The Eleven [10:01] >
    New Potato Caboose [8:30] >
    Born Cross-Eyed [2:34] >
    Spanish Jam [15:47]


    Beat It On Down The Line [2:52] ;
    Morning Dew [7:43] ;
    Cryptical Envelopment >
    The Other One >
    Cryptical Envelopment [10:05] ;
    Good Morning Little Schoolgirl [13:49] 


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    ... and leave it on! 


  • Posted on 22 Jan 2021

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    Dead Show/podcast for 1/15/21

    This week we wind up our 'holiday' series of Deadpods with the fabulous third set from the band's New Year's Eve performance in Oakland on December 31st, 1982. This third set features guest  appearances with Etta James and the Tower of Power horns. The band clearly has a blast here, and despite it being the third set play with a great deal of passion and energy.. Phil opens with that familiar bass line from 'Lovelight' and Bobby leads them into it. After a couple of verses and a quite interesting solo from Garcia, Bobby introduces Etta James who takes command of the song, and indeed most of the set! This is a great blues set with 'Tell Mama' coming next. They slow things down with a funky 'Baby What You Want Me To Do' but then the spirit of Pigpen returns with a fine 'Hard to Handle' - Etta is really digging Garcia's work here as you'll hear. They close with a fine 'Midnight Hour' to wind down the set. 

    The boys come back, by themselves to deliver a sweet 'Brokedown Palace' encore. On the tape we get to hear Bill Graham send the crowd home as only he would... 


    Oakland Auditorium
    Oakland, CA 12/31/82 - Friday
    Turn On Your Love Light >
    Tell Mama ;
    Baby What You Want Me To Do ;
    Hard To Handle ;
    In The Midnight Hour
    Brokedown Palace
    Comments     Third set with Etta James and tower of Power







    Now I decided since this was  a shorter set, to include some music I've been wanting to play over the holidays that is just a hot little jam.. this comes from a set variously labeled 'Mickey and the Heartbeats' or 'Jerry Garcia and Friends'.. from Christmas eve, 1968 at the Matrix in San Francisco. I think the sound is out of sight for such an old tape.. 


    The Matrix
    San Francisco CA, 12/24/68 - Tuesday
    Mickey & The Heartbeats


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  • Posted on 15 Jan 2021

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    Dead Show/podcast for 1/8/21

     Hello Friends! 

    Hope this week's Deadpod provides a bit of a respite from the storms swirling around our heads... this week we get to hear the second set from the band's New Year Eve performance on December 31, 1982. 

    NYE is of course the one time of the year when everyone knew what was going to open the second set - and while you'll hear some decidedly 'un-grateful dead' like sound effects at the opening, Sugar Magnolia eventually comes through like ringing a bell, and the band, and Bobby, do an excellent job of celebrating the entrance of a new year. Jerry then goes into a fine 'Sugaree' in noticeably better voice :) 'Man Smart (Woman Smarter) comes next with a nice long guitar intro. Everyone offers some fine contributions here. This ends suddenly, but Jerry brings out 'Ship of Fools' and delivers it quite soulfully. After some searching, the band goes into 'Playin' then drifts into drums and sp;ace. Eventually they launch 'Not Fade Away' with a powerful Brent intro. This one had John Cipollina joining the band, although his contributions are a bit hard to pick out. Instead of turning into 'Goin' Down the Road Feelin' Bad' (which it seems Garcia is going into) he instead brings out 'Deal'. They finish the set with a great return to 'Sunshine Daydream' and after a nice jam at the end Bobby announces that they will return in a couple minutes - for the third set we'll hear next week. 


    Oakland Auditorium
    Oakland, CA 12/31/82 - Friday
    Sugar Magnolia >
    Sugaree >
    Man Smart (Woman Smarter) ;
    Ship Of Fools ;
    Playing In The Band >
    Drums >
    Space >
    Not Fade Away ;
    Deal >
    Sunshine Daydream

    You can listen to this week's Deadpod here:


    Thank you for your kind support of the Deadpod! 

    "Though I would not caution all
    I still might warn a few
    Don't lend your hand to raise no flag
    Atop no ship of fools"



  • Posted on 08 Jan 2021

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    Dead Show for 1/1/21

     Happy New Year! 

    From a request from a longtime frirend of the Deadpod - I've decided to celebrate the end of 2020 with this fun and raucous show from NYE 1982. I'll present this one over the next couple weeks and hope can feel and enjoy the fun that the band and everyone in attendance had on this special night 39 years ago. 

    The first set which we'll hear this week is a bit short, but still well played and tight. Garcia's voice is a bit creaky but he makes up for it with some very nice work on the guitar. A long 'C.C. Rider' has Mathew Kelly sitting in, but I believe Brent adds much to this one (and throughout the set). 'Cumberland Blues' is for me the highlight here as Jerry really brings some nice licks. Brent delivers a short but nice 'Far From Me', Weir is forceful as usual on 'Cassidy' and a bit screechy at times on 'Looks Like Rain' but these are fine versions. 'Ramble On Rose' always brings a smile, and a 'Day Job' to end the year seems quite appropriate.


    Oakland Auditorium
    Oakland, CA 12/31/82 - Friday
    Cold Rain And Snow ;
    C C Rider ;
    Cumberland Blues ;
    Far From Me ;
    Cassidy ;
    Ramble On Rose ;
    Looks Like Rain ;
    Keep Your Day Job 

    You can listen to this week's Deadpod here:

     A word of thanks for your kind support over the holidays and throughout this last, difficult year. I very much appreciate your kindness. May these songs fill the air with much joy and well being this next year!

    "Sometimes when the cuckoo's crying
    When the moon is half way down
    Sometimes when the night is dying
    I take me out and I wander around
    I wander round"

  • Posted on 01 Jan 2021

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    Dead Show/podcast for 12/25/20

     Merry Christmas! 

    I hope that this edition of the Deadpod finds you safe and warm with those you love. I hope the music brings a smile and a memory of happier times and places.. It is my reward to think that it makes someone a little happier.. 


    this week the second set form the Fabulous Fox in St. Louis Missouri on December 12, 1971. 

    This one starts with a fabulous Pigpen 'Good Lovin', followed by a sweet 'Brokedown Palace'. It includes, just for Christmas, a fun 'Run Rudolph Run', and a beautiful 'Comes a Time'. The most interesting segment is probably post-drums, when we get a unique 'Other One>Sitting On Top of the World>Other One'. 

    I hope you enjoy the music. 


    Grateful Dead
    Fox Theatre
    St. Louis, MO 12/10/71 - Friday
    Good Lovin' [18:50] ;
    Brokedown Palace [5:28] ;
    Playing In The Band [6:30] ;
    Run Rudolph Run [3:10] ;
    Deal [5:20] ;
    Sugar Magnolia [7:21] ;
    Comes A Time [7:34] ;
    Truckin' [7:59] >
    Drums [3:26] >
    The Other One [13:35] >
    Sittin' On Top Of The World [2:53] >
    The Other One [6:02] >
    Not Fade Away [6:01] >
    Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad [6:18] >
    Not Fade Away [1:00#]
    Encore     One More Saturday Night [4:47] 


    You can listen to this week's Deadpod here: 

     Thanks for listening, and of course for your kind support. 

  • Posted on 25 Dec 2020


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