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12 Nov 2019

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    Dead Show/podcast for 11/8/19

    'I want to tell you how it's gonna be.....'

    and let me tell you this second set from November 24, 1972 in Dallas Texas is one rockin' hour + of fine Grateful Dead music. Unlike most of their four other Texas shows during this leg of the fall '72 tour there is no 'Dark Star' or 'Other One' here.. and this second set is notable for being fairly straight-ahead rock and roll. The show really gets moving with a fantastic 'Truckin' .. Jerrry really takes off here, Sugar Magnolia is no slouch either but the uniqueness of this one comes in the fine 'Not Fade Away>Going' Down the Road>Not Fade Away'. Despite Jerry breaking a string, I'm certain you'll enjoy the unique take on this combo here. Not for the faint of heart ;) 




    Grateful Dead

    Dallas Memorial Auditorium 

    Dallas, TX 11/24/72 - Friday


    China Cat Sunflower [5:#25] >

    I Know You Rider [4:42] ;

    Box Of Rain [4:40] ;

    Truckin' [12:24]  ;

    Ramble On Rose [6:02] ;

    Big River [4:13] ;

    Casey Jones [6:16] ;

    Sugar Magnolia [8:32] ;

    Not Fade Away [8:58] >

    Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad [7:31] >

    Not Fade Away [5:13]


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  • Posted on 08 Nov 2019

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    Dead Show/podcast for 11/1/19

    On this week's Deadpod we feature a somewhat rare 'ish' show from November 24, 1972 Dallas Texas.  Quite a well-played show, it has  a few hiccups here and there, but overall a nice recording as well. Bobby tells us that Pigpen isn't here, at the end of Don't Ease, as he is home sick.

    I think Jerry throughout is quite on it. Some of my highlights are the Brown Eyed Women, a very nice Black Throated Wind, and a great Playin .... the Deal has an unusual Jerry vocal flub ;) 




    Grateful Dead

    Dallas Memorial Auditorium

    Dallas, TX 11/24/72 - Friday   


    Don't Ease Me In [#3:13]  ;

    Me And My Uncle [2:55] ;

    Brown Eyed Women [4:45] ;

    Black Throated Wind [6:27] ;

    Bertha [5:39] ;

    El Paso [4:12] ;

    Deal [4:14] ;

    Beat It On Down The Line [3:03] ;

    Tennessee Jed [#6:35] ;

    Jack Straw [4:30] ;

    Sugaree [7:04] ;

    Playing In The Band [20:38]


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  • Posted on 01 Nov 2019

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    Dead Show/podcast for 10/25/19

    This week's Deadpod features the second set of the band's 'From Egypt With Love' performances at Winterland on October 18, 1978.

    This is an interesting set, it starts out rather slow, with a less than inspired 'Bertha'>'Good Lovin'. If you're a fan, Donna Jean's 'From the Heart of Me' follows.. I rather enjoy it, but it may be an acquired taste. 'Ship of Fools' follows, then the pre-drums highlight 'Samson and Delilah'. 'Terrapin Station' follows, but Jerry blows the lyrics and does an extended solo. An excellent 'Playin' In the Band' leads into a Drums and Space marked by the guest appearance of Lee Oskar, which gives it an unusual flavor. The jam into the 'Wharf Rat' that follows is exceptional however, as is the Rat, one of the best of the period. A very unusual set-closing 'Truckin' follows, quite well played. They return for an equally unusual 'I Need a Miracle' encore, a song that really fit well in that spot...


    Grateful Dead

    Winterland Arena San Francisco, CA

    10/18/78 - Wednesday



    Bertha [7:13] >

    Good Lovin' [6:05] ;

    From The Heart Of Me [3:48] ;

    Ship Of Fools [6:36] ;

    Samson And Delilah [8:19] ;

    Terrapin Station [12:06] >

    Playing In The Band [10:#49] >

    Drums (1) [9:30] >

    Space (1) [5:58] >

    Wharf Rat [11:#33] >

    Truckin' [11:21]


    I Need A Miracle [4:20#]

    Comments     (1) with Lee Oskar on harmonica, appears at 4:48 into drums.


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     Have a safe and happy Halloween!!


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  • Posted on 25 Oct 2019

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    Dead Show/podcast for 10/18/19

    We go back 41 years to this day in 1978 at Winterland in San Francisco to revisit the band's 2nd in the series of  'From Egypt with Love' concerts.This is a tight, well-played set with the band playing as well together as anyone could ask. The opening 'Sugaree' is massive - don't let the first few minutes of audience patch deter you from listening to this - Garcia soars here. I have to mention 'Big River' as well. Likewise on the 'Peggy-O', one of the best versions of this you might ever hear.  Even 'Stagger Lee' is much above average with a wonderful ending solo. Listen to how well Bob, Donna and Jerry collaborate on 'Looks Like Rain'.

    I trust you'll enjoy this respite from the everyday...



    Grateful Dead

    Winterland Arena San Francisco, CA

    10/18/78 - Wednesday


    Sugaree [#13:32] ;

    Me And My Uncle [3:06] >

    Big River [5:48] ;

    Peggy-O [7:45] ;

    Looks Like Rain [8:16] ;

    Stagger Lee [6:15] ;

    New Minglewood Blues [5:53] ;

    Candyman [6:52] ;

    The Music Never Stopped [8:06]


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  • Posted on 18 Oct 2019

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    Dead Show/podcast for 10/11/19

    This week's Deadpod features the band's performance at the Rainbow Theater in London England on Saturday October 3rd, 1981. This second set contains some wonderful improvisational music and both a fabulous pre-drums setlist and a spectacular Morning Dew. I think you'll agree that the music here flows beyond the structure of these songs to explore some unexpected places before settling back into familiar terrain.  There's some great sound in Drums and Space as well.




    Grateful Dead

    Rainbow Theatre

    London, England 10/3/81 - Saturday    




    Feel Like A Stranger [8:47] >

    Franklin's Tower [11:23] >

    Estimated Prophet [13:23] >

    Terrapin Station [10:54#] >

    Drums >

    Space [6:54] >

    Not Fade Away [8:05] >

    Morning Dew [11:17] >

    Around And Around [3:54] >

    One More Saturday Night [4:24]


    Brokedown Palace [5:27]


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  • Posted on 11 Oct 2019


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