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23 May 2022

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    Dead Show/podcast for 5/20/22

    One of my favorite tours, the Spring tour of 1980 will give us one more fine show on this week's Deadpod. From the old Boston Garden on May 12, 1980 the boys shook the rafters on this Monday night with a rocking first set. 

    They come out blazing with a great 'Jack Straw>Alabama Getaway>El Paso' opening trifecta. While this is an unusual combo, Jerry and Brent in particular shine on these opening tunes. A nice 'Althea' follows, then Bobby takes the lead on 'Lazy Lightning> Supplication'. We get a short but sweet Brent number in 'Far From Me' before Bobby takes us back down to Minglewood. The closing China>Rider is excellent, highlighted for me, by Jerry's emotion when he is on that northbound train. 

    Grateful Dead
    Boston Garden
    Boston, MA 5/12/1980 - Monday    

    Jack Straw [5:21] >
    Alabama Getaway [4:53] >
    El Paso [4:12]
    Althea [8:16]
    Lazy Lightnin' [3:22] >
    Supplication [4:44]
    Far From Me [3:37]
    New Minglewood Blues [7:08]
    China Cat Sunflower [5:04] >
    I Know You Rider [6:07] 

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  • Posted on 20 May 2022

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    Dead Show/podcast for 5/13/22

     I don't believe Friday the 13th is bad luck here on the Deadpod! This week's show is the 2nd and 3rd sets from the band's performance in Paris France on September 21, 1974. I've taken the liberty of removing 'Seastones' which started set 2, simply because I generally find it unlistenable. 

    Be that as it may the Playin' In the Band which follows and which concludes the second set is one of the highlights of the show. I dig it and hope you do as well. 

    The third set features some nice versions of favorites such as 'Row Jimmy' and 'Uncle John's Band' but the winner here is a wonderful 'Morning Dew'. Phil just about blows it up here and I really like it.


    Grateful Dead
    Palais des Sports
    Paris, France
    9/21/1974 - Saturday


    Seastones > [edited out]
    Playin >
    Drums >


    Row Jimmy ;
    Big River ;
    Ship Of Fools ;
    Uncle John's Band ;
    Around And Around ;
    Morning Dew ;
    Sugar Magnolia
    Casey Jones 

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    Sure hope you have a very lucky day! 

  • Posted on 13 May 2022

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    Dead Show/podcast for 5/6/22

    As this weekend is the first weekend in May, we not only celebrate our Mothers, but the Run for the Roses! Naturally I felt this called for a rendition of 'The Race Is On', and this one comes to us from the bands European tour of the Fall of 1974. Specifically from Paris on September 21, 1974. 

    This first set which we will hear this week shows considerable change from those European shows of 50 years ago.. the band is I think, a bit more mellow and more jazzy in my opinion. Keith is adding alot of nice color to these songs as well. Here we have a long and unusual setlist, with highlights for me being besides the 'Race Is On' the nice 'Sugaree', a fun 'Loose Lucy' and a great 'Eyes of the World' into 'China Doll' to close  the set (!). I think this is quite a nice recording and hope you enjoy it. 



    Grateful Dead
    Palais des Sports
    Paris, France
    9/21/1974 - Saturday

    Mexicali Blues
    The Promised Land
    Me And My Uncle
    The Race Is On
    Loose Lucy
    El Paso
    Eyes Of The World >
    China Doll 

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    Love your Mother! 


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  • Posted on 06 May 2022

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    Dead Show/podcast for 4/29/22

    This week's Deadpod features a long second set on the occasion of Brent Mydland's first gig with the band, on April 22, 1979 in San Jose California. 

    The band opens with the trifecta 'I Need a Miracle' into 'Bertha' into 'Good Lovin', while it starts out a bit rough it picks up alot of energy by the end and they then go into a wonderful version of 'Scarlet Begonias' into 'Fire on the Mountain'. The transition jam into Fire is especially interesting, as is Jerry's jamming throughout that tune. 'Estimated Prophet' continues in the winning vein with some great bass contributed by Phil during the long and excellent opening jam. Brent contributes some interesting electric piano during the closing jam here matched by some very interesting Garcia lines. As this jam closes we hear a new sound from Mickey, as he goes into the fascinating 'Drums' segment with his new toy, 'The Beast', which was brought out for the first time at this show after having been constructed for the 'Apocalypse Now' movie soundtrack. There's not really a Space that follows this Drums segment but instead the band goes into 'The Other One' which is here marred by a cut in the tape. Jerry brings out August West next before the boys close with a rockin' 'Around and Around' They return for a double encore on this Sunday, with a good 'US Blues' followed by a trip to 'Shakedown Street' to close the afternoon.. 


    Grateful Dead
    Spartan Stadium
    San Jose, CA (4/22/79) - Sunday

    I Need A Miracle [4:28] >
    Bertha [6:40] >
    Good Lovin' [6:50] ;
    Scarlet Begonias [9:27] >
    Fire On The Mountain [13:25] ;
    Estimated Prophet [11:26] >
    He's Gone [12:28] >
    Drums [20:01] >
    The Other One [7:#27] >
    Wharf Rat [10:19] >
    Around And Around [8:10]


    U.S. Blues [5:18] ;
    Shakedown Street [10:42]  

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    I hope you have a wonderful May Day!

    Thanks for listening and for your kind support. 

  • Posted on 29 Apr 2022

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    Dead Show/podcast for 4/22/22

    43 years ago today Brent Mydland played his first show with the Grateful Dead. 

    This week we will listen to the first set of that show here on the Deadpod. 

    I think you'll immediately notice the increased energy on stage, especially when you compare to the early '79 shows. The boys have been rehearsing and I believe it shows in this first set. Highlights for me include the great 'Jack Straw' opener, a fabulous 'Tennessee Jed', the cowboy songs, where we first really hear Brent stepping out. I'm not a huge 'Stagger Lee' fan but this one isn't bad. 'Passenger' always sounded strange to my ears without Donna, they try it out here. Phil comes through quite strong throughout, and the drummers are ON it. 

    Next week we'll hear the second set with the premier of the Beast!



    Grateful Dead
    Spartan Stadium
    San Jose, CA (4/22/79)

    Set 1

    Jack Straw
    Tennessee Jed
    Mama Tried
    Mexicali Blues
    Looks Like Rain
    Brown Eyed Women
    New Minglewood Blues
    Stagger Lee

    Comments: Brent Mydland's First Show 

    You can listen to this week's Deadpod here:

    Thank you for listening, and for your kind support. 


  • Posted on 22 Apr 2022


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