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23 Jul 2021

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    Dead Show/podcast for 7/23/21

    I originally thought I would play Brent Mydland's last show with the band - 7/23/1990 - but at the last moment decided I would bring you something much happier - the famous soundcheck from the Watkins Glen festival that took place on July 27, 1973. 

    Long a favorite among Deadheads, you've likely heard this before - but this is one of those performances that deserve to be listened to again from time to time - like using that good china that is collecting dust in the cabinet. This is a fine recording of the complete soundcheck - including Bill Graham's introduction - that captures what made this band so exciting during this peak period of their evolution. 

    Only a few words are needed here as this will speak for itself.. listen to how animated Phil is right out of the gate - he drives that Promised Land and continues throughout! Bird Song has some wonderful moments where the band starts to take off into uncharted territory - a harbinger of things to come. 

    Of course the 'star' here is the jam following Uncle.. this is paradigmatic Grateful Dead - unexpected, new, never to be repeated.

    The 'Wharf Rat' that follows is just what is needed to bring things back to earth.. then !bang! 'Around and Around' to end things up...

     Grateful Dead
    Grand Prix Racecourse
    Watkins Glen, NY 7/27/73 - Friday


    The Promised Land ;
    Sugaree ;
    Mexicali Blues ;
    Bird Song ;
    Big River ;
    Tennessee Jed


    Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodeloo ;
    Me And My Uncle ;
    Jam >
    Wharf Rat ;
    Around And Around  

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  • Posted on 23 Jul 2021

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    Dead Show/podcast for 7/16/21

    Hey Now! what a great second set this week as we explore the rest of the band's performance on September 26, 1972 at teh Stanley Theater in Jersey City, New Jersey. 

    Right out of the gate we get a wonderful psychedelic ride with a 20 minute 'Playin In The Band'. Phil is all over this. They follow up with the very last performance of 'You Win Again'. 'El Paso' follows but things get sharp again with Half Step and Greatest Story Ever Told (albeit with a Donna wail). 'Tomorrow Is Forever' is the 2nd of 10 played in 72. Truckin' follows and turns into a monster jam with the Other One jam coming in around the 21 minute mark. This leads to the last 'Baby Blue' until 1974. The encore following the 'Sugar Mag', features a short but unique '26 Miles' tuning before 'Johnny B Goode' sends everyone home..



    Grateful Dead
    Stanley Theater
    Jersey City, NJ
    9/26/72 - Tuesday


    Playing In The Band [21:15] ;
    You Win Again [3:49] ;
    El Paso [4:18] ;
    Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodeloo [7:07] ;
    Greatest Story Ever Told [5:04] ;
    Tomorrow Is Forever [5:22] ;
    Truckin'[20:56] >
    The Other One Jam [13:14] >
    It's All Over Now, Baby Blue [7:15] ;
    Sugar Magnolia [8:36]


    26 Miles Tuning [0:24] >
    Johnny B. Goode [3:41]  

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    hope you are well.. thanks for hanging with us and for your support. 


  • Posted on 16 Jul 2021

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    Dead Show/podcast for 7/9/21

    A great show from a great run is showcased in this week's Deadpod. This is from September 26, 1972 at the Stanley Theater in Jersey City, New Jersey. The first show of a three night run, this features some great guitar work by Garcia throughout, even here in the first set. A fine 'Cold Rain and Snow' might be overlooked by the early 'He's Gone', but there is so much great music here. I love the 'Bird Song' and the 'Sugaree'. The band is loose throughout and I'm certain you'll enjoy this classic performance. 

    Thanks to Steve for this suggestion and a Happy Birthday to him! 

    Grateful Dead
    Stanley Theatre
    Jersey City, NJ
    9/26/72 - Tuesday

    The Promised Land [3:01] ;
    Cold Rain And Snow [5:18] ;
    Me And My Uncle [2:54] ;
    He's Gone [14:32] ;
    Mexicali Blues [3:23] ;
    Deal [4:30] ;
    Cumberland Blues [5:55] ;
    Black Throated Wind [6:40] ;
    Bird Song [11:05] ;
    Big River [4:20] ;
    Sugaree [7:26] ;
    Around And Around [4:51] ;
    Casey Jones [6:04] 

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  • Posted on 09 Jul 2021

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    Dead Show/podcast for 7/2/21

    Happy 4th of July! 

    This week we present the second set of the band's performance from Anchorage Alaska on the summer solstice, June 21, 1980. 

    This is a fine setlist, and most of the songs are quite well-played. I think 'Big Railroad Blues' is a great opener, and the Samson and Delilah' that follows is quite swell. The pre-drums 'Terrapin' has a wonderful segue into the jammin' 'Playin' in the Band'. 

    Post-drums suffers a bit, but 'Stella Blue' is always a pleasure, and the band gave the fans in the Last Frontier, a nice double encore, with the obligatory 'One More Saturday Night' followed by a somewhat rate for the time period, 'Brokedown Palace'. 



    Grateful Dead
    West High Auditorium
    Anchorage, AK 6/21/80 - Saturday


    Big Railroad Blues [4:26] ;
    Samson And Delilah [7:43] ;
    Terrapin Station [11:59] >
    Playing In The Band [13:45] >
    Drums [7:#34] >
    Space [4:52] >
    Truckin' [8:54] >
    Stella Blue [9:25] >
    Sugar Magnolia [8:44]
    One More Saturday Night >
    Brokedown Palace 

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    I hope you have a joyful and safe holiday! 

    thank you for your support of the Deadpod! 

  • Posted on 02 Jul 2021

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    Dead Show/podcast for 6/25/21

    A summer solstice show to celebrate the arrival of summer, this comes to us from the band's only trip to Alaska back on June 21, 1980. This first set opens with a strong 'Sugaree', and Jerry continues to light it up on the Minglewood that follows. In fact most of these first set songs are quite strong and fast paced, I'd particularly call your attention to the 'Lazy Lightni'>Supplication', Brent's work on 'Far From Me' and the closing 'Feel Like a Stranger' all of which really work well. 

    1980 was a very good year, in my opinion, and while this may not be one of the very best shows of the year, it is a pleasure to listen to and I hope you enjoy it.. We'll have the second set next week. 


    Grateful Dead
    West High Auditorium
    Anchorage, AK 6/21/80 - Saturday


    New Minglewood Blues
    Me and My Uncle
    Big River
    Lazy Lightnin'>
    Far From Me
    Ramble on Rose
    Feel Like a Stranger

    You can listen to this week's Deadpod here: 

    I hope your Summer is the best ever! 

    thanks for your support

  • Posted on 25 Jun 2021


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