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21 Feb 2019

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    Dead Show/podcast for 2/15/19

    With the recent release of the classic show from 2/26/77 on Dave's Picks #29, I was inspired to bring you this fine recording of the excellent show that took place the following evening, Febuary 27th, 1977. While this is an audience recording, and the vocals are not as upfront as many of us prefer, I think you'll still find that the playing shines through. The band is definitely still 'on' this night, here in the first set they play 'Estimated Prophet' for only the 2nd time and the playing throughout is lovely. 


    I'm particulary fond of the arrangement of 'Music Never Stopped'; afterwards Phil implored Jerry for 'one more' and boy do they respond with an excellent 'Scarlet Begonias'. 



    Grateful Dead

    Robertson Gym - University Of California

    Santa Barbara, CA

    2/27/77 - Sunday


    New Minglewood Blues [4:25] ;

    Loser [6:58] ;

    El Paso [4:29] ;

    Ramble On Rose [6:20] ;

    Estimated Prophet [7:43] ;

    Peggy-O [8:07] ;

    Good Lovin' [4:41] ;

    Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodeloo [8:33] ;

    The Music Never Stopped [6:24] ;

    Scarlet Begonias [12:48]


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    Love one another


    thank you for your kind support

  • Posted on 15 Feb 2019

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    Dead Show/podcast for 2/8/19

    This week we can forget our troubles with a fine second set from this early 1979 date in Kansas City.

    Scarlet starts a little slow, and Jerry's voice cracks a bit here and there, but he really starts soaring around the 3:30 mark. Around the 6:00 minute mark the calypso beat moves in, Donna's background vocals add just enough mystery not to be overpowering, and we float along waiting for the other shoe to drop. Eventually Jerry's notes flutter in like a bee, as the rhythm intensifies; a beautiful transition into 'Fire'. Again, while Jerry's voice is a bit strained, his playing is is unhurried, yet searing.. uplifting. Once you hear these two, you know you're in for a great musical moment. 'From the Heart Of Me' brings us back to Shakedown Street, and  in perspective, we're reminded of what was lost when Donna and Keith left the band. Excellent Jerry solo around the 4:00 min mark of the first one, all around a nice, unhurried jam, the boys spread their wings and you feel the music as it lets them glide into 'Eyes of the World'. Here the soundboard tape is patches with an audience source but there is little loss of fidelity. There's a marvelous, somewhat dark and forboding jam following Drums and a short but interesting Other One. The double encore with a 'Miracle' closer, sure seems to indicate they were having fun that night!



    Grateful Dead

    Soldier's And Sailors Memorial Hall

    Kansas City, KS 2/10/79 - Saturday


    Scarlet Begonias [12:33] >

    Fire On The Mountain [10:37] ;

    From The Heart Of Me [3:31] ;

    Estimated Prophet [11:51] >

    Eyes Of The World [11:13] >

    Space [1:37] >

    Drums [6:30#] >

    Space [13:38] >

    The Other One [6:46] >

    Wharf Rat [9:57] >

    Sugar Magnolia [8:16]


    One More Saturday Night [4:47] ;

    I Need A Miracle [6:13]


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    May the music bring you joy and peace.


    thanks so much for your kind support.

  • Posted on 08 Feb 2019

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    Dead Show/podcast for 2/1/19

    This week, something I try not to do too often, but yes, another show from 1979! And better yet, another audience source!

    Yes, this is a short first set, but despite the fact that it is one of Keith and Donna's last shows (they were to play only two more times with the Dead), the band sounds tight and the versions for the most part sparkle. Keith certainly doesn't contribute much here, but the rest of the members make up for it in my opinion.

    My favorites here include a sparkling 'Big River' and Bobby on 'Minglewood'. Deal is short but sweet and 'Jack Straw' rages..


    Grateful Dead

    Soldier's And Sailors Memorial Hall

    Kansas City, KS 2/10/79 - Saturday


    Don't Ease Me In [2:36] ;

    Me And My Uncle [3:07] >

    Big River [5:57] ;

    They Love Each Other [7:31] ;

    New Minglewood Blues [5:04] ;

    Brown Eyed Women [5:17] ;

    It's All Over Now [7:23] ;

    Deal [4:32] ;

    Jack Straw [5:51]


    Next week we'll bring you the second set with an excellent 'Scarlet>Fire'...


    You can listen to this week's Deadpod here:


    Have a warm, wonderful week...

    thanks so much for your support!!

  • Posted on 01 Feb 2019

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    Dead Show/podcast for 1/25/19

    This week's Deadpod continues with the second set from the Grateful Dead's performance on January 10th, 1979 at the Nassau Coliseum in Uniondale NY. This is a fine set packed with lots of great music. 

    A tight Shakedown Street opens the set, but the Miracle that follows is better than usual. Bertha goes into Good Lovin, then they follow with a rare Dark Star.. They played it 3 times during a 20 day period here then put it away for another seven  years. While this one is only one verse, there is some great exploration that follows in Drums and Space. Wharf Rat is always a pleasure, and a power Saint Stephen never failed to deliver. They close a nice set with two from Chuck Berry,  Around and Around and the Johnny B. Goode encore. 




    Grateful Dead

    Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum

    Uniondale, NY 1/10/79 - Wednesday




    Shakedown Street [13:23] ;

    I Need A Miracle [5:38] >

    Bertha [6:51] >

    Good Lovin' [7:15] ;

    Dark Star [18:30] >

    Drums [8:#20] >

    Space [5:35] >

    Wharf Rat [10:32] >

    Saint Stephen [7:23] >

    Around And Around [7:46]


    Johnny B. Goode [3:58]


    You can listen to this week's Deadpod here: 



    As always, thanks for listening, have a safe and happy week, and of course, my thanks for your support. 



  • Posted on 25 Jan 2019

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    Dead Show/podcast for 1/18/19

    While I missed the 40th anniversary of this one by a week, it's certainly a show that merits listening to, even if (or perhaps because) it only exists in a very good audience format. This one comes from January 10, 1979 at the Nassau Coliseum in Uniondale NY. While the first set, which we will hear this week, is not as outstanding as next week's Set 2, it is certainly enjoyable, in my opinion and has some nice highlights.

    The boys start out by taking us to the Promised Land, which gets everyone up on their feet. The Dire Wolf makes his appearance, then a very nice Mama Tried>Mexicali Blues with some nice Garcia flourishes throughout. Jerry's voice is a little strained at time, to my ears, but he makes up for it in the Tennessee Jed that follows with some excellent solo work inside. While this time marks the end of the great Keith and Donna period, Donna does some very nice work on the 'Looks Like Rain' that follows. This long first set has some ebb and flo, but don't miss the fine 'Loser' which marked the last appearance of 'Sweet Susie', or the powerful 'Music Never Stopped' that closes the set - classic Dead.



    Grateful Dead

    Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum

    Uniondale, NY 1/10/79 - Wednesday


    The Promised Land [4:27] ;

    Dire Wolf [3:52] ;

    Mama Tried [2:38] >

    Mexicali Blues [4:10] ;

    Tennessee Jed [8:27] ;

    Looks Like Rain [7:58] ;

    Stagger Lee [7:15] ;

    El Paso [4:15] ;

    Row Jimmy [12:07] ;

    Passenger [5:12] ;

    Loser [7:57] ;

    The Music Never Stopped [7:36]


    You can listen to this week's Deadpod here:


    It seems that ol' man Winter is blowing in this weekend - hope you stay warm and dry!

    Be careful out there!


    thanks for listening and for your support of the Deadpod!


  • Posted on 18 Jan 2019


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