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30 Mar 2017

The Dusty Show with Clay Pigeon | WFMU

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Street interviews, listener call-ins, vinyl gluttery, sporadic normalcy, original floperas and fiktion, blatant talking over songs, politix, tenderness, and a vague undercurrent of angst. Right up your alley!

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    Post-Marathon Lazy! Just playing records, talking, singing, dancing. from Mar 23, 2017

    Henry Mancini - "Hatari!" - Hatari! (Music From The Motion Picture Score) [Can't love this more.]
    Eric B. & Rakim - "Follow The Leader" - Follow The Leader [I heard this on WDRE the first time I visited NYC and it made me want to live here.]
    Nancy Wilson - "Elevator Beat" - Music From Vanilla Sky
    Queen - "Doing All Right" - Queen [Queen's first album is my favorite.]
    Steve Reich - "Music For 18 Musicians" - Music For 18 Musicians [I know I played it recently ... :>) Been loving this.]
    Kraftwerk - "Computer World" - Computer World
    Future - "Ain't No Time" - EVOL [My favorite song from 2016. LOVE.]
    The Rolling Stones - "Fool To Cry" - Black and Blue [I wanted to play Memory Motel, but it's so long.]
    Hot Tuna - "Water Song" - Burgers [Loved this Papa John Creach era of Tuna]
    Set: Failed Call by David
    Grand Funk - "Closer To Home" - I'm Your Captain [Couldn't read Terry Knight's hype because of ring-wear on the LP jacket!]
    [Mark's Wa-Wa!]
    Skid Row - "I Remember You" - Skid Row
    Yanni - "Santorini" - Live at the Acropolis [Like this, actually. I wish I could compose for an orchestra. Go Yan!]
    Foghat - "I Just Want To Make Love To You" - Foghat [Was NOT produced by Todd. I was SO wrong on that. It was Dave Edmunds as BK pointed out on the Accu. My bad. Sometimes I just like to trust memory. But my memori is now like a Sprite can which has been shot through many times by a .22.]
    Wendy Carlos - "THe Light Sailor" - TRON Soundtrack [Music behind DJ]
    [I talk too much. Pushing for clever. Often failing.]
    Slipknot - "The Nameless" - Vol. 3: (The Subliminal Verses) [Love]
    Thanks for listening to this episode of The Dusty Show on WFMU. THANK YOU especially for your pledges during marathon. We did it! What a great event it was, cluminating in the Hoof N Mouth which was Funsville USA. Still auditioning for the morning show and appreciate your support in that regard. I will be on from April 10-14, an entire week, so I hope you will listen in then! Thanks again for being here and for listening. Enjoy SPRING! Always remember. CP3241799

  • Posted on 24 Mar 2017

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    Clay Pigeon and Station Manager Ken from Mar 16, 2017

  • Posted on 17 Mar 2017

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    The Dusty Show from Mar 9, 2017

    Clay and Bronwyn c
    Thanks for a great week you guys! I appreciate your pledges, and if you couldn't pledge, I ain't mad at ya. I really enjoyed being on with Bronwyn. She was great! It's also nice to do the Dusty show when I have been focusing so much energy on the Wake and Bake auditions. I hope you have been checking out both. Wake and Bake is a big challenge for me, technologically, musically, logistically. I love radio, though, and I am not getting any younger. I felt as if I had to go for it. 3 hours is more than 1. Whatever happens, we'll still get together and hear some music and some voices. I appreciate your reading this, your listening, your support, and radio friendship. Hope things are well with you in your world. We all have challenges, no doubt. But we are strong. We are Dusty! Always remember. CP nycsnodei3141799

  • Posted on 10 Mar 2017

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    The Garnet Charm, plus Valmaathus. 2 stories by C. Pigeon from Mar 2, 2017

    Clay Pigeon - "The Dusty Show"

  • Posted on 03 Mar 2017

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    Solo Live - Taking Calls - Stashu and Joe McGAsko Visit + James! Great instrumental moments! from Feb 23, 2017

    Peter Banks - "Beyond The Loneliest Sea" - Two Sides of Peter Banks [The original guitarist of Yes. After leaving Yes he formed Flash and had some success with them. Passed away in 2013. Always remembered on The Dusty Show.]
    Henry Cow - "Nirvana For Mice" - Henry Cow
    Set: First Caller ... JD (A little hard to hear, but I am somewhat deaf from years of high-intensity rock).
    Steve Reich - "Music For 18 Musicians"
    Set: Second Caller ... Kevin in Mid-Town Manhattan
    Slagerij van Kampen - "Watusi Warrior Drums" - Tan [From the Netherlands]
    Set: Third Caller ... Izzy the Eight-Grader
    Mahavishnu Orchestra - "One Word" - Birds of Fire
    Set: Fourth Caller - Victor from Ames, Iowa
    Hermeto - "Slaves Mass (Missa Dos Escravos)" - Slaves Mass
    Set: Yvonne (DJ Stashu) Visits Me In The Studio
    Set: Stashu Urges YOU to Watch the Movie, UHF
    Set: Check out L'il Wally. Polka Artist. Great!
    Vijay Iyer Trio - "Helix" - Historicity
    Set: Caller Five - 65-Year Old Dude From The Early FMU Days
    Yes - "The Fish" - Fragile [RIP Bassist Supreme, Chris Squire ... Always Remember ...]
    Set: Hugging Fabio
    Neil Ardley - "Rainbow Four" - Kaleidescope of Rainbows [The "sax" music I am talking about.]
    Set: An In-Studio- Visit from WFMU Jock Joe McGasko
    Henry Mancini - "Theme From Hatari" - Greatest Hits - The Best of Henry Mancini
    Set: Stashu and Joe McGasko Join Me for some Dusty Springfield
    Dave Borden and Mother Mallard - "The Continuing Story of Counterpoint Parts 1+4+8 (excerpt)" - Migration
    Set: Caller Six - Rusty (?? - Sax Player
    Set: Caller Seven - David in the Bronx - A Dusty Regular
    Jeff Beck - "Diamond Dust" - Blow By Blow [Produced by George Martin]
    Set: Caller Eight ... Danielle
    Joohyun Park - "Metamorphosis Five (By Philip Glass)"
    Set: In- Studio with James - Co-Host with Dave Hill on Monday Nights.
    Set: Puddle of Mudd Instance
    Thanks for listening to this episode of The Dusty Show of WFMU. I came into this show SO completely unprepared I was mildly panicked. Then when Fabio said he couldn't stick around I was really worried, but the listeners, the callers, the in-studio guests, really carried the day and it ended up being a fun show. You know, I would be HAPPY just to play that wonderful music and not bury it under phone calls, but I am supposed to have a "talk" oriented show, so I feel as if I can't play too much music or it's breaking the rules. Not that there are many rules at FMU. Anyway ... I love all the music that was played and I hope you seek it out in some uninterrupted form. ------- I will be on the air next Monday and Tuesday, Feb 27th and 28th, from 6 to 9AM Eastern, as I continue to audition for the new WFMU Wake N Bake Morning Show. I am one of three finalists so I am very excited about possibly having the opportunity to be on 5 days a week, full-time. If you think I should get the job, please let WFMU know what you think. I appreciate your support. Keep your fingers crossed for me. The competition is very talented and tough. OK. Better get to work here. Thanks for listening. Hope you are doing well. Call the show sometime! Take care and ... always remember. I think I gorgot to say that at the end of this week's show. Happens sometimes. Happy Anniversary Kirsten! Eight wonderful years together. I love you! Love you, too, listeners. You are the absolute best of the best. Let's stick together! CP NYC 2/23/17 99

  • Posted on 24 Feb 2017


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