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15 Aug 2018

The DV Show - Video Production Just Got Easier

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Hosted by Brian Alves, a 22-year veteran of video production, a crack team of 12 seasoned media professionals and one Entertainment Attorney, the shows feature answers to listener questions, careful reviews, product news, tips, tutorials, contests and high-profile interviews with industry professionals — all in a quick and engaging format for thousands of listeners to enjoy worldwide.

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    A Legal Q&A with Gordon Firemark

    If you’re producing videos, it is crucial to be aware of the laws involved. Yeah, yeah…we know it’s boring to talk about. Creative types tune out from this stuff.

  • Posted on 20 Mar 2018

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    Dealing with the Bride Who Absolutely Hated Your Wedding Video

    Sadly our industry attracts many inexperienced videographers who come and go leaving a trail of disappointed clients.

    On this recording of the live edition of The DV Show podcast, we tackle the subject of a bride who addressed a nasty open letter to a wedding videographer she simply wasn't happy with.

    Award winning wedding videographers Mark and Trisha Von Lankin and dozens of interactive listeners join in to respond to the situation and the possible remedies.

  • Posted on 12 Mar 2018

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    Artificial Intelligence and Video Production – Will it Replace Humans?

    Without question, the way creative professionals “create” is evolving at a rapid pace. Now, the rise of Artificial Intelligence promises much more in the very near future.

  • Posted on 04 Mar 2018

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    What Video Camera Should I Buy?

    If you are looking for the best professional production quality video cameras priced from $2500 to $8,000+ then you're listening to the right podcast!

  • Posted on 14 Feb 2018

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    An End to Boring Corporate Videos

    A conversation with Thomas Clifford, a 25 year corporate filmmaking veteran. The only one who knows how to bring brands to life through “enlightened” corporate filmmaking.

    We’re picking his brain and getting some great tips on this edition of The DV Show.

  • Posted on 15 Jan 2018


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