The DV Show - Video Production Just Got EasierAuthor:
07 Jul 2022

The DV Show - Video Production Just Got Easier

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A crazy podcast on a mission to rid the world of BAD video!

Join a crack team of 12 seasoned media professionals and one entertainment attorney as we attempt to equip every content producer, videographer, editor, business owner, marketer, hobbyist, and live streamer with the tools, knowledge and confidence to create better videos.

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    5 Ways to Instantly Make Better Videos

    Make better videos. It’s our mission! In this episode, video business owner Peter McKinnon talks about 5 ways you can instantly make better videos. None of what Peter recommends requires you to buy extra equipment. By utilizing these steps you will be able to improve the overall quality, look, sound and feel of the videos you make right away.

  • Posted on 26 Mar 2022

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    How To Get Video Clients

    Starting a production company takes time and lots of trial and error. Let this podcast speed up that process for you by teaching you how to get video clients. In this episode,, video business owner Amanda Horvath, gives you her best tips for how to market your video production business so you can make videos full time.
    Amanda started her videography business in Los Angeles where the competition was steep. She tested tons of different tactics for getting clients, from cold calling to website tweaks to getting listed on Yelp.
    She walks through her top tips for Squarespace for videographers so you can optimize your website to convert. Her website advice for videography is super simple yet she promises it will help you get more clients for video work. Marketing videography isn't challenging, but it does take some thinking outside the box so think twice before you discount her ideas. It's time to learn how to get more clients for video work! Enjoy!

  • Posted on 23 Aug 2021

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    Offer A Solution Not Just A Video

    If you get in front of a client and your main selling points are price, image quality, and experience? Go on Craigslist right now and list your camera for sale because you're not gonna make it today. Why? This podcast offers the explanation.

  • Posted on 16 Aug 2021

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    Short Form Video Is Very Attractive to Businesses!

    We’re doing something different this week, starting with episode 1 of a 5 part series getting into the topic of short form video production. Videos of cats, babies tasting lemons for the first time, food recipes — you name it, we love it. And when it comes to marketing Video content is one of the most influential forms of marketing out there. So, how can you leverage short form video content to grow your business? And what are some trends to look for? This 5 part podcast series gets into the details starting with TikTok.

  • Posted on 09 Aug 2021

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    What Are Your Videos Really Selling?

    it's not about your ability to edit video. It's not all about your video equipment. What are your videos really selling?

  • Posted on 27 Jul 2021


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