The Engaging Ireland PodcastAuthor: Travis and Kathy Nelson
20 May 2019

The Engaging Ireland Podcast

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Providing travel tips, guides to places of interest, interviews and all things Ireland - Hosted by Travis and Kathy Nelson

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    Ep. 37 - The Gobbins Path

    The Gobbins is a cliff-face path on IslandMagee, County Antrim, Northern Ireland, northeast of Belfast. Unlike many other costal paths that just follow close along the top of an ocean-side cliff, the Gobbins first descends down to sea level, then winds along he base of the cliff, up and down steep cut stone stairs, across bridges from sea-stack to cliff face and island to island, past caves and through a narrow tunnel. Though it was long inaccessible to the public because it fell into disrepair after World War II, it has been rebuilt within the last several years and re-opened to the public as of Summer 2015.



    Start out at the beautiful visitor’s center for a walk through the interpretive display to learn about the history of the path, the wildlife that abounds in the surrounding area, and the astounding effort that it took to reconstruct the path in its current incarnation.



    If you’d like to check out some parts of the Gobbins path from the comfort of your own home, take a look at the 360 degree pictures of the Gobbins on



    Walking the Gobbins path is a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience…though we’re already looking forward to the next time we get to walk the Gobbins! We highly recommend a visit!


    Check out the official Gobbins Path website at:


  • Posted on 09 Jan 2016

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    Ep. 36 - In The Footsteps of Patrick - Continued

    In this episode, we bring you more sites associated with the Patron Saint of Ireland. Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

    Balintubber Abbey Website:

    Tochar Phadraig Website:

    The Western Way:

    Christopher Sommervile Walk of the Week:

    Altadaven Wood:  

    The Rock of Cashel:

    Saint Patrick's Well:        

    The closing song, sung by Kathy, is "May the Road Rise to Meet You" by Denes Agay.

  • Posted on 17 Mar 2015

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    Ep. 35 - Contemporary Irish Halloween Traditions

    During this, the last of our special Halloween-week episodes, we are taking a look at some contemporary ways to observe Samhain/Halloween.

  • Posted on 31 Oct 2014

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    Ep. 34 - Samhain stories of the supernatural: the Pooka and the Banshee

    Our Halloween-week episodes are nearly done. In this episode, we talk about two supernatural creatures of Ireland: the Pooka and the Banshee.

  • Posted on 30 Oct 2014

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    Ep. 33 - The Legend of Stingy Jack

    We've talked in a previous episode about the tradition of carving turnips to carry home an ember from the communal Samhain bonfire.  But where does the term Jack o' Lantern come from? In this episode, we tell the tale of Stingy Jack.

  • Posted on 29 Oct 2014


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