The Flop HouseAuthor: MaximumFun, Dan McCoy, Stuart Wellington, Elliott Kalan
13 Nov 2018

The Flop House

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A comedy podcast examining the worst in recent film. With your hosts Elliott Kalan, Dan McCoy, and Stuart Wellington.

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    Ep. #270 - Interview with the Vampire

    Remember that surprisingly well-defined contest Elliott spearheaded a few episodes back? Well the contest winner decided what we should watch, and it was Interview with the Vampire. Will we fall victim to its bloodsucking charms? Meanwhile, Elliott apologizes to goths, Stuart lists a few Ecks vs. Sever sequels, and Dan disputes the very premise of the movie.

    Wikipedia synopsis for Interview with the Vampire

    Movies recommended in this episode:

    First Man
    The Night Comes for Us
    Save the Tiger

  • Posted on 10 Nov 2018

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    Ep #269 - Friend Request

    It's our second SHOCKTOBER episode (not that you'd know it, because Dan keeps forgetting to plug in the fucking Shocktober theme)! This time, we return to the social media horror well, with Friend Request. Meanwhile, Elliott gives a peek behind the curtain of Teddy Ruxpin fanatics, Stuart tells us what this movie really should be called, and Dan... well we're still mad at Dan for NOT PUTTING IN THE GODDAMN SHOCKTOBER THEME.

    Movies recommended in this episode:

    Hold the Dark
    The Funeral

  • Posted on 27 Oct 2018

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    Ep #268 - Truth or Dare

    The most wondrous time of the year, SHOCKTOBER is here! And to start us off, we watched Truth or Dare AKA Blumhouse's Truth or Dare AKA Teens be Dyin'. Meanwhile, Elliott explains the miracle of birth, Dan explains the fear of death, and Stuart spins tales of spring break memories.

    Wikipedia synopsis for Truth or Dare

    Movies recommended in this episode:

    The Duelists
    Undisputed 3: Redemption
    What Keeps You Alive

  • Posted on 13 Oct 2018

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    Ep. #267 - Dwegons and Leprechauns

    We close out Smalltember with one of our "favorite" genres: the ill-conceived, micro-budgeted computer animated film. And Dwegons and Leprechauns is a horrific, fever dream of a doozy. Meanwhile, Dan remains the master of the unintended double entendre, Stuart ponders what "dweg" means, and Elliott insists we kill a Muppet.

    No Wikipedia page for Dwegons and Leprechauns, as if someone is working to WIPE ALL EVIDENCE OF THIS MOVIE FROM EXISTENCE. (God bless them.)

    Movies recommended in this episode



    The Flop House in Richmond, IN on 11/3

    The Flop House in Madison, WI on 1/26

  • Posted on 29 Sep 2018

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    Ep. #266 - Slamma Jamma

    For our first Smalltember episode of 2018, we discuss Slamma Jamma, the film about slam dunking your way to Jesus. Meanwhile, Elliott gives us some hat-wearing etiquette, Dan is upset that the characters aren't criminal masterminds, and Stuart sets everything right by making it clear he's just kidding.

    Wikipedia page for Slamma Jamma

    Movies recommended in this episode

    Body Bags
    The Tale
    Operation Finale

  • Posted on 15 Sep 2018


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