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18 Feb 2018

The Karel Cast

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This is the podcast of the outrageous Karel, entertainer and nationally syndicated talk show host/author. Openly gay, straight to the point, this is a bottom line no-holds-barred hysterical journey through American life.

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    Karel Cast Fri Feb 16 13 Russians, Thoughts And Prayers my Ass


    On our mission to no longer coddle anyone including ourselves, let's just admit Trump is illegitimate, the Russians put him in through influence and there's nothing anyone is going to do about it. And the same for Assault Weapons. Now what is what we are left with. The answer? I have it. Listen in daily at

  • Posted on 16 Feb 2018

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    Karel Cast Thu Feb 15 Tired Of Coddling Idiots

    There should be no debate today. Anyone that doesn't think AR 15s should be banned by Sundown is an idiot wrapping himself in a Amendment to a Document they've never read. THere's a lot of coddling, of tolerating, why? Listen today at 11am at or anytime.

  • Posted on 15 Feb 2018

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    Karel Cast Wed Feb 14 A Day For Love, And Murder

    Well, it's a good thing there's already a St. Valentine's Day Massacre, or else America the unsafe would be setting a record; instead, just another mass shooting day in the UsA, Traumatized kids, lives shattered, but hey, happy Valentine's Day of love, right? 50% of you are doing this today, 5% of you feel this way and 13% of you feel this way about today. Find out at

  • Posted on 14 Feb 2018

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    Karel Cast Tue Feb 13 Here Poor People, Eat This!

    Trump thinks Food Stamp recipients should get, well, food, instead. Is the idiot right? Plus, the portrait matters, the movie matters, if all this matters so much, why are things still so bad? listen daily at and support the show at

  • Posted on 13 Feb 2018

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    Karel Cast Feb 12 America, We've Got Trust Issues


    Perhaps a country born out of contempt and distrust for a King could never trust its own government, or each other.

    Trust Issues Abound in the USA: The basics
    I don’t trust the water, and billions are spent buying what we already pay to purify. The basics. Water.

    The Olympics: Why I no longer care

    #MeToo suing the company on behalf of the employees...victims, facilliatorators or both?
    An Aetna director says never looked at records when approving or denying care, we don’t trust doctors, insurance companies. This is why. And what should happen to him?

    Why we want more of the Lion story.

  • Posted on 12 Feb 2018


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