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01 Mar 2017

The Karel Cast

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This is the podcast of the outrageous Karel, entertainer and nationally syndicated talk show host/author. Openly gay, straight to the point, this is a bottom line no-holds-barred hysterical journey through American life.

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    Karel Cast Mon Feb 28 NORML on Rec Pot and Trump Plus What are you eating?

    We speak to Paul Armentano from NORML about Trump and recreational pot and then discuss DNA testing of food, or is it food? What are we eating? Plus lots more fun. Watch the show daily at 12000

  • Posted on 28 Feb 2017

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    Karel Cast Mon Feb 27 Oscar Flub, Diverse City with Wallet Hub and more

    Oscar made history last night in a few ways, good and bad. But what is the hoopla really about and what does it effect? Also Jill Gonzalez from WalletHub about the most diverse cities in the US. Watch the show daily at 1200 PST at

  • Posted on 27 Feb 2017

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    Karel Cast Fri Feb 24 Lost Cities, Useless Amenmdments

    Today we talk to explorer/author/bestseller Douglas Preston about the amazingly true story of the The Lost City of The Monkey God: A True Story and why it's not so lost any more; plus, the 2nd Amendment is useless and Trump proves it.

  • Posted on 25 Feb 2017

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    The Karel Cast Tue Feb 23 What Did Trans EVER do?

    Why is so little of us causing so much stir? What does the right fear from Trans individuals? Even Muslims do not fear them, in fact, Iran is the capital of surgeries in Middle East. We talk with the Author Christine Kennedy about it. Plus, my 240lb life! Watch daily at 1200 at

  • Posted on 23 Feb 2017

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    The Karel Cast Tue Feb 22 Finding Neverland, New Earths and Trumptonia

    From Milo, Michael and Finding Neverland to Seven new Earths today's show is out of this world! Watch Karel daily at 1200 Pst at

  • Posted on 22 Feb 2017


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