The Lesbian PodcastAuthor: j.Church, Charlie, Cory G
24 Mar 2019

The Lesbian Podcast

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Two lesbians spill the T on queer life in San Francisco. Our hope is that we attract listeners not just from San Francisco but from all walks of life, all over the world. People who are questioning their sexuality or who live in a place with no lesbian subculture.

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    The Lesbian Podcast #37 - Blue on Black

    We're back!!!!! And, J9 joins us back in studio!

    j.Church finds, a new social networking site for career
    oriented LGBT people.  Shannon Wentworth, takes her voluntour idea
    states side with Live Sweet.  Also, grab your bathing suit and start
    working on your tan, because Aqua Girl is right around the corner.

    Rainbow Rumors:
    Melissa Etheridge and Tammy Lynn split, sad news for lesbians
    everywhere.  We can't get enough of lesbian characters on TV, there's
    a bisexual storyline on show Nurse Jackie.   Also, there's rumors
    there will be a sequel to Mullholland Drive!

    The Bruises join us in studio to talk about their new album, how they
    came up with their band name, and why they're big in Belgium!

  • Posted on 29 Apr 2010

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    The Lesbian Podcast #36 - Shear Arzo

    Resident Jew Abbie is our guest host.

    QNews: Presiding Prop 8 judge, Judge Walker, is a 'mo! And, Sarah Palin is clearly not smart enough to be queer.

    Rainbow Rumors: The actress who plays Rita on Dexter will be playing a lesbian stripper on another show.  Westboro Baptist Church invades the Bay Area, and high school students fight back!  Sarah Silverman proves she is pro-gay!

    Interview: Arzo from this season of Bravo's Shear Genius joins us in studio to talk about her experience on the show and her career here in SF.


  • Posted on 24 Feb 2010

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    The Lesbian Podcast #35 - Sustainable Housing/Sustainable Nightlife - Debra Walker for Supervisor in District 6

    get involved in your community! HRC is looking for new panel members.  Also, can you guess which political wife is now supporting gay marriage?  Now when will the Obamas be in to have their NoH8 photos taken?  Is lesbian imagery in clothing a thing of the past?

    Rainbow Rumors:
    Charlie reviews AfterEllen's First Lesbian/Bi People's Choice Awards.  Tyra Banks brings up the topic "Is Gay the New Black?".  Charlie wants you to check out a new gallery showing queer content art in San Francisco.

    Debra Walker - Lesbian candidate for Supervisor of District 6!  Ms. Walker dishes on what's going on in the community and what her plans are for the future of District 6.

  • Posted on 29 Jan 2010

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    The Lesbian Podcast #34 - Getting to know Flawles and Cherrybomb

    QNews: What's worse than Jersey Shore - NJ opposing marriage equality. Also, TLP makes Cherrygrrl's "Entertainment Highlights From the Past Year" list!  Also, FlawLes' Talonya Geary fills us in on how you can look fancy while supporting the EQCA.

    Rainbow Rumors:  Is Jax and Alice the new Cagney and Lacey?   The Biggest Loser's trainer Jillian Michaels comes out as bisexual, Tegan and Sara collaborate with Margaret Cho on a song and Ellen DeGeneres was named PETA's Woman of the Year.

    Interview:  We get to know Cherrybomb on the Sweet cruise!



  • Posted on 13 Jan 2010

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    The Lesbian Podcast #33 - The Dinah Shore Warm Up

    QNews: Pregnancy now punished in the military? Republicans finally speak out about the Ugandan Death Penalty Bill.  Mexico legalizes gay marriage! Is the Salvation Army using your donation to block your rights? 

    Rainbow Rumors: Charlie debunks 10 lesbian myths

    Interview: Mariah Hanson joins us to talk about her plans for this year's Dinah.  Find out what's in store for Club Skirts 20th Dinah Shore Weekend and how Club Skirts got its start in our hometown, San Francisco!

  • Posted on 01 Jan 2010


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