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17 Feb 2019

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    Options News Rundown: February 15, 2019

    Options news you can use for Friday, February 15, 2019.

  • Posted on 16 Feb 2019

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    Option Block 781: Drinking a Stiff VIX and Playing Fortnite


    Another mixed day of the street.

    EA bouncing back after Fortnite crash and Apex rally.

    Earning Highlights this Week:

    Monday - Aurora Cannabis (ACB)

    Tuesday - Activision Blizzard

    Wednesday - Cisco

    Thursday - Nvidia, The Coca-Cola Company, CME Group, Cannabis Growth (CGC), Applied Materials

    Friday - PepsiCo





    Near-term ITM call love in Electronic Arts Inc (EA)

    Call love in CBS Corporation Common Stock (CBS)

    More paper trading in Centurylink Inc (CTL)




    #QOTW - $VXX is dead! Long Live $VXXB! There's a (somewhat) new kid on the #Volatility trading block. Are you trading $VXXB #options yet? If not, how are you getting your #Volatility fix these days? $VIX $TVIX $SVXY

    - Yes: Jumped into $VXXB

    - No: Spreads are too wide

    - No: Prefer $TVIX, etc

    - No: Prefer $VIX #options

    Question from Dave B. - Hi, I have a question about what is the best strategy to use for my trading system. I typically am only right on about three or four trades out of every 10 with long stock. The trades that I am wrong on, I take a small loss - somewhere between 5 to 10% but only 1-2% of the total capital as I typically take 10% positions. The trades that I am right on, I typically make 50% up to 200% over a 3 to 12 month period. I want to find an options strategy to increase returns via leverage, but keep total portfolio risk per trade about the same. Would DITM calls or spreads make sense to you?  Or is there another strategy I could (should) consider. Thank you! Dave B. Sent from my iPhone

    Question from LLAZ - What do you think of call verticals in $USO here? Maybe 3-month 5 or 10% otm? Worth financing with a put?

    Question from DaQuinta - I've been lured in by the ongoing selloff in crude oil and I'm thinking about setting up a longer-term stock replacement strategy in the USO ETF. I have a couple of questions:

    A.) With $USO dropping below $11 is it even worth doing or should I just buy the shares instead? Is there a certain threshold where stock replacement stops making sense?

    B.) My proposed construction is an almost six-month strategy with July 8 Calls for $3.10. So my outlay for 100 shares is $3100 versus $10,800.

    C. Is it even worth selling a Jan 11.5 call and limiting all of my upside just to collect $.15 or should I keep it open from here?





    This Week’s Economic Reports

    Feb 15: Import and Export Prices, Industrial Production, Business Inventories, Consumer Sentiment

  • Posted on 15 Feb 2019

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    This Week in Futures Options 139: Shifting and Sliding Around the Volatility Skew

    Topics this week include:

    Crude Oil








    Question from Caesar L. - Why is palladium catching such a bid? Worth more than gold again?

    Question from Model X - Ask the Russell guy which of the Russell products puts up the most contracts? Also when’s the move/shift stuff coming?

    Question from Studio64 - Why don’t we see more flavors of equity volatility? There’s VIX and then there’s Eurostoxx and that’s pretty much it. There was talk of more on the horizon but nothing has come of it yet? I’d like more underlying indices other than S&P and more methodology than just the base VIX methodology (maybe some sort of skew product). Thoughts?

    Question from Brandon Elliot - Have any good rules of thumb when trading the term structure in seasonal products like corn? Maybe a point when the spreads are just too wide or narrow and need to be traded? What’s typical holding period for these trades? Longer than a month? Thx for answering.

  • Posted on 15 Feb 2019

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    OICs Wide World of Option 61: Panel - The Option Pros Tell All

    Join OIC for a lively discussion featuring our entire Investor Services team – these are the options professionals who help everyone with an interest in expanding their industry knowledge, from those who've never bought a single call to traders and advisors with years of experience. This session will be a showcase of the team, their services and their decades of combined experience with listed options.

  • Posted on 14 Feb 2019

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    Options Playbook Radio 247: NVDA Xmas Tree Earnings Butterfly

    We start the show by reviewing the performance of our Pepsico Earnings diagonal spread from last show. This week we breakdown a bullish Christmas Tree Butterfly in NVDA going into earnings. With NVDA at $152.88 Brian wants to buy 1 Feb15 165 Call, Sell 3 Feb15 167.50 Calls and then Buy 2 Feb15 170 Calls for a net credit of $.20

  • Posted on 14 Feb 2019


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