The SaintCast - Catholic Saints on CallAuthor: Paul Camarata
17 Feb 2019

The SaintCast - Catholic Saints on Call

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A light-hearted Catholic podcast of all things Saint-like . . .

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    SaintCast #147, Soundseeing in Molokai, in the footsteps of Father Damien

    This week, Paul travels to the island paradise of Molokai, Hawaii. From 1866 to 1969 thousands of men, women, and children diagnosed with leprosy were forcibly exiled to this island to die here in anonymity.  Two Catholic saints, Fr. Damien de Veuster and St. Marianne Cope ministered to them, built their houses, soothed their wounds, and helped them live lives of meaning and worth.

    Join Paul in his white knuckle flight to the small Pacific island, and walk rainy and windswept paths in the rugged footsteps where St. Damien trod.  Travel across the peninsula from Kaluapapa to Kalawao, surrounded on three sides by treacherous surf, and on one side by 3000 foot cliffs.  Listen to tour guide Ian from Father Damien Tours as he recounts emotional stories of the citizens afflicted with this horrific disease, lost and forgotten on this island.

  • Posted on 10 Feb 2015

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    SaintCast #146, Servant of God Professor Jerome Lejeune

    In the wake of the 42nd annual March for Life, we revisit the life and work of Servant of God Jerome Lejeune, French geneticist and pediatrician.  The first to discover the genetic basis of a disease, Trisomy 21 or Down syndrome. Lejeune was a tireless defender of human life in its most vulnerable form, and after his incredible discovery, was vilified for his position in defense of human life.

    On today's SaintCast we profile his life, and speak with the Postulator for his Cause for canonization, Aude Dugast. We learn of how he lived the virtues to a heroic degree, learn of his family life, and review his biography written by his daughter, Clara Gaymard.

    Also on the SaintCast a new (old) Saint Jeopardy quiz, canonization news, and more.


    Life is a Blessing, Biography of Jerome Lejeune, by Clara Gaymard

    The Jerome Lejeune Foundation USA

    Friends of Lejeune

    Jerome Lejeune interview on YouTube, from American Life League

    Siempre Adelante, newsletter of canonization cause of Jerome Lejeune

  • Posted on 27 Jan 2015

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    SC 145 'The Pope who Quit' St. Celestine V

    Prior to Pope Benedict XVI, over 700 years ago, one man resigned the papacy at age 84 and was canonized a saint a short while later. Peter Angelerio, otherwise known as Pope Celestine V was a saintly monk who was chosen pope in 1294, only to resign a short 5 months later, dying a prisoner of the next man to hold the Chair of Peter in a prison at Fumone.  On this SaintCast we interview author and historian Jon Sweeney, who authored a biography of Celestine V, "The Pope Who Quit," in 2012.  He describes the difficult political and ecclesial situation in the late 13th century, the dilemma in which Celestine found himself, and the reason he believes he was truly a saintly occupant of the papal office.

  • Posted on 28 Feb 2013

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    SaintCast #144, Seven New Saints!

    Paul travels to Rome for the canonization of 7 new saints, including the North American Saints Kateri Tekakwitha and Mother Marianne Cope. Hear the excitement in the crowd of tens of thousands of pilgrims who have traveled to witness the special ceremony on the steps of St. Peter's Basilica.

    Witness parts of the canonization ceremony preceding a Mass in Piazza San Pietro, with pilgrims from many nations.  The Filippino's clearly had the largest international contingent for the canonization of their second saint, and the only saint of Guam, Pedro Calungsod.  Paul interviews several of the pilgrims before heading out for lunch, at the close of a magical morning in La Citta' Eterna!

  • Posted on 19 Nov 2012

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    SaintCast #143, The Holy Chalice of Valencia. Is this the Holy Grail?

    From the Cenaculum, to St. Lawrence in Rome, to Spain. . . this small stone cup has been tenaciously protected and revered for centuries. This week on the SaintCast we interview Janice Bennett, author of "St. Laurence and the Holy Grail," a book that traces the history of the Holy Chalice of Valencia, the reputed Holy Grail that Christ used at the Last Supper.  Mrs. Bennett describes her search for the Holy Grail that brought her from libraries in Madrid, across the Pyrenees to the small agate cup guarded and preserved as the sacred chalice Christ used in Jerusalem at the Last Supper.

    Paul talks about his recent trip to Washington, D.C. for the March for Life.  Also, hear news of new Saint Causes from England and the story of a newly found relic cloth with 365 saint relics in Buffalo, New York.  Mail, feedback, a Saint Joke, and more on this week's SaintCast.

  • Posted on 31 Jan 2012


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