The Sounds in My HeadAuthor: Daniel
20 Feb 2019

The Sounds in My Head

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The Sounds in My Head is a music podcast featuring songs and bands you might have missed. Hosted by an indie-pop loving Brooklynite named Daniel since 2004.

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    S15,E22: 12/24/18 (FINALE! Computer Magic, Chemtrails, Jacco Gardner, Goth Dad, Broken Bells, Buddy Holly with The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Dreamgirl, Fellini FĂ©lin, Martin Frawley)

    LAST EPISODE OF SEASON 15! I'll be back with new episodes in 2019! 

    01. Suspicious Minds - Computer Magic

    02. Tedium's Jaws - Chemtrails

    03. Pink Fog - Chemtrails

    04. Volva - Jacco Gardner

    05. Eclipse - Jacco Gardner

    06. Fade - Goth Dad

    07. Shelter - Broken Bells

    08. Words of Love - Buddy Holly with The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

    09. True Love Ways - Buddy Holly with The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

    10. Weekend 4 the Girls - Dreamgirl

    11. Come to the Fore - Fellini Félin

    12. You Want Me? - Martin Frawley

    This episode features a clip from the season finale of Saturday Night Live's Weekend Update where anchors Colin Jost and Michael Che discuss Trump's relationship with The Law.

  • Posted on 24 Dec 2018

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    S15,E21: 12/10/18 (XMAS! Duke Spirit, Summer Salt, Pocket Vinyl, Khruangbin, The Hannah Barberas, Bubble and Squeak, Tennis, Book of Love, Jagged Jaw, Marika Hackman, Pomplamoose, Sweet Baboo, This Is the Kit)

    01. Melt by the Morning - The Duke Spirit

    02. Harvest Fair - Summer Salt

    03. Abominable Snowman - Summer Salt

    04. Just Like Christmas - Pocket Vinyl

    05. Christmas Time Is Here - Khruangbin

    06. Christmas Time Is Here - The Hannah Barberas

    07. The Christmas Stick - Bubble & Squeak

    08. La Peregrinación - This Is the Kit

    09. Holiday Road - Tennis

    10. We Three Kings - Book of Love

    11. Pink Xmas Tree - Jagged Jaw

    12. Driving Under Stars - Marika Hackman

    13. Winter Wishes - Pomplamoose

    14. Don't Be Alone (This Christmas) - Sweet Baboo

    15. Every Day is Christmas - Alec Duffy

    This episode features a clip from Mediocre Films Black Friday Shopping List Prank. The content is really better watched I think. Also, I only realized after finishing the episode that I somehow managed to exclude “Daddy Butter”. For this I am very sorry.

  • Posted on 10 Dec 2018

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    S15,E20: 11/26/18 (Eleanor Friedberger, Grapetooth, Lens Mozer, The Molochs, Chorusgirl, Eerie Wanda)

    01. Make Me a Song - Eleanor Friedberger

    02. Death - Grapetooth

    03. Blood - Grapetooth

    04. Sometimes - Lens Mozer

    05. I Wanna Love You - Lens Mozer

    06. Too Lost in Love - The Molochs

    07. I Wanna Say to You - The Molochs

    08. Not Yours - Chorusgirl

    09. In Dreams - Chorusgirl

    10. Moon - Eerie Wanda

    This episode features a clip from this past weekend's great episode of WNYC's On the Media about American car culture. Specifically, Angie Schmitt of one of my favorite websites, Streetsblog, talking about the dark proliferation of the local news trope of guy-forced-to-walk-miles-to-get-to-work-gets-a-free-car. The whole segment is much better than my crude cut-down version, so don't miss it. The whole episode though, really.

  • Posted on 26 Nov 2018

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    S15,E19: 11/12/18 (Fascinations Grand Chorus, Pageants, Snapped Ankles, Gabby's World, Magic Potion, Molly Nilsson, Dean Wareham vs Cheval Sombre, Reptaliens)

    01. Until I Found You - Fascinations Grand Chorus

    02. Will-O'-the-Wisp - Pageants

    03. Drink and Glide - Snapped Ankles

    04. Rear View - Gabby's World

    05. I Get You - Gabby's World

    06. Tour Mate Sex Dream - Gabby's World

    07. Shock Proof - Magic Potion

    08. Foamy Lace - Magic Potion

    09. Every Night Is New - Molly Nilsson

    10. A Slice of Lemon - Molly Nilsson

    11. Mountains of the Moon - Dean Wareham vs Cheval Sombre

    12. Wayfaring Stranger - Dean Wareham vs Cheval Sombre

    13. Echo Park - Reptaliens

    This episode features a clip of Weekend Update from NBC's Saturday Night Live where Colin and Michael talk about the results from last week's Midterm Elections in the US.

  • Posted on 12 Nov 2018

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    S15,E18: 10/29/18 (Michael Cera feat. Sharon Van Etten, Al Bairre, Cold Beat, Matt Berry, The Goon Sax, Sonny Smith, Willie Nelson, Pavo Pavo)

    01. Best I Can - Michael Cera feat. Sharon Van Etten

    02. Bungalow - Al Bairre

    03. Julia - Al Bairre

    04. Love Is a Stranger - Cold Beat

    05. Jennifer - Cold Beat

    06. Doctor Who - Matt Berry

    07. Make Time 4 Love - The Goon Sax

    08. A Few Times Too Many - The Goon Sax

    09. Burnin' Up - Sonny Smith

    10. Pictures of You - Sonny Smith

    11. Vote ‘Em Out - Willie Nelson

    12. Mystery Hour - Pavo Pavo

    This episode features the audio from a get-out-the-vote ad called “Dear Young People, Don't Vote”. For the love of all things sacred, YOU HAVE GOT TO GET OUT THERE AND VOTE ON NOVEMBER 6th FOR DEMOCRATS. The stakes really couldn't be higher.

  • Posted on 29 Oct 2018


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