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13 Dec 2017

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    Dragon Turtle! (Monstrous Ecologist 002)

    In this episode of the Monstrous Ecologist we tackle one of the oldest and one of the largest monsters in D&D, the Dragon Turtle!

    Your Host: Jeremiah McCoy

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    Chinese Mythology, A to Z by Jeremy Roberts

    Wu Za Zu, Xie Zhaozhe (note: I could only find excerpts of English translations. The full book is hard to acquire.)

    Chinese Art, Stephen W. Bushell

    Dragon Turtles first appearance: 

    Dungeons and Dragons Original Edition; Book 2 held the first image and Book 3 had the first description of the monster.

    Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Monster Manual

    2nd Edition Monster Manual

    3rd Edition Monster Manual

    3.5 M [...]

  • Posted on 29 Nov 2017

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    Maps vs Theater of the Mind (Tome 293)

    In this episode Jeff and Tracy sit down with guests Ishmael Alvarez, Mike Shea, and Sam Dillon to discuss map use in your D&D games. The use of maps and minis necessarily differs from so-called theater of the mind play, and this group discusses the ins and outs of both methods. Lots of great tips and advice come out the discussion no matter which style you prefer.


    Sly Flourish’s Guide to Narrative Combat in 5e D&D

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  • Posted on 27 Nov 2017

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    Behind the DM Screen (Nov 2017)

    I this episode Jeff, Mike, and Sam talk about their games from November 2017. Included in their campaign talk is a quick discussion on how to traverse a maze-like enviornment or a long journey without resorting to throwing a meaningless random encounter at the party every time the PCs get lost.


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  • Posted on 15 Nov 2017

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    Matt Mercer (Gamer to Gamer)

    In this Episode, Jeff sits down with Matt Mercer, DM of the very popular Critical Role Podcast and creator of the Tal’Dorei Campaign Setting (listen to our review of the book in Tome episode 289). Matt talks D&D - how did he get started with RPG gaming, answers whether he enjoys playing or DMing more, and talks about the carzy ride of being on a popular D&D video-cast! 

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  • Posted on 13 Nov 2017

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    Tomb of Annihilation Review (Tome 292)

    In this episode, Jeff and Tracy sit down with Allison Rossi and Jonathan Green to talk about the latest D&D hardcover adventure book, Tomb of Annihilation. They discuss the story elements, main villains, timing constraints, death curse, the trap filled final dungeon, and everything in between. Is it worth the price? Listen to this episode to find out!



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  • Posted on 08 Nov 2017


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