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23 Feb 2019

The Unofficial Mariah Carey Podcast

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    Mimisode #2: Anytime You Need A Friend

    Mimisode #2 is here! David takes this one and he talks about Anytime You Need A Friend. Don't forget people, email in your thoughts, comments, suggestions and ANYTHING else to

    And you can send your own voicemails discussing your favorite Mariah songs as well. Just record them on your computer and attach them to an email and send it to us and it may be the next Mimisode (the whole Mimisode). No song is untouchable; talk about ANY song. Sad, happy, angry. Anything goes on the Mimisode.

    New episode hopefully coming soon....ish. David and I are still trying to work things out. Peace.


  • Posted on 08 Jun 2008

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    Mimisode #1: Bye Bye

    Hey guys. We got an email from one of our listeners who gave us this idea. We're going to have mini episodes called 'Mimisodes' where we talk about some of MC's songs and we speak about its meaning to us, etc. Mimisode #1's song is Bye Bye, Mimi's newest single from the album E=MC2.

    And this is your chance to get in on the action as well! Record your own 'voicemail' talking about any Mariah song you want and what it means to you, attach to an email and send it to us at and maybe your voicemail may be the next Mimisode (yes, the WHOLE Mimisode). Don't be shy and talk about any song you want, it doesn't have to be a released single.

    And look forward to a full episode soon where we talk about Mariah's shocking marriage to Nick Cannon (shudder), E=MC2, her movie Tennessee and much more.

  • Posted on 06 May 2008

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    TUMCP Episode #3

    Episode #3 is REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY x 23080293890238203 late! David and I recorded this like a year ago and I just never got the time to add it. But don't worry guys, we're coming out with another newer, more up to date version of TUMCP.

    Next episode will have tons of stuff about E=MC2 and we're going to have a few surprises. We're adding some new segments to the show, etc. so keep listening. I know a month sounds like a lot but we both have exams right now but once they're done we're gonna record like mad.

    As for now enjoy Episode #3 and keep in mind this was recorded over a year ago.


  • Posted on 04 May 2008

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    TUMCP Episode #1

    Hey everyone. Here's the first official episode of The Unofficial Mariah Carey Podcast. I just run through a few things to do with Mariah (including her whistle register and 'voice loss.') I also include a bit of discussion about her early career.

    Don't forget I need YOU to email in to tell me what you want to hear and with ideas for the show. The email address is

    Hopefully the in the next episode I'll have a guest (one of my crazy Mariah-adoring friends. A true lamb to the bone... literally.) We want to talk about Mariah's 'meltdown', the 'failure' of Glitter and her early success so send in your emails with your views on that.

  • Posted on 26 Aug 2006

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    TUMCP Episode #2

    Episode #2 is here and I did it with my friend, David. Now this show runs like an hour and a half (we discussed almost everything under the sun that there is to discuss about Mariah.)

    We spoke about her life (biographical), her voice, her breakdown, Glitter and a lot more.

    Now you guys may need to listen to this in parts since it's so long but I hope you enjoy. Don't forget to send in emails with questions or ideas for future shows to

    Subscribe thorugh iTunes by searching for "Mariah Carey" in the Music Store and then clicking on the 'podcast' link.

  • Posted on 26 Aug 2006


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