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23 Feb 2017

The Wigglian Way Pagan Podcast

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    Episode 143

    Hello Wigglians! We just had the opportunity to interview two fantastic Red Wheel/Weiser authors and they are ready to go for Episode 143 of The Wigglian Way.
    First, I spoke with Courtney Weber who wrote the most useful (to me) tarot book yet. It's called Tarot for One. There are exercises for you to do to better know yourself and tarot. The second interview is with the writer of Love Magic, Lilith Dorsey. Considering how Wigglians feel about love magic in general, this book is a keeper. Not only does Lilith have great spells for all kinds of love, she discusses the ethics of love magic, which to us, is quite important.
    Our Feature Album for this episode Meredead, by Leaves Eyes. We hear:
    You are all Wigglian Dangerous beauties and we love you! Thanks for listening.

  • Posted on 22 Feb 2017

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    Episode 142

    It's all about the love and always will be. It's been that way at The Wigglian Way for 10 years and will be for the next 10 years. Thank you for sharing this time with us. We appreciate each and every one of our listeners and consider you all friends, some we just know better. Thank you, for walking The Wigglian Way.
    Part of walking The Wigglian Way is to spread love. This is a dark time and the only way we have to battle the darkness is to find the crack in it and shine the light in it. That light is you. That light is us. That light is everyone that has the ability to share and to love. This is the time for action.
    For this episode we invited listeners to share a short segment with us about what they were going to do to create change and/or to spread love in the near future. We welcome Katrina, Christophe, and Alicia to the show. Thank you for sharing your coming efforts with us.
    The music for this episode is
    Love by The Cult from Love
    Love is your Magic by Michelle Mays from The Promise
    Circle of Love by Arthur Hinds from Poetry of Wonder
    Love Train by Wolfmother from their self titled album
    Love is the Answer by Aloe Blacc from Lift Your Spirit
    All the music, all the poetry, all the words are of love. We love you and thank you taking this journey with us.

    Blessed Be

  • Posted on 30 Dec 2016

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    Episode 141

    The season is changing and we find ourselves looking towards Yuletide. Sparrow is creating decorations for the tree and she is making a new wreath. Mojo is working hard to make it possible for Sparrow to be doing all this crafting. It's getting chilly on the mountain and we thought it was time to warm you all up a little bit.

    Mojo had the opportunity to sit down with Arianna Lightingstorm from the band called Kiva, and they had a little chat. We hope you enjoy it. We are super stoked that we will be meeting Arianna and the rest of Kiva at Calderafest. Calderafest is a pagan music festival held in Savannah, Georgia and will be October 5-9, 2017.

    Our Feature Album for this episode is of course by Kiva, called Yuletide. From Yuletide we hear In Praise of Winter, Light is Returning, and Solstice Gathering.

    To round of the show and celebrate Yule just a little bit more, we hear Winter of the Wheel and Maiden, Mother, Crone from the album Winter of the Wheel by Sencha the Vate. We are digging the festive tunes.

    It is a dark time, but the light IS returning, and Wigglians know deep down inside that we are the light and that we can spread that Wigglian light, as love. One of the ways that you can help us spread the love is by becoming part of a Wigglian Way episode. We are creating an episode that we hope will warm each of you, and others, on scary dark days. That this will become an episode that people can go to when they are scared and don't know what the next step is.

    We would like you to make a recording and send it to us. If you aren't able to make a recording yourself, but would still like to be a part of the project, we can record it via skype on the internet or even your phone. Send us a 5 minute clip (it's important that it doesn't go over too much) including your name (whichever one you want public), why you are concerned or scared (political, pipelines, racism, sexism, misogyny, hate, etc), what you intend to do about it (magickal and/or mundane), what you expect your result to be, and when that will happen. We will intersperse your segments between love poems and songs. Contact us at to share your clip or to ask any questions. We can also receive some clips via Facebook. We would love to hear from you at The Wigglian Way.

    It's all about the Love.






  • Posted on 01 Dec 2016

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    Episode 140

    140, you most natural, abundant, and harmonic divisor episode, oh how we love thee!

    We are mixing it up a little bit this episode. It’s a bit shorter than usual and instead of having a feature album, we decided to share some of our favourites from episodes gone by.

    First things first. Mojo had the opportunity to sit down and chat with the incredibly busy David Banach of The Magick Juke Box (I’ve got your back Mojo). David just so happens to also be the driving force behind Calderafest, a Pagan Music Festival in Georgia. We are excited to be attending this year. Mojo is performing at the festival and I am there to ensure he is fed, hydrated, and cool, and somewhat well rested...and to have boat loads of fun. David was kind enough to share a SECRET CODE “net2017” (it’s not a secret anymore) with The Wigglian Way for a discount on admission.

    Myth Magic, by Kan’nal is absolutely one of our favourites. It is in our “romantic secret stash” (not so secret anymore). We hear Coyote from that album.

    If you are a long time listener of the Wigglian Way, you will remember a time when a certain pixie’s name would be mentioned or her music would be played on every single episode. Of course, we love our dear friend SJ Tucker and we needed to share Lady Vagabond from Sirens with you again.

    Long long ago, there was a mixed tape, and on that mixed tape there was a song, and that song was good. It was a very good song and it was called Pagan Born. Inkubbus Sukubbus created that song and they put it on the album Witches and it was good.

    I am sure that Mojo chose  the next song with me in mind. He knows that I love this song. It is Wild Hunt, by Chalice and Blade, and I love it. And him.

    Last, but hardly the least is another of our dearest friends, Damh the Bard. I just know that there would be amazing jam sessions if Mojo and Damh lived closer together. In the meantime, we are lucky that we have have the technology to record such beautiful sounds. From The Cauldron Born we hear Green and Grey.

    We hope you’ve enjoyed the show. Thank you for listening!

    It’s all about the Love

  • Posted on 22 Oct 2016

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    Episode 139

    This is our 34th Prime episode! This is happy episode number 139! If you get that then maybe, just maybe, you will understand the math geek that Sparrow truly is.

    Welcome back, to The Wigglian Way! So glad you could make it.

    We have what we think is a fun show for you this go around! First, Mojo has a chat with the ever enchanting Sharon Knight regarding Hexenfest and her upcoming tour with Winter. Of course, they are two of our favourite people and we always enjoy talking to them. Hope we see you soon Sharon and Winter! More about Sharon here. More about Winter here.

    So, once there was a listener Katrina, and then we met her and she became one of Sparrow's dear friends, so we have her and her wife Trisha on this episode.  As many of you know, Sparrow's head blew up about two years ago and she suddenly became aware of a lot of things she wasn't aware of before. Stuff happens when that happens, and chances are, your life is going to change. All aspects of your life will change and one of those things is your magickal practice. Trisha, Katrina, and I (Sparrow) have a chat regarding sustainability in our magickal practice. Click on Katrina and Trish's names above for links to various writing and artistic pursuits.  

    A little while ago, Kris, Mojo's mentor and teacher invited us to his local gig room for some live music. Of course, Kris played, and he had Calum Graham as a guest. That evening we knew that although Calum isn't pagan, that we would be featuring his music on the show. For you, we've chosen Tabula Rasa, Wild Woman, and one of the best covers of Billie Jean that we have collectively ever heard. Speaking of "collectively"....we may have a crush on Calum.

    To complete the musical line up for this episode we have a pair of pagan classics. We hear Ravens by Gaia Consort from Gaia Circles and Sing the Stones by Spiral Dance from the album, Through a Sylvan Doorway.

    Thanks for Walking the Wigglian Way. It's all about the Love.



  • Posted on 22 Sep 2016


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