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23 May 2019


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TheSailingChannel.TV is dedicated to cruising sailors around the world. We are cruising sailors ourselves, as well as video professionals. We've created TSC so that we can combine our love for sailing with our desire to produce informative and entertaining videos about cruising. Our videos cover the gear, the people, the skills, and the places that interest cruising sailors. We offer a Subscription Service, Video on Demand Rentals & Downloads, and DVDs/Blu-rays.

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    SailFlix Oceanus Brass Pen Contest

    SUBSCRIBE TO SAILFLIX.COM through 31 May, 2019 for a chance to win an Oceanus Brass Bow-Shackle Pen. SAILFLIX is our new sailing video subscription service powered by Vimeo OTT. SailFlix features contemporary and classic sailing documentaries and how-to videos from some of the most renowned sailors of our time.
    SailFlix Sailing Video Subscription Service
    Oceanus Brass is as bold as it is thoughtful. We make timeless instruments that are both rich in heritage and innovative in design. Tools that you can use every day with proud confidence on the open ocean or in your office.

  • Posted on 25 Apr 2019

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    Celestial Navigation Simplified with William F. Buckley, Jr.

    This video takes on the challenge of simplifying celestial navigation. Buckley gives the viewer just enough concept but sticks primarily to the procedure, like a chef explaining the steps in a recipe. Buckley demonstrates the following steps:
    1. Take a Sight of the sun with your sextant.
    2. Get your Geographical Position from the Air Almanac.
    3. Select an Apparent Position along a line of latitude.
    4. Refer to the Sight Reduction Tables to draw a Line of Position.
    5. Plot your Exact Position.

    Purchase the Download and Streaming Rental at Vimeo on Demand.
    William F. Buckley, Jr. was an American conservative author and commentator, founder of National Review magazine, host of the long-running political TV show, Firing Line, and author of more than fifty books. He was also a passionate and experienced sailor. For more, see
    Check out the Celestial Navigation Simplified on TheSailingChannel.TV
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  • Posted on 09 Jul 2018

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    New Zealand Television profiles sailor-author-filmmaker, Lin Pardey

    Lin Pardey resides on a picturesque island along New Zealand's coast. Recently, New Zealand TV filmed Lin as she reminisced about her sailing career with husband, Larry.
    Lin and Larry Pardey are among America's (and the world's) most knowledgeable and recognized cruising sailors. During their 40 plus year career, they sailed over 200,000 miles, including two circumnavigations east to west and west to east aboard two self-built, wooden, engine-free cutters under 30 feet. Authors of a dozen books, countless magazine articles, and co-creators of five cruising documentaries, Lin and Larry have shared their sailing experiences with tens of thousands around the globe prompting many to take up sailing and live the dream of the cruising lifestyle. The Pardey's motto is "Go simple, go modest, go small--just go".
    Check out the Pardey Offshore Sailing 5 Video Series.

  • Posted on 04 Jul 2017

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    The Northwest Passage - Greenland to the Bering Sea - Extended Trailer

    Northwest Passage: Greenland to the Bering Sea movie posterA film by Claire Roberge and Guy Lavoie.A human adventure meeting the indigenous people of the North. Join Claire and Guy aboard their steel-hulled sailboat, BALTHAZAR as they sail 7000 nautical miles from Gaspé, Quebec Canada to Alaska's Bering Sea via Greenland and the legendary Northwest Passage.

    Purchase or rent the full 81-minute documentary on Vimeo On Demand.
    Version française incluse.
    Un film documentaire de Claire Roberge et Guy Lavoie.
    Une aventure humaine qui rencontre les peuples indigènes du Nord. Rejoignez Claire et Guy à bord de leur voilier à coque d'acier, BALTHAZAR alors qu'ils naviguent à 7000 milles marins de Gaspé, au Québec, en passant par la mer de Béring en Alaska par le Groenland et le légendaire passage du Nord-Ouest.
    "Brilliant, your movie, impeccable, intelligent and very relevant story. I learn a lot, thank you"
    -- F. Rousseau
    “A movie to be seen! Thank you, it is really a great privilege to witness this great adventure. You shared it with a big generosity."
    -- M.R. Lepage

    After spending 7 years building their 10.5 meter sailing vessel, Claire Roberge, Guy Lavoie and their 2 daughters, Joelle and Chloe set off in September 1999 on a 5 year circumnavigation. Crossing 3 oceans the family sailed to 34 countries. Ten years after their return, Claire and Guy set off once more, this time to take on the mystical Northwest Passage - Canada's Arctic archipelago linking the North Atlantic with the Pacific.
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  • Posted on 03 May 2017

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    The Annapolis Book of Seamanship Video Series

    Annapolis Book of Seamanship Video Series
    Based on his famous book and hosted by the author, this award-winning instructional DVD series is now available as a Digital Download. As the old salt says, "rocks don't move." Though made nearly 15 years ago, Rousmaniere's milestone series teaches basic sailing techniques handed down by generations of sailors. A must for newbies and a solid reference for those who want to freshen up their sailing skills.
    "Will help Sailors be more confident and even enjoy sailing in heavy weather." - Gary Jobson.

  • Posted on 19 Dec 2016


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