theVAP - The Vintage Airstream PodcastAuthor: Tim Shephard
14 Apr 2021

theVAP - The Vintage Airstream Podcast

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theVAP discusses travel trailer, RV, motor home ownership, repair, maintenance, and travel. We also interview industry professionals and individuals of interest in the world of recreational vehicles.

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    Episode 347: Voicemail Recovery Mission

    Removing the screen on a 1972 Overlander
    Are Airstreams appropriate for winter use?
    Interior panel installation order
    Weight distribution required?
    How to install a grey tank
    What’s the rarest Airstream?
    How to take the body off for restoration?

  • Posted on 19 Mar 2021

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    Episode 346: Weigh the Future

    Call for questions
    New axle lead time
    Towing without inside skins
    Truma water heaters
    Heat and water
    Building with tongue weight in mind
    Weighing your trailer
    Weight saving is key future proofing
    Insulation R value
    Tesla 1000 free miles

  • Posted on 19 Mar 2021

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    Episode 345: Pandemic Affected

    Rallies close due to pandemic
    Pandemic-era Airstream
    Airstream’s mobile office space
    Electric-Assisted Airstream

  • Posted on 26 Feb 2021

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    Episode 344: Back Up!

    Electric towing
    How to back up a trailer…like a man!
    Tim’s backing at Disney Fort Wilderness
    Colin’s perfect back in the dark
    Practice practice!
    Avion Rivets
    3D Prints
    Custom extrusions

  • Posted on 12 Feb 2021

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    Episode 343: Crazy Times!

    What’s to see in your area?
    Jelly Belly
    Twin temp questions
    Heating a belly pan
    Can you spray the interior shell with Line-x?

  • Posted on 28 Jan 2021


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