theVAP - The Vintage Airstream PodcastAuthor: Tim Shephard
26 May 2017

theVAP - The Vintage Airstream Podcast

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theVAP discusses travel trailer, RV, motor home ownership, repair, maintenance, and travel. We also interview industry professionals and individuals of interest in the world of recreational vehicles.

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    theVAP Episode 276: New Bounder Buddy

    Colin off to Alumapalooza 8
    How to change screens on a 1954 Cruiser
    New Bounder Buddy, Old Airstreamer
    Replacing window seals
    Cleaning old tape gunk off trailer
    Best practice installing drains
    Working with PEX
    Replacing a kitchen cabinet with new construction
    Adding a front tank and getting water to the galley
    Replacing the center ceiling aluminum
    Colin’s failing fridge

  • Posted on 28 Apr 2017

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    theVAP Episode 275: Inside Out

    Cold dents
    Replacing outriggers for the steps
    Shower paneling
    Building bulkhead walls
    What’s a rivnut?
    Missing gaucho
    Worth more to keep original?
    Restoring the interior wood

  • Posted on 28 Apr 2017

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    theVAP Episode 274: 24 Pieces of RV

    His excellency wants RV’s
    Painting interior panels
    Replacing the gaucho
    1949 Prairie Schooner rebuild
    Do I need to seal rivets?
    What can I replace window glass with?
    How to rebuilt jalousie windows?
    Running a fridge off solar?
    Trailer power explained
    Wood stoves for trailers

  • Posted on 14 Apr 2017

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    theVAP Episode 273 Question Marathon

    How to remove an hehr vent
    Attaching a subfloor with screws and bolts
    Leaky ’66 Overlander in a tornado
    Repairing skin slices
    Fixing a sagging door on a ’67
    Swaying pucker moments
    Buying restoration supplies
    Modifying the frame
    Toilet too high!

  • Posted on 17 Mar 2017

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    theVAP Episode 272: 2017 TCT Winter Convention

    117 Trailers
    Opening tune from the campfire!
    Jim and Patsy sing us a didy!
    Tim turns 49. Still vintage.
    Lexi Kingsinton fulltimer
    100 year anniversary in 2019
    A large variety of vintage trailers
    Karen - Sword swallow and graphic artist
    Alice - 1948 Airstream Liner to restore and a 2004 Airstream International
    Hunter Hampton - Airstream Courtesy Parking Facebook Page

  • Posted on 03 Mar 2017


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