theVAP - The Vintage Airstream PodcastAuthor: Tim Shephard
28 Jan 2021

theVAP - The Vintage Airstream Podcast

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theVAP discusses travel trailer, RV, motor home ownership, repair, maintenance, and travel. We also interview industry professionals and individuals of interest in the world of recreational vehicles.

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    Episode 12: Restoration and Refurbishment

    What is the Vintage Airstream Club (VAC)?
    The VAC historian’s job: Airstream history not club history
    Preservation, Restoration, Refurbishment, and Modernization
    Most renovations are refurbishments
    Listeners question: What is the best way to maintain value, keep it original or change it?
    Take time to learn the trailers design, layout, and usage
    Colin’s restoration update
    Rob’s run in with Dicky Riegel, Group President of Thor
    Listener question: How is Rob’s trailer being polished?
    Fighting the polish: Filiform Corrosion
    Request for DIY restoration comments and questions
    A polished Argosy?
    Rob’s Sovereign somewhere between a restoration and refurbishment
    Period appliances restored offer boondocking benefits
    Restore or refurbish with trailer use in mind
    Your feedback

  • Posted on 08 Jan 2021

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    Episode 342: Traps, Valves, and Plugs!

    Alumination Documentary preview
    1971 Sovereign tanks
    Traps, valves, and expansion plugs (
    Retrofitting panoramic windows in an Airstream
    Cleaning sticky walls
    Forced air, ceramic or catalytic

  • Posted on 20 Nov 2020

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    Episode 341: California Gumming

    Making.a Marvel-ous fridge
    California gumming propane
    Extra pieces during a restoration
    Reducing wall heat transfer
    Vista View parts
    Painting bathroom walls and cabinets

  • Posted on 23 Oct 2020

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    Episode 340: Musical Tank

    NorCal Rally
    The Covid difference
    Tim’s Fantastic vent issue
    Tim’s musical propane tank
    Dual propane regulators
    Trailer wiring 101
    1971 step issue
    Portable A/C installation

  • Posted on 09 Oct 2020

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    Episode 339: RIP Airstream Nest

    Happy Anniversary
    Starting 16 years of theVAP
    Episode 1 Sept 14, 2005
    New composite floors from Airstream
    Argosy test bed trailers
    Travelux vs. Airstream
    Shrink wrap and Airstream
    Happy Airstream tries new designs

  • Posted on 25 Sep 2020


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