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14 Nov 2018


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    Re:sound #263 Meat Music

    This hour we’re all about honesty. An honest look at fat, and an honest answer to this burning question, “What are the real lyrics to ‘Louie Louie’????”

    The Host’s Fat

     By Jonathan Zenti for Meat

     As an overweight man, Jonanthan Zenti explains how his shape and his diets often cause him to question his identity… but not to lose it.

    Louie Louie: the strange journey of the dirtiest song never written 

     By David Weinberg, Nick White and Myke Dodge Weiskopf for KCRW’s Lost Notes  

     An FBI Investigation, an engagement ring, wine coolers... all part of the surprising story behind the ubiquitous anthem that every teenager bangs out on their first guitar.

    This episode of Re:sound was produced by Dennis Funk.

  • Posted on 02 Nov 2018

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    Re:sound #262 Moo and Man

    This hour, a single commercial that ran for twenty-five years and two women who’ve been running from each other for even longer.

    Moo and Oink

    By Cher Vincent for The Nod from Gimlet Media

    With a long-running TV commercial featuring a dancing cow and pig, Moo and Oink grocery stores were a staple for Chicago’s black South Side communities. But producer Cher Vincent digs a little deeper into the origins of these iconic stores.

    Man Choubam (I am good)

    By Sharon Mashihi for KCRW’s Unfictional and The Heart

    Sharon Mashihi is a weirdo and refuses to conform to cultural standards, which has been hard on her relationship with her mom. But Sharon saw a chance to mend the strife when she bought a ticket to a cruise with Farhang Holakouee, a famous Iranian talk-show psychiatrist. Could therapy and sunshine fix their relationship?

    This episode of Re:sound was produced by Dennis Funk.

  • Posted on 11 Oct 2018

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    Re:sound #261 No Bad News

    This hour, we go into a hypnotherapists office and come out with a story of international intrigue.

    No Bad News

    By Sarah Geis for Love+Radio from Radiotopia  

    Three decades ago, American hypnotist Larry Garrett committed himself to abstaining from the news. So, in 2001, when he received a phone call inviting him to Iraq, he didn’t think twice about saying ‘Yes’.

    This episode of Re:sound was produced by Dennis Funk

  • Posted on 21 Sep 2018

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    Re:sound #260 Princess Buzz

    Today we go back in time to try and heal old wounds and revisit history.


    By hosted and produced by Jonathan Goldstein and with Wendy Dorr, Chris Neary, and Kalila Holt for *Heavyweight* from Gimlet Media  

    Buzz (Jonathan Goldstein’s father) and Sheldon (his uncle) are brothers in their eighties who have been estranged for decades. With Jonathan’s encouragement, Buzz visits Sheldon to see if there’s still a relationship left to salvage.

    Sandi And Princess Di

    By Arwen Nicks for *How Was Your Day?* from KUOW 

    On August 31, 1997, Diana, Princess of Wales, is involved in a nighttime crash in Paris that leads to her death, the death of her partner Dodi Fayed and driver Henri Paul. On the same day, a phone call in the middle of the night leads Sandi Clark to an emergency room and a tragedy she's not sure she can handle.

    This episode of Re:sound was produced by Dennis Funk.

  • Posted on 31 Aug 2018

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    Re:sound #259 Divided We Payphone

    This hour, we trot across middle America, with a story from a Nashville neighbourhood, and a Missouri payphone that won’t stop ringing.

    The Great Divide 

    By Meribah Knight for The Promise from Nashville Public Radio (2018) 

    Big Man, a public housing resident from Nashville’s Cayce Homes, walks across the street to meet the wealthy couple who live in the fancy new home on the hill. In many ways, their lives couldn’t be more different, but in breaking the silence between the two sides of the gentrifying neighborhood, a friendship begins to form — only to be dashed in a way no one could have expected. 

    [Note: this is the 4th episode of the series]

    Putting Columbia’s Pay Phone Mystery to Rest 

    By Emerald O’Brien for KBIA in Columbia Missouri (2016) 

    Payphones went from being a staple of many people’s daily lives to nearly completely antiquated in a matter of decades. This is true in Columbia, too – with only a couple dozen phones still standing. But KBIA's Emerald O'Brien looked into why one downtown payphone has an unusual amount of activity, but only in the middle of the night. And answering this question led her down an unexpected path.


    By Laura Barton for Short Cuts from Falling Tree Productions and BBC Radio 4 (2017) 

    A box full of postcards, stamped and unsent, may seem insignificant, but as Laura Barton explains, those cards can capture a time and place long forgotten.

    This episode of Re:sound was produced by Dennis Funk.

  • Posted on 10 Aug 2018


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