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20 Feb 2019


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    Re:sound #267 Kintsugi Whipped Cream

    This hour, an unlikely therapeutic duo and a magical journey through the golden age of radio advertising.

    Kintsugi Dog

    by Natalie Kestecher for Short Cuts from BBC Radio 4.

    A bittersweet story about redundancy, an unwanted dog and the Japanese art of repair.

    A 700-Foot Mountain of Whipped Cream

    by Clive Desmond for The Organist from KCRW and McSweeney's, with executive producers Andrew Leland and Ross Simonini.

    From in utero to the studio, producer Clive Desmond provides a tour of the golden age of radio ads, featuring Frank Zappa, Ken Nordine, Linda Ronstadt, and Randy Newman. Here, each jingle becomes a Proustian madeleine.

    This episode of Re:sound was produced by Isabel Vázquez.


    Moontone - Old Heroes (Free as Can Be, 2018)

    Rrrrrrose Wieck - En attendant demain (Fin de la communication, Monplaisir Loyalty Freak Music, 2019)

    Glaciære - Floating on the water (Hammock, Stevia Sphere, 2017)

    Image by humberama.

  • Posted on 01 Feb 2019

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    Re:sound #266 I'm Your Man

    This hour, what happens when a relationship from your past returns unexpectedly and pulls you back in time?

    I'm Your Man

    by April Dembosky for The Leap from KQED.

    April hasn't seen Steve in 15 years. So when she gets a call from a lawyer asking about him, she's not sure what to think. As memories from long ago crowd her mind, she's also confronted by an ugly new truth. One that haunts her present and makes her doubt the past.

    This story appears on Re:sound as an abridged version - to hear the full story, click here.

    + Interview with April Dembosky


    Monplaisir - Waves (Fifty Seconds of Rain, Loyalty Freak Music, 2017)

    Monplaisir - Close to you (Fifty Seconds of Rain, Loyalty Freak Music, 2017)

    Monplaisir - Spell me your love (Fifty Seconds of Rain, Loyalty Freak Music, 2017)

    Image by April Dembosky.

    This episode of Re:sound was produced by Isabel Vázquez.

  • Posted on 11 Jan 2019

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    Re:sound #265 All Stories Are Stories About Power

    This week, all stories - even stories about Dunkin' Donuts - are about power.


    presented by Sandhya Dirks (American Suburb, KQED) and Chenjerai Kumanyika (Uncivil and Seeing White)

    From the Third Coast Conference - where audio producers from around the world gather to share expertise - this session from the 2018 conference tackled a topic that goes beyond audio stories alone. For makers and listeners alike, this presentation challenges the ways that stories privilege whiteness, quirkiness and empathy. Through examples and inquiry, Sandhya and Chenjerai show that there is no such thing as an innocent, objective, or purely entertaining story. All stories are stories about power, and storytellers hold the power to better interrogate the structures that shape our understandings.

    This episode of Re:sound was produced by Isabel Vázquez.

    For more conference sessions and conversations that push the boundaries of audio storytelling, subscribe to our other podcast, the Third Coast Pocket Conference.

  • Posted on 07 Jan 2019

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    Re:sound #264 Gaggle Glass

    Today we go from the pentagon to prison to philosophical musings about the sweet sound of the snow shovel.

    The Pentagon’s Secret Gaggle of Gays

    By Audrey Quinn for Nancy from WNYC

    Even after "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" was repealed, the military wasn't an easy place to be out. The surprising story of the squarest place on earth, the pentagon, and the gaggle of gays that was a (gentle) force to be reckoned with.

    Thick Glass

    By Nigel Poor, Earlonne Woods and Antwan Williams for Ear Hustle from Radiotopia

    Parenting is hard enough in person. Behind bars, it’s almost impossible. Almost...

    Still Life With Shovel

    By Sean Hurley

    Snow seems magical and beautiful, until you have to shovel out your driveway. But even then, it can get you thinking, to say nothing of sweating.

    This episode of Re:sound was produced by Dennis Funk & Isabel Vázquez.

  • Posted on 20 Dec 2018

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    Best of the Best 2018 (Part 2)

    This hour, some of the winners of our annual documentary competition.


    God + the Gays, produced by Phoebe Wang. 

    Winner of the 2018 Best New Artist Award 

    In her first radio piece, Phoebe visits Christians from her past and tries to understand whether queer people and homophobic Christians can have meaningful relationships. 

    Dirty Water, produced by Nigel Poor and Earlonne Woods, with help from outside producer Pat Mesiti-Miller and editor Curtis Fox for Ear Hustle

    Winner of a 2018 Best Documentary: Honorable Mention Award 

    Dirty Water explores the process of restorative justice, through a frank conversation about sex trafficking. During the episode, Sara Kruzan (formerly incarcerated) and Louis A. Scott (currently incarcerated) share their individual experiences of being “in the life.” 

    Missing and Murdered: Finding Cleo, written & hosted by Connie Walker and produced by Marnie Luke and Jennifer Fowler for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. 

    Winner of the 2018 Best Serialized Story Award 

    Where is Cleo? It’s a mystery her family has been trying to unravel for decades after the young Cree girl was apprehended by child welfare workers in Saskatchewan, Canada in the 1970’s. Like thousands of Indigenous children, Cleo’s brothers and sisters were taken from their community, many sent to live with white adoptive families across Canada and the U.S. Now Cleo’s siblings have reconnected as adults and are determined to find their missing sister. 

    Espera / Wait, produced by Sayre Quevedo. 

    Winner of the 2018 Director’s Choice Award 

    Two lovers share an intimate conversation on the eve of their breakup, exploring loneliness and intimacy. 

    Counted: An Oakland Story, produced by Adizah Eghan, Anna Sussman, Shaina Shealy, Jonathan Jones, with co-producers Pat Mesiti-Miller, Nancy Lopez, Jazmin Aguilera, Eliza Smith, and Pendarvis Harshaw for Snap Judgment

    Winner of the 2018 Best Documentary: Gold Award 

    Through a series of audio portraits, this piece provides an intimate introduction to a community dealing with violence. It tells the story of one year in Oakland, the people who were lost there, and the people they left behind. 

    This hour of Best of the Best was produced by Isabel Vázquez.

    Listen to the full pieces at Learn more about this year's Third Coast / Richard H. Driehaus Foundation Competition Awards Ceremony here.

    Find the tracklist of songs used in this hour at

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