Tips and Tricks PhotographyAuthor: Jeff Tindall
20 Jul 2019

Tips and Tricks Photography

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Tips & Tricks Photography Magazine is dedicated to encourage its readers to learn, share and explore their creative nature in photography. To access each issue, click on the title of the post, it's linked to the PDF issue. We are up for suggestions, questions, or articles to share with our readers, so if you have any feedback or ideas please feel free to contact us at

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    Tips & Tricks Photography - Issue 12

    Well, its been over a year now since the last issue of Tips & Tricks Photography published an issue, however I’m sure there might be a few of you still around wanting to read so I thought I would see about getting back to it.

    I thought I would try to get back into releasing issues again, however this time I will be trying a different format. I liked the format of the previous versions, but when it comes down to how much time I can dedicate it became very difficult to dedicate enough time to trying out 3-4 new techniques and writing about them. The result being longer times between issues. What I’m aiming to try here is cutting the issues down to 1-2 articles, which is hopefully more manageable and hence easier to post. Hopefully, it will also mean more time to dedicate to the photography itself.

    As with the previous issues, the goal is to share and explore the world of photography, creative ideas and of course great shots. So if you have any ideas, techniques, or photos to share feel free to send them along.

  • Posted on 10 Mar 2010

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    Tips & Tricks Photography - Issue Eleven

    For those who are still reading!
    This is a bit of a different issue, in this issue we are talking strictly talking about custom framing and how to do it.
    If your not interested in learning matting and building your own custom frames, hold tight we should have a more regular issue out in a bit.

    Click on the title to access the issue


    © Tips and Tricks Photography 2009.

  • Posted on 15 Jan 2009

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    Tips & Tricks Photography - Issue Ten

    The flowers are growing, the animals are moving and the photographers are out and about. That only means one thing, summer is here. I've managed to get out a bit and try a few techniques and in this issue share a few of them with you. Doug Ward also provides insights into vacation photography and suggests some tips to make the most of your photos.

    In this issue:

    Implying Motion - The Art of Panning
    Vacation Photography
    Impressionistic Photography
    Adding Rain to a Photo


    © Tips and Tricks Photography 2008.

  • Posted on 18 Jul 2008

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    Tips & Tricks Photography - Issue Nine

    And you thought the PDFCast was done! Yes, we took a pretty long break, but the PDFCast continues on. Spring is here, the flowers are growing and cameras are shooting!

    In this Issue of Tips and Tricks Photography

    - Creating a Photo Book
    - Making Sharper Images
    - Pinhole Photography using a DSLR
    - Dreamscapes

  • Posted on 22 May 2008

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    Tips & Tricks Photography - Issue Five - Reposted

    Hey Everyone, we are planning to get out an new issue soon, however I have been getting a lot of comments regarding problems with downloading Issue 5. I tried several fixes but nothing seems to work, thus this is a repost of Issue 5, hopefully this corrects the problem! My apologies to those who will be receiving this a second time.


  • Posted on 13 Jan 2008


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